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  1. Just a quicky as i'm at work! For those of you who have an Eglu Go with the plastic roosting rails - do you put anything on them to make it a little more comfortable for your chicks at night. Obviously you can't put anything too fine on them as it would drop straight through and meadow hay would stop the droppings falling through to the droppings tray underneath. So its a bit of a dilema as (i) they don't look to comfy to sit on all night but (ii) leaving them uncovered let the droppings fall through and its easier to keep clean.
  2. Hi all, Our (Valentine) started laying about 2 weeks ago and has produced a dozen fine eggs usually at about 9.30am each day. However, for the last 2 days she has gone to her hesting box in her Eglu Go and sat there for an hour but comes out without producing anything. She appears fit and well, eating, drinking and appears alert and happy. Should we be concerned? Not sure if this has anything to do with it but Valentine stopped laying at exactly the same time as Nando started laying!
  3. After 5 weeks our girls are now quite tame to the point where our miss jumped up onto my crossed leg and used it as a perch! So picking them up (like you'd collect a rugby ball) is not a problem. Now the question. From the position of holding them close to your chest, how's the best way to turn them up upside down to check for mites as I'm concerned I might damage a leg or cause more distress than necessary? In other words, what's the best technique? Also on another topic (two save overposting) after selecting "View your posts" how do you delete the threads that are no longer of interest from YOUR list? Thanks........
  4. Brilliant - and thanks for that. This is exactly what I'm after. Straight forward honest advice and no, you haven't burst my bubble and I take on board your comments which I understand. They do have a good diet of Omlet and layers pellets with grit and fresh water twice a day with cider vinegar with garlic, but they seem to be pooing for England at the moment so we're going to try Garvo pellets (sp) as apparantly they eat less of that and therefore deposit less. It was recommended by Newland Poultry in Malvern and apparantly it has good reviews on here. Thanks for the advice.
  5. Hi All, When making our porridge oats in the morning I've started making a little extra for the girls. We use either Quaker or Scotts Porridge Oats, making it with semi skimmed milk with a small dollop of natural honey. The girls love and and wolf it down in no time. Obviously I only let them have it when it's cool. So.......are there any big No No's as to treating chickens with a little porridge on a daily basis? I thought I'd check before it becomes a regular thing and someone says Noooooooooooo!
  6. Yep - can't argue with that. Got to get my head around what might not look too pretty to us humans is heaven to our chicks!
  7. Hi all, Well Valentine and Nando arrived on 30th June and on the 24th July Valentine produced her first egg – well looking at it I think she borrowed it from an Ostrich to impress us! Egg No2 arrived this morning which was more of a normal size. Now I’m looking for ideas as we have a dilemma. We have an Eglu Go with the 1 meter extension – 3m in total and quite enough for 2 small chickens. Even though we let them out to free range they’ve completely trashed their run, and after less than a month there’s hardly a blade of grass left for them to peck at. It no longer looks like it does in my avatar! So, the question is, what do you use in your run when all the grass has gone? I’ve considered co"Ooops, word censored!" wood chippings which is recommended and easy to maintain. The only problem with wood chippings is that it’s totally bland and there’s nothing for them to peck at. We thought about emptying the mower grass box into the run but thought that might be messy and might be too many greens for them to munch on? Any thoughts / ideas would be gratefully received.
  8. Yep.......time stops for no man! Mine are 25 & 23 one a solicitor and the other a reasearch scientist and both members of a the same gym with muscles to prove it! My choice at school was whether to choose Woodwork or Technology! can we please wind the clock back.........too late.
  9. Hi, Thanks for that. Both eyes wide open and apart from the occssiaonal splutter (once an hour if that) everything appears fine. Bright, alert, eating and drinking. Had a listen and cant hear any rattling. It's just that (a) we're paranoid and (b) off on hols tomorrow and just thought a tonic might keep them in tip top condition. 'Respite' is really hard to get hold of locally so I'll order on line. Thanks.
  10. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. Citricidal seems to crop up in most health related posts so I'll try and source some locally. Tried Holland & Barratt / Boots and other pet shops in Worcester but although they'd heard of it none was in stock. Will have to try further afield. Fortunately we have The Domestic Fowl Trust near Evesham, half an hour away so I'll grab my keys..... Thanks again.
  11. Hi all, Just a quick update. Nando (Miss ) is now fine. Both eyes wide open and she's perky and bright so we don't know what that was all about although she does seem to have a slight rattle on her chest but no mucus or any visible signs to cause concern. Keeping an eye on her though. Salop Chuck - you're on the money though, "they are a worry"!
  12. Hi BC, Our Miss Pepperpot has exactly the same symptoms. Can I ask what Baytril is and where can it be obtained from? Our Miss was fine yesterday but right eye tightly closed today and the other doesn't look as round as it might. Although she is eating and pecking around. And finally what does WIR stand for as I'm usually good with these things but cant work this one out
  13. Hi AlisonH Sorry to hijack this thread but we've just noticed only yesterday that our Miss Pepperpot (that we've only had for a week) has her right eye tightly closed. Like yours she seems OK in herself although a little quieter than usual. Barbara (Omlet) suggested bathing it in cold tea as this is can sooth and is a mild antiseptic. I'll keep an eye on your thread and keep you posted. Edit - just done the tea solution but noticed that the other eye seems to be closing too - any ideas? Good Luck.
  14. OK. Thanks all for that and I guessed that I'm not alone on this one. It's natural for any bird to get as high as possible at night to avoid preditors so it must be a little strange for them to roost on the floor in an Eglu. So.....another slight problem and another that's probably quite usual. We've got 2 chickens fom Omlet (Gingernut Ranger and Miss Pepperpot) who get on really well and never leave each others side. Now we've introduced a white Sussex of approx the same age. However this new bird is continually harrassing our other two chickens and is quite aggressive towards them chasing and pecking them and not letting them feed. So the question is. Do you just leave them to sort it out and eventually mellow towards each other and get on as this must be a nature thing, or intervene to let the Sussex know that her behaviour is just not on !
  15. Clucker1, Brilliant! Thanks for that and that's what we've had to do. Early days as we've only had them less than a week. Any more ideas on solving this one would be great!
  16. HI all and hello as this is my first thread. We've just invested in an Eglu Go and it's brilliant. We have two chickens (Miss Pepperpot and Gingernut) who are settling in nicely. No dramas to date and thanks to Roy of Omlet for setting us up. We've placed the Eglu inside a 10' x 10' run so they have room to strech their legs. However, at bed time instead of going into the Eglu, we've noticed that they climb on top of the wire frame and attempt to settle there for the night - they're obviously want to roost off the ground. So on seeing this before they nod off we have to shoo them off the roof and into the eglu. Are there any tip as to how we can stop this happening? Thanks all.

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