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  1. I'd been wanting chickens for years. My husband is the one who found the Eglu and insisted on it. His parents had chickens when he was a kid and he remembered how difficult the wooden coop was to clean, it smelled bad, and was just plain ugly! I was put off by the price and some of the comments on message boards. One accusation was that they would be hot and uncomfortable in the summer and since I'm in Florida, that was a major concern. I've had the chickens for a couple of weeks now and it has been scorching ever since! I put the Eglu Go in one of the shadiest parts of the yard, but there's still a period of a few hours from mid-morning to just after noon when the sun hits it. I checked on the hens during that time Saturday. One was in a hole dug out just in front of the Eglu door and the other was sitting inside, so, obviously, she wasn't roasting in there! I get the sense that a lot of chicken people pride themselves on their resourcefulness and thrifty ingenuity. They like to build a coop and brag about how little it cost. I don't have the time or the skills for that, though!

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