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  1. I'm involved with a group which is trying to loosen the restrictions in our community in a Florida county. The largest city in the county revised their chicken ordinance last year to make it easier for chickens to be owned in residential areas so we campaigned the county to follow their example. We went to a meeting and the commissioners were respectful and some assured us that they were in favor and only wanted to wait a while to see what kind of problems the city had. We became complacent only to find that they are preparing to vote against it! Their main point is that it would cost animal control too much to round up all the stray chickens that got away or were released by irresponsible owners. Now their numbers were greatly inflated and laughable, totaling over $400,000 they claim are needed for increased staff and equipment, but I can't deny that the issue is a concern. I've read stories of "chickens of fate" on here which were handled by chicken owners in the community. Is that how it usually works or does your animal control department have to round up and house stray chickens? I watched the video of the meeting and these men who were courteous and understanding to our face when we went to a meeting and approached them with our requests were ridiculing us for wanting to have chickens so I am angry and ready to fight!
  2. Does anyone else not use anything in the nest box? I used to put stuff in there, but I was afraid it was encouraging my Black Star to be broody. Now I don't think it matters, she's probably going to be broody regardless, but since I took all the nesting material out to discourage her from sitting, it was easier to not go back to filling it again and having to clean out the dirty stuff. The eggs don't seem to get broken.
  3. I love the costumes of that era and have even before the show started. I have a dress that is very Downton Abbey. I ordered it on sale from a web site before the show even premiered. Sadly, I have few opportunities to wear fancy outfits so I've only worn it once to a Christmas party. I've heard that the success of the show is causing Edwardian fashions to be even more popular. I also have a few vintage necklaces that I believe date to that period, although they are not nearly as fancy as the ones worn by the Crawley ladies!
  4. No, I'm pretty sure you can't flip the roosting bars of the Go so that the nesting area is in the back. There's a ridge in the back that wouldn't allow it to slide in and even if it did, the back door of the unit wouldn't fit on right then. The trays do have a handle in the back so you can pull them out and bring the front out to you to reach the nesting area. Fortunately, I have long arms so it's not a big problem! The shipping is probably cheaper because the Go is less rounded and has more flat panels that can be compactly placed in a shipping box. That is why it is the only kind we can get in the States. We are too spread out for a courier-style service like you have over there. They tried shipping by passenger bus for a while, but the costs were high and people got mad about the inconvenience of having to drive to the bus station to pick it up on top of paying for shipping.
  5. I'm a goat/sheep and my husband is a horse.
  6. That is what we are trying to do! We were hard core low-carbing a few years ago and we both lost lots of weight, but then it started to feel too restrictive and I went to grad school so we fell off the wagon. My husband is doing it for all meals, for a while anyway, but I'm just going to keep it at the evening meal. I actually have a South Beach Diet and a couple of other low carb cookbooks. I should pull them out for ideas. I'm going to start baking a treat with coconut flour once a week to satisfy my sweet cravings. It takes a lot of eggs though so I need more hens!
  7. No, we both work so that is difficult. I'm lucky in that I always get a lunch break, but he is at a hospital and they don't always get their meal break or it's very short. I guess I could increase what I take for lunch so that I'm not famished when I get home. I generally just take a low calorie microwave dinner.
  8. I've been pretty good about exercise for the past year, but I haven't lost the weight I've wanted so it's time to work on diet. I've avoided the scale, but I still can't fit in most of my pants and I could see that my rear profile in the gym's full wall mirrors is not petite. Then I saw Facebook photos of myself in exercise leggings earlier this week and had a Bridget Jones moment. Yikes! My bottom, hips, and thighs were so big! My downfall is my evening meal. My husband has taken to cooking on a lot of nights and he goes overboard with portion sizes. Fortunately, his weight is up, too, so he's decided to start cutting carbs again! I also like dessert in the evenings, although I keep it small, like 100 calories. I guess I'll have to cut back the frequency.
  9. I've heard that if you pressure cook them, they can get tender. Not that I plan to try it! I only have two girls and they have names so I don't think I could sentence them to death for failing to lay, but I know that has been the fate of chickens for hundreds of years!
  10. I don't know that Easter is a huge peak time. Kids only get about a week off school for Spring Break so it might not be a big travel time. Of course, I don't have kids so I don't really know how parents plan vacation times! If you are planning to do Disney, here's a guide written by a girl whose blog I sometimes read http://www.southernplate.com/2011/03/disneytopten.html. I haven't been a lot of times, but from my trip a year and a half ago, I advise finding out the wait times on the rides and get a "Fast Pass" for the ones with the longest waits. I think they will only let you have one or two Fast Passes at a time so you have to work out a strategy! If you go to Hollywood park, go before sundown because most of the shows shut down after dark. We didn't know that and saved it for the evening of our short trip. Magic Hour is good if you stay on site. The Animal Kingdom opened early for park guests on the last day of our trip so we went early and beat the crowds. We got to see the meerkats before they went in their burrows for the day to beat the heat. Of course, we went in the summer so it was HOT! We stayed in the Animal Kingdom lodge on the main savannah and got to see all kinds of animals out our room window which was way cool! The antelope and bison slept there at night and the giraffes came out to feed in the morning and evening. They also have guinea fowl running around so you can work in some poultry stuff, too!
  11. I know a woman who keeps four in a Go with a standard size run (and occasional free-ranging) and she hasn't had any major problems so since you have a big run, like Olly said, I would think you'd be fine.
  12. That's interesting about sunlight having such a strong effect on turmeric. Now does anyone have a miracle solvent for tomato sauce? That stuff is stubborn! I've recently started using chlorine-free bleach rubbed into the spot which generally works for most fresh stains.
  13. I was wondering the same thing. My new heavy duty run cover is black with mildew. I was thinking about trying a bleach mixture.
  14. Sometimes I start to think their intelligence is underrated... then they try to eat out of the feeder from outside the run!
  15. My Australorp and Black Star are fairly quiet with a few exceptions! For instance, when the Black Star is broody (not infrequently, unfortunately) the Australorp decides to play rooster and makes a screechy crow around sunrise that sets off the neighborhood dogs. Other than that, they are quiet. I put them on the side of my less nosey neighbor and he figured out fairly quickly that I had them when they started doing their egg song. However, I'd had them for a year and a half before my nosey neighbor who is always out in the yard figured out they were there. This was after I started leaving them out most of the day and they got brave enough to wander and dug up termites under the fence that adjoins his yard! He didn't seem upset about it! I was worried since he's sort of the fussy type!
  16. Well, I used extra clips to reinforce the section I wanted to hang the new drinker from yesterday and got it put up! It is actually one U.S. gallon which is a bit larger than I'd estimated, but, so far, it seems to be holding. This morning, I tapped the nipples, fed them, and tapped them some more so a drop hung off of one! One of the girls went over and drank from it after she ate so they are figuring it out!
  17. The only time that I've had trouble getting the back door on or off was after I'd moved the Go and the ground underneath wasn't level. After some repositioning, it worked fine again.
  18. I found a line at the health food store down the road from me that I love! I had a store coupon and decided to try the Living Clay face and body scrub because my skin had been looking and feeling a little dull and rough. I sampled some other products and wound up going back for the Rejuvenation Face Cream which wasn't cheap, but my skin is looking and feeling so much smoother! The scrub was a little irritating at first because it has peppermint oil in it, but I only use it once a week and it seems to be calming down in intensity. http://www.livingclayco.com/products1.html
  19. Thanks for the input! I actually did buy more clips from Omlet when I ordered a heavy duty cover to replace the rotted one that came with the Eglu. I guess I could put more out to reinforce the panels! The weather is mild, but damp, right now. In northern Florida, we tend to have alternating weeks of warmish and coldish weather in the winter! One of the hens does seem to be going into a molt. Her head is white and powdery like she has dandruff and she's not laying. She is the one that dug in most eagerly when I just tossed the pellets in a deli carry out pan, though! The other one finished a molt in late autumn and this was after being broody most of the spring and summer so she is finally being productive for a change! I had been letting them free range all day for a few weeks because I felt bad about keeping them cooped up all the time during the work week since the sun sets so early, but I've spotted a hawk stalking them recently and they were hiding in different parts of the yard when I got home Monday so I think it must've gone after them. I'm keeping them locked up again now. Maybe they just started to enjoy scratching for their own food rather than eating from the feeder!
  20. My former supervisor used to leave hers up until sometime in the spring. They put it in the living room (why people still have fancy sittin' rooms in this day and age, I don't know! ) and just closed the door once the Christmas season was over!
  21. The weekend after New Year's is usually my deadline to get the decorations down, although this year, I really didn't want to take them down. It was especially difficult to get them up this year. My OH insisted that Christmas decorations be stored in the attic and promised he would get them down and then put them back away. Well, he hasn't been following through on that for the last few years. Last spring, I had a hurricane strengthening project done on our house. That involved a lot of work in the attic and the decorations got all shifted around behind construction materials. My husband only brought down the boxes that were convenient and ignored things I really needed- like, oh, the tree ornaments! To top it off, some new outdoor lights had been cut by vandals last year and I had to fix them because he wouldn't. After the holiday was over and stress levels down, I sort of just wanted to enjoy the decorations I had put so much effort into! I insisted they not go back up in the attic and cleaned out the garage to make room for them so it'll be easier to get them out next year!
  22. A couple of months ago, I bought a chicken drinker at a poultry show to help provide cleaner water more easily to my hens, especially if I go away for a night or two. I haven't gotten it hung yet because I think I will have to reposition the door on the Eglu Go run so that the new drinker won't block the exit. I currently have it on the end, but I think it would be best on the side so I could hang the drinker in the middle of the run. Also, would the run roof support the weight of a drinker? It's not large (2-liter max), but water can be heavy. I worry that the run panels are just attached with plastic clips and might not be able to support the weight. I've contemplated rigging up a support above the run, perhaps out of PVC, but that would take more time and effort! Any tips from someone else who has hung water buckets would be appreciated! Also, I've found that my hens aren't liking eating from the grub lately. I thought it was getting a little grimy so I washed it, but still no luck. I bought new feed thinking the old feed was stale, but their appetites didn't improve. They just wanted out to free range. I tossed some of the new feed in a flat metal pan yesterday and they dug in so I think they aren't liking the feeder. It might be a combination of not liking their vision obscured by the top and the humidity buildup in the feeder. Has anyone else had this problem? I could try bringing in the feeder at night to let it dry out and keep slugs out. I have been leaving it out all the time so that I don't have to run out there before work. I have an early schedule!
  23. I get the impression that most of them use an axe for a hen who's not thriving. I say that's what I'd do, but I haven't had to make that decision yet!
  24. I lurk on an "old-timers" thread on Backyard Chickens and their basic attitude is that chickens who aren't hardy don't deserve to live... sort of a "survival of the fittest" mentality. They can get pretty vicious making fun of people, especially "town" types, who spend a lot of money treating a chicken as a pet. I'm somewhere in between. I'll treat the hens if I can do it affordably, but I don't think I'd spend big bucks taking one to a vet! They also claim that hatchery stock is less hardy than chicks bred by experienced individuals who breed for production rather than show. I'm not sure how or where you are supposed to find these people. I guess you have to hang out at chicken swaps and interrogate everyone about the health of a breeder's stock.
  25. Well, it is perfectly chicken-sized after all! What do you expect?

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