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  1. It's not an old age for some things, but it is for building an elaborate two story house on pilings when your only previous construction experience is minor home remodeling projects in younger years. Sorry if it made you feel old, but we are dealing with the fall out from not "helping" more in this project that we felt was ill-advised from the start. Sorry for venting. Guess I should have chosen a different forum.
  2. Ah yes, parents don't always listen to reason! My husband's father thought that he would start building a large house by himself at 57!! We gently tried to discourage him, but no luck! My brother-in-law helped for several years, but finally got fed up and quit! Fortunately, he didn't hurt himself, but due to health problems and a rocky economy, he wasn't able to finish it. He just had to sell it unfinished at a great loss and is very depressed and angry about it.
  3. Um, thanks? I did read a lot of old English fiction growing up, like the Bronte sisters, Austen, and Dickens. Perhaps some of it rubbed off? I thought the number of times I've mentioned roosters on here was a dead giveaway!
  4. Also American and always said "decorate the tree." Trimming the tree sounds old-fashioned, like something from Victorian times!
  5. I hate the stress. I stay busy most of the year and the extra requirements of this time of the year mean more demands on my time and energy. The gift-giving stress is huge. I never know what to get my husband and it's his birthday, too. This year, we've agreed not to get each other much in order to pay off the mortgage, but I've been watching the Amazon Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals and picked up a couple of small items that I thought he might like. We weren't able to have children and this time of the year is so child-oriented and it can be uncomfortable. My in-laws decided that everyone would only shop for "the kids" last year. At least that means less to buy and wrap, but, yay, the childless couple gets to buy for everyone's else's offspring and no one has to shop for theirs. We did decide to drop the two oldest ones who are gainfully employed. I love the lights and decorations!I'm trying to get mine up earlier this year. For the last couple of years, I've not gotten them up until the middle of the month and then it seems it's time to take them down again before I turn around!! I like opening presents with my husband on Christmas morning with a cup of coffee before we have to rush off to family gatherings.
  6. I've been looking for something for my Go also! They are good at kicking out all the material so the egg lands on plastic where it can get cracked or coated with poop. There seem to be two options for sale, Kuhl nest pads or this pressed coconut fiber-looking stuff. The problem is that you have to order them in large quantities or pay 3-4X in shipping what the pad costs! The Kuhl pad looks almost like a cheap door mat so I might try just cutting up one of those if I can't find an affordable solution.
  7. Florida made a law that gift cards sold here cannot expire! That's great because it used to be such a headache trying to keep up with when they had to be used! I'm sure stores saw gift cards as an opportunity to get free money, counting on some people to forget until it's too late! Now the only problem is making sure a business doesn't close or sell out to another company before you use the card!
  8. In our case, our main opponents were the animal control department staff. From what I've read, that is often the case. The more animals people are allowed to keep, the more risk there is for complaints that they will have to investigate. A few of them were convinced that people would be irresponsible and neglect or abandon their chickens, especially roosters, and they would have to come out and deal with the problem. I guess doing their job, they do get a jaded view of animal owners. Ironically, chicken ownership was allowed in the city limits, but there were a lot of restrictions. Those restrictions were loosened last year and many county residents assumed that our rules were the same or less restrictive which wasn't the case- until now! As to the weather, I hate to admit that it is still hot here when you are all complaining about the cold. I went for a swim yesterday! It has been a horribly wet summer, though. We had a couple of years of drought a while back, but the last couple of years have certainly gotten the water table back up!
  9. The board is a little bit difficult to find. I think most Americans who wind up here are having a problem with customer service. Once it's resolved, they go away. I read that there was once a US-only board and it was fairly active, but the original users were miffed when Omlet decided to combine it with the UK board. I lurk here, but things can be very British at times so I can't really contribute to threads about the weather and products can be a bit different! For instance, it's fairly standard to dust your chickens with Sevin dust (carbaryl) in the US if they have lice or mites, but it's illegal in the UK. I hope someone fights the chicken restrictions in your town! They used to be forbidden in the NW Florida county where I live, but I joined a group who fought to change the code. After some initial opposition, we made it to the Planning Board. As luck would have it, the vice chair of the board was an illegal chicken owner. Although he had over 2 acres, it was zoned residential. He firmly sided with us and our opponents backed down!
  10. Sorry! It is anxiety-inducing to buy young chickens when you can't have roosters! I had the same thing happen to me when I bought my first two. I emphasized to the lady that I couldn't have roosters and needed two pullets. She sold me a hen and a young cockerel that she claimed was a POL pullet. She put off meeting me until almost dark and I think it was because she knew it was a cockerel and didn't want me to get a good look in case I knew my birds. I didn't at the time. When I finally figured it out, she wouldn't respond to emails or phone calls. I bought two sexed Australorp chicks 4 weeks ago and I am anxiously watching them for signs of gender. So far they are looking pretty girly. If one of them turns out to be a boy, I'm giving up on breeds and sticking with hybrids even though they are more boring!
  11. Totally normal. I don't know why chicks like to eat their bedding, but my 5-week-olds love pine shavings. I have mine on paper and sometimes I put shavings over the top. If I don't have any shavings in and I drop in a pinch of mealworms and it's like, "No, thanks!" I toss in a handful of pine shavings and they go banana cakes!
  12. My Australorp did that the first two times my black sex link hen was broody. I don't know why! Maybe she was feeling protective and decided to try to impersonate a male! I tried running out and hushing her with limited success. She eventually stopped on her own. The first time she did it the entire time her friend was broody. The second time she got tired of it earlier!
  13. That reminded me to put a mat over my Go. My neighbor has two big pine trees that rain pine cones over my side yard this time of year. One made a hole in the greenhouse roof panel which was 3 years old and getting a little brittle. It can be patched and eventually replaced, but I don't want damage to the Eglu which is 2 years old. I threw an old bath mat over the top of it until the worst is over!
  14. My cat, Vala, is a fierce predator and can take down virtually anything smaller than she is. She has a truce going with the chickens except when I'm out giving them treats. That's when she feels she has to give them a swat to express her displeasure. They are relatively unfazed by it and just take a step to the side and continue eating!
  15. Thanks! I ordered a used one on Amazon, supposedly in "like new" condition! I hope it works! If I don't like it, at least it was half the price of a new one at Walmart!
  16. Wii fans, what do you recommend to get good use of your Wii for fitness? I have a Wii that my husband got me last year because I mentioned I wanted to try the Zumba program, but I actually do Zumba at the gym twice a week so I haven't used it much. I think I would use it more for other things like yoga and step since my gym doesn't offer those classes at a convenient time for me. Do I need the Wii Fit Plus with balance board to get started? I've been doing Zumba 2X/week, BodyPump once, and sometimes a yoga and aerobics DVD. I have firmed up, but not really shrunk much. When you are 46, hypothyroid, and have a very sedentary job, it's hard to get the weight to drop!
  17. I asked her and she said that she'd get back to me, but she hasn't so maybe there's just too many little things to put into words easily!
  18. No, she didn't give any specifics. I can ask her. She just said there were some things to learn about it and she was a slow learner, but she thought it was handy in general.
  19. A friend of mine got one recently. Her husband is an engineer and does computer programming on the side so I'm sure he probably did a ton of research before they got it. She says that she likes it although she's had a bit of a learning curve getting used to it.
  20. Birds I try to save. Mice I do not! Unfortunately, the mice are the ones who are much better at escaping and getting loose in the house.
  21. Consider yourself lucky that your cats eat the mice. Mine bring them in for playtime!! And giant cockroaches if they can't catch higher life forms! I bought some organic insect repellant called Orange Guard. It seems to work, but the sprayer broke the first time I used it so I'm going to have to decant it to another bottle!
  22. I'm sorry to hear about your chickens and your initial lackluster response from Omlet! I sometimes worry about raccoons, but I haven't seen or heard of any in my neighborhood. I know people in more heavily wooded areas loose a lot of birds to them. They are smart and agile predators! Possums are bad, too, but I don't think they are as resourceful as raccoons.
  23. I was bored a few weeks ago and started reading Eglu reviews on the Internet. One guy said that he used to work at a garden center and they had a flock of chickens who were allowed to sleep in any of the display models. He said they preferred the Eglu and piled in to the point that it was overloaded! He said another brand of plastic coop was their second choice. He didn't say what model Eglu. I assumed he meant the classic.
  24. I remember in the first season of TNG, Deanna Troi wore tight maxi dresses or outfits with palazzo type pants- and lots of cleavage, of course! Gene Roddenberry wanted her to be something of a sex symbol on the show. After he died, they put her in a regular uniform. Her mother, Lwaxana, always wore shiny, gaudy-colored, but conservative, flowing gowns.
  25. They also have a Facebook page. Posting there might get their attention if you don't get a satisfactory response today by telephone!

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