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  1. .Americans have no idea how chocolate should taste or they wouldn't sell so many Hershey bars ...which I think taste like !! As an American, I take exception to that comment. What people like has a lot to do with what they have been exposed to. Having eaten a fair amount of Continental chocolate e.g. French, German, Swiss - much of which has a higher cocoa butter content - Cadbury, by comparison, can taste sickly sweet and not very chocolatey at all. And that was before Kraft took over. I agree! I tried a cream egg once when I was a kid because they were advertising them heavily one Easter. I thought it was nauseating! Very disappointing!
  2. I think that a female doctor would be awkward because they often travel to the past and, until recently, the term doctor was pretty much an exclusively male title. I think that having a female companion who is not hired primarily for eye candy is good enough for political gender correctness. I liked Donna as a companion, but I know a lot of the male viewers, especially younger ones, were not fans.
  3. Oh! I just read about something like this on Backyard Chickens! Read this page and see if it sounds like what yours have- http://www.backyardchickens.com/a/vent-gleet-aka-nasty-chicken-butt
  4. I've heard some people say to put dummy eggs in the nest box. Others say to put blown eggs filled with hot mustard in the box. I've also heard that egg eating is more likely to occur in eggs with thin shells which was the case with one of my hens. She was laying eggs with soft or thin shells which got eaten. I started offering oyster shell which didn't seem to help. I read online that mealworms are beneficial because they assist in calcium absorption. This is purely anecdotal, I have no scientific evidence which suggests this claim is true, but I had a bag so I started giving them a handful a day and I finally got a normal egg from her yesterday!
  5. I read the blog of a girl who had to introduce one new hen to three old ones. She put them all together at night and then, since she didn't have a second coop, took the new girl out every morning and let her free range by herself. Then they would all get a little supervised free ranging time together in the evening. It took a few weeks, but they finally forgot they hated her! I know your situation is reversed, but maybe a similar technique would work.
  6. That was so cruel of him! I can't conceive of lying about something that is obviously so important to someone, but people do it all the time! You did your best! You can't see inside people and know their true intentions!
  7. Have they molted lately? Mine are about the same age and one of them stopped laying a couple of months ago after she molted. My cats went off their food for a while- I think they were catching wild game! I gave the chickens their leftovers and she started laying again! The cats' appetites came back so I didn't have much to give the hens and she stopped laying again. All I can figure is that her protein levels got too low after the molt so I'm going to try to work more meat into her diet.
  8. My hens have no desire to go in ours. I guess there's nothing tasty within their reach so they don't bother!
  9. I have a Go and it has been fine. We don't have the option to get a classic over here. It assembled fairly easily except for one bracket thingy that attached the run to the house. I couldn't get it positioned right so I had to get my husband to screw that one in for me. If I had a larger yard without a swimming pool and could have more chickens, I'd go for the Cube!
  10. Cities and other urbanized areas started banning chickens and other livestock in the 50s and 60s to seem more progressive. The funny thing is that now the progressive among us who are trying to get them legalized again! They are legal in the city limits where I live, but not in residential areas of the county where people usually have larger lots. I have posted about my group's fight to change that and we are starting to make progress! Good luck for your health and getting to have chickens again!
  11. I live in Florida so I can't tell you firsthand, but I've heard chickens are quite cold tolerant and survive even in Alaska without extra heat. You just have to make sure they have access to drinking water that isn't frozen. I know some people on here put microwaveable heating pads in with their chickens to help keep them cozy at night. Maybe someone will answer who has personal experience!
  12. It was rather similar over here when Reagan died. The Right had kind of put him on a pedestal, but the far Left were still taking pot shots at his policies. A friend's husband is a extreme left-winger and he said that "dying and giving us a holiday is the only good thing that he ever did!" I thought that was kind of nasty, but he's always saying stuff like that. I don't know what kind of policies Thatcher had and how they affected those living in England, but she tends to be admired here for standing up to Argentina over the Falklands.
  13. My husbands only chicken duty is opening up the run to let them free range. Fair enough, I guess. I was the one who wanted them! He locked me out yesterday while I was collecting their eggs and changing their water. After I shook the doork"Ooops, word censored!" for a while, he finally realized I had been out with the chickens.
  14. Thank you! I sometimes wonder why I'm spending so much time and energy on this when my immediate neighbors know and don't care, but the way the government treated us angered me so I jumped into the fight with both feet! It will be nice not to be nervous that I could be reported in the future. I'm guessing the violations were renegade roosters. Cockerels aren't allowed in the city, but people buy unsexed chicks, get attached and don't want to part with them. Nothing irritates neighbors more than being awakened before the crack of dawn!
  15. An update to this story- my chicken keeping group has been around and around with the planning office and animal control to obtain information used against us in our efforts to make backyard chickens legal in residential zones of our county in NW Florida! Last year, they were ordered by the county commissioners to monitor complaints in the city limits where chickens are legal (I know that makes no sense!) and come back with the results in 6-12 months. They came back in 5 1/2 months and tried to make it sound like there had been a lot of complaints. We checked with the city and they only had two violations which were quickly corrected. The issue went before the planning board which is made of citizens who serve part-time. We were extremely nervous only to find out that the vice chair of the planning board is a fellow illegal chicken keeper!! That was beyond our wildest dreams! He really gave the planning office and animal control a stern lecture for the tactics they had used to obstruct us and recommended the new ordinance contain more lenient rules for the county than the city! They had proposed more strict rules. The battle isn't over, but it seems to be turning! Once the ordinance is drafted, it will go before the county commissioners for voting and we think 3 of the 5 are on our side. I hope that by this summer my chickens will be legal!
  16. One of my hens had a large bald patch around her oil gland at the base of her tail. It had been that way since I got her and I thought it was because she had been kept with a rooster who was too aggressive. Her tail feathers grew back, but not the ones on her lower back. The bald area was getting red and irritated from being exposed to the sun. I decided to try a product called Bag Balm. I don't know if you have it over there, but it's made for animals, specifically cows, although a lot of people use it for skin problems, too! I figured if nothing else, it might at least soothe the irritation. After a few days, her feathers started growing back in and now she looks like a normal hen!
  17. I have a friend who has a hen like that. That bird is just less hardy than the others! We live in Florida so it's not freezing cold, but she says even the slightest chill makes her hen sit and shiver. She also lays very rarely. They started bringing her into the house at night and letting her sleep in a kennel in the corner. Now she comes to the door expecting it!
  18. Mine do that when they are out free ranging and a hawk flies over. They freeze and give a low purring, trilling sound! It was really odd the first time I saw it! I figured it was some type of "danger above" signal. I didn't know some of them do something similar at bed time!
  19. I went to a chicken lecture a few weeks ago and the speaker mentioned nest pads. I haven't tried them, but they sound interesting. They would be easier to clean and not get kicked out everywhere like other nesting material.
  20. Maybe you give off a "girl next door" charm? When I was a kid, reruns of Gilligan's Island were on in the afternoon and all the little boys had crushes on sweet Mary Ann, not glamorous Ginger! It is a little stalkerish. I think men sometimes remember women to whom they were attracted in the past and decide to check to see if they've become available. It's happened to me a few times and if you work with a lot of men, that might be why it happens to you more often than average!
  21. Sorry to hear that! It is always disappointing when people are controlling and passive-aggressive about it! I went to see Andy Schneider, the self-proclaimed "Chicken Whisperer" a couple of weeks ago. He started his talk discussing planning for chickens. He said, in the past, he used to recommend that people talk to their neighbors before getting chickens, but he heard many times that people who did so often found that a neighbor who acted like they were fine with it to their faces, reported them to code enforcement later. Now he recommends going ahead and doing it and they might not notice for a year and then you can say, "They've been here this long, why is it a problem now?" I guess you can't do that in your situation, but I usually follow the "It's better to ask forgiveness than permission" principle!
  22. I've seen the inside picture before, but not the outside. Very clever!
  23. I agree that chickens aren't going to go far if they have food and shelter! The county planner was trying to claim that people are going to jump into it because it's trendy, get fed up with taking care of them, and release them. I plan to make the case that people are already doing it and having code enforcement show up and threaten you with a big fine if you don't get rid of them immediately is more likely to result in irresponsible disposal of chickens. One of the newly elected commissioners advised our group leader that we can request, and will probably get, a three month extension to delay the final vote so we have more time to rally support and provide a rebuttal!
  24. Get a cat. Preferably a young, active one! We had mice and rats before the chickens because my old cat would occasionally catch one. After the cat was diagnosed with kidney disease and became less active, we got the chickens and I think the mice were even more attracted to our yard. Although I never saw signs of chewing around the Eglu, a couple did get in the house when the door was open. We caught them in a trap. The old cat eventually died and we got kittens. One is an avid mouser and caught five. I think they avoid our yard now! I bring the food in at night now because of the slugs getting in the feed. The chickens didn't like to eat the slimey food.
  25. Thanks for the responses! I know my two hens have made no attempt to escape in the year and a half that I've had them! There are usually plenty of people willing to take extra hens. It is the cockerels that could be an issue! A county in central Florida changed their ordinances to allow urban hen keeping over a year ago so I was thinking about calling their animal control office this week to ask if it has caused them a lot of problems!

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