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  1. Is this Key West? I know they have a lot of feral street chickens down there!
  2. I guess right, too! The eyes and the smile are still about the same!
  3. It gave me a smile, too, which I needed after having to say goodbye to my much-loved cat of 17 years! Glad things seemed to have worked out for Ronnie!
  4. Yeah, I bet there's way more than 75-100 people already doing it! It's illegal for people in residential areas in my city to have chickens, too, but I have several friends who do it! That is part of why I only have two, though, and I'm not likely to go over that number! Good luck to them, maybe if it goes well, it will spread to my area!
  5. My hen Zoe is my drama queen. She fell into the pool last week. It was windy and I think she got a little too close to the edge when a strong gust came up. I was inside and heard a squawk and then the ground predator alarm, bok, bok, bok, ba-GAWK! I went out thinking they were being attacked by a hawk that I'd seen the day before, but Zoe was floating in the pool like a duck and Sadie was on the patio above her going off! I pulled her out and I swear she gave me a dirty look as if to say, "Don't you judge me!" Or maybe she blames me for the large water obstacle in the middle of the yard! Then a couple of months back, my husband had some time off and was doing a lot of yard work. He opened up the Eglu to check on the egg situation, which he never does! He caught Zoe in the middle of laying and caught her egg in his glove. She turned around, saw it, and freaked out on him! She started screeching incessantly. He tried to quiet her with mealworms, but she screeched between bites. Finally, she calmed down a bit and went off to free range, but every now and then would look up at him and screech!
  6. Same here. Me, too! Poor thing just wanted a nice, fresh snack instead of Purina lion chow or whatever they feed them!
  7. Do an Internet search for "chicken nipple." It is a watering system where the chicken has to peck a switch to get water drops out. There is some assembly required. You have to install the device in some sort of water container, but it only supplies what they can drink right away so they aren't standing in or scratching muck into the water. Some people think that it also helps with coop boredom and prevents feather plucking since it gives them something safe to peck at. I don't have one because I only have two hens, but if I ever got more or had to go out of town for a few days, I might consider getting one.
  8. If the bird was large enough and the chicken small enough, it could happen. Most of the hawks in my neighborhood are fairly small and the chickens are really good at paying attention to the alarm cries of the songbirds. When they are alerted to the presence of a BOP, they take cover, freeze, and emit this weird trilling noise until it's gone. I think the hawks are probably looking for smaller creatures like doves, mice, and small rabbits. A hawk flew over the yard late last Sunday afternoon while I was outside. The next day, I was in the house and letting the chickens forage when I heard a squawk and a ground predator alarm cry. I thought for sure the hawk was back and decided to attack. I went out to check and one of my hens had gotten blown into the swimming pool while the other one stood there bawking! I guess that explains why it was a ground predator alert! I scooped her out and she looked really embarrassed and irritated for the rest of the evening!
  9. Dansko has a large assortment of cute, comfortable-looking clogs and some are designed for professional wear.
  10. When my hybrid went broody last year, she continued to lay for the first few days, but then she stopped. They do that so the eggs will hatch around the same time- never mind that the eggs are infertile and you take them away! Once she stopped laying her own eggs, she started stealing the other hen's eggs! She loves to hang out in the nest box so I'm always worried she's about to go broody again. My Australorp, OTOH, seems to drop her egg in a matter of minutes, just a quick in and out!
  11. I already had those illusions dispelled by going to Italy a few years back! I wonder if they were inspired by Karl Pilkington's Pilko Pump Pants. They actually make his invention look sophisticated in comparison!
  12. It is just a very dramatic story. You've got the unsinkable ship (although it was actually described as "practically unsinkable") sinking on its maiden voyage which points to the hubris of human beings. People love to speculate about the series of mistakes, real and mythical, that contributed to the disaster, from the lookout not being able to find the binoculars to the possibility of the hull's steel being substandard. I recently heard another theory that, a few weeks earlier, the moon had passed closest to Earth in 1,400 years, resulting in abnormally high tides which caused grounded icebergs to float out into shipping lanes. The captain had no concern about icebergs because in his 30+ years of experience, he had never seen them so far south at that time of the year. Then you've got the elegance of the era and the bravery of the crew and some of the passengers, with the captain and most of the officers going down with the ship. Compare that to the recent sinking of the modern cruise liner off the coast of Italy and the captain abandoning ship before the passengers were all safe!
  13. I can't imagine it! That would be a lot of cleaning and paper changing if you didn't want your living space to smell like chicken poop! So many commenters are being negative about the idea of their neighbors having chickens because they don't want to be woke up early by a rooster, even though the article clearly states that you don't need a rooster to have eggs and they are forbidden in most residential areas. It always amazes me how many people either don't read the article they are commenting on or have no reading comprehension!
  14. CNN has a segment on backyard chicken-keeping on their website now! They even mention the Eglu - although they spelled it wrong! http://eatocracy.cnn.com/2012/04/11/f-a-q-about-the-backyard-chicken-boom/?hpt=hp_c2
  15. I've thought about getting something like this screen curtain to let the kitchen air out occasionally when it is a nice temperature outside, but keep the flies and moths out. I can't have a permanent screen door because I have a cat flap in that door. http://www.amazon.com/Bug-Off-Instant-Screen-32-Inch/dp/B002DR0DMS/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top I guess if a cat or dog could figure out how to get through, a pushy enough hen could, too!
  16. I think the gratuitous sex and violence keep me from loving it also. Same with Boardwalk Empire. Those shows seem too realistic, if exaggerated. My husband likes both of them. I watch with him, but I'm not avid about it. I love True Blood which also has plenty of gratuitous sex and violence, but it's fairly campy and mixed with humor so I think that is why I find it tolerable.
  17. I must admit that I have been feeling a little lonely lately and I've been giving thought to joining some kind of social hobby, but it seems every time I get involved in some sort of social activity, the other members demand more of me than I am willing to give and I wind up resenting it! Perhaps if my job involved dealing with people more, I would get my fill of socialization, but it has been very isolating lately! I've thought about trying to find a book club. It seems like some kind of system where you do the activity by yourself and then come together occasionally to talk about it might work out well for me!
  18. Pretty low! It's a combination of a lot of things. I could write a book, but no one would want to read it! I don't like to be in crowds a lot. It's a combination of not feeling confident and just plain not always wanting to socialize. My husband scolded me once about not chatting with people more and I replied that I didn't understand why I should jump into a conversation that doesn't interest me. He said because like Dexter says, "It's the socially appropriate thing to do." I watched an interesting TED presentation on Sunday by a woman who talked about how extrovert qualities are so valued in our day and age even though a third to a half of people in society are introverts. I had read an article about that before and it was very interesting to hear her points. One thing she mentioned was all the ridiculous emphasis on group work in schools today and having just finished grad school, I totally agree. Nearly every class that I took had at least one group project, usually more!
  19. I'm sorry to hear that! I had a cat who died of that a few years ago as did my parents' cat who was much younger. It was hard to let go even though she was about 15. Subcutaneous fluids might help keep the cat hydrated and feeling well enough to eat for a while. She perked up a bit after she got some at the vet's. My other cat, who is now 17, has kidney disease and I have been giving her regular subcutaneous fluids at home so that I have more time with her and can get used to the idea of saying goodbye. She was diagnosed late last April and has always been my shadow.
  20. You have had a run of bad luck, Sam! Sorry for your losses and I hope things get better soon at work! I went to Zumba three times this week, although I didn't really want to the last time! I can tell that my cardio and energy levels gets weaker as my rest breaks get shorter! I was rewarded by dropping below another five pound milestone, though! So then I went to the grocery store and they had Ben & Jerry's BOGO free and I couldn't resist. I did at least get the frozen yogurt!
  21. One of my hens started crowing three times in a row at sunrise when the other hen was broody. It wasn't as loud as a rooster, but she did her best and I could hear flapping wings as well like she was impersonating a male! Fortunately, it only lasted a few days!
  22. Uh oh. Bad chickens! I read the blog of someone who says she buries tomato cages sideways to keep her chickens from scratching in beds that she doesn't want them in. Sounds like a lot of effort, but if you are serious about your flowers, it might be worth it!
  23. One of my chickens has been laying eggs with blood spots off and on for over a month. At first I thought it was just a one time thing and no big deal, just a burst vessel near the ovum or something, but it keeps happening. This morning, I cracked open an egg that had two large blood spots in it. Is this typical or a cause for concern? Most of the information that I can find online says that it's not a problem, but one site said that it could be a sign that a hen is past her prime. I don't know how old she is since she was a second-hand hen! I swear she's grown since I've had her. I don't know if that means she wasn't full grown yet or if it's just because she's getting better food with me!
  24. My husband is a zombie fanatic! I'll have to show him!

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