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  1. Cute! I'm going to a church rummage sale this weekend and I'm secretly hoping to score some chicken-themed items!
  2. I have the same problem, but I love baths so I make do with our little tubs even though I can't relax properly in them! I only shower when I'm in a hurry. My husband recently proposed getting rid of our walk-in closet and making a huge bath with a big garden tub for me. I just looked at him in horror. That's way too much work and who would buy a house with no closet in the master bedroom when we went to sell? It would be much better to get a small hot tub for the backyard if we were going to splurge!
  3. Ha! It kind of reminds me of Bobby Boucher in The Waterboy when he took his first college class after being homeschooled and informed everyone that alligators were ornery "because they have all them teeth and no toothbrush!"
  4. That was true about 10+ years ago, but now I see them almost everywhere, including Wal-Mart. Of course, there is some controversy about exactly what definition of "free range" and "organic" is being used. I've heard claims that you can use the "free range" label even though the birds do not get to go outside or have access to the open areas all day.
  5. If you were in the States, I'd say it was probably a raccoon. That's typical of how they kill. They have paws that can reach through the wire and grab. I'm assuming you're in the UK, though, so that's not probable unless one escaped from a zoo! Sorry for that discovery and the loss! It must have been disturbing!
  6. I bought a bag of mixed seed, veggie, & grain treats from the feed store the last time I went. I decided to mix a couple of handfuls into their regular feed because I've found I'm less tempted to overindulge that way. I guess they've started anticipating it because, a couple of days ago, they acted like they were starving when I topped off their feeder though they still had plenty in there! The hens who normally stand back and wait for me to get out of the way were headbutting my hands trying to eat while I was hanging up the feeder!
  7. I used it initially and it does make a bit of a mess. They like to scratch around in their nesting material so it gets all around the edge of the tray and falls into the yard when you pull it out. I just use pine straw now. They like it just as well as long as it's fairly fresh and it doesn't matter if it falls out since it's already scattered around my yard!
  8. Yes, I think alpacas, llamas, and donkeys share similar aggressive attitudes towards predators- donkeys are just cheaper so I've heard more about them!
  9. Donkeys are very territorial and will often chase and try to trample ground predators that get into their field. A lot of people keep "guard donkeys" to help protect their livestock!
  10. Hmmm... I have one of those cat treat balls. My now-deceased tabby would roll it around to get treats out, but my calico thinks she shouldn't have to work for her treats! Maybe I'll drop some mealworms and sunflower seeds in it and toss it to the hens!
  11. Mine tend to dig out all the nesting material in the base and just leave a ring around the top. The only time they tossed it out entirely is when I used some old pine straw that was kind of brittle. If this is new behavior for yours, it could be that they are objecting to the change in texture between the old straw and new? Maybe the new stuff is more dry and prickly?
  12. I thought Dorothy was the new one and Gertrude was killed. Did you change her name to inspire her to lay like her predecessor?
  13. Dried mealworms, cat food, sunflower seeds, and soft fruit. I also bought them a bag of mixed grains, seeds, and dried fruit and vegetables that they like a lot. I'm afraid they are getting a little spoiled. I try to keep it down to one treat per day!
  14. The cold front hadn't finished going through after dark and it was very windy so I decided to close the door. It was blocked with pinestraw from having moved the Eglu recently so I had to find a stick to s"Ooops, word censored!"e it out of the way. Then this morning after sunrise, they were hooting to be let out. I had to run out there in 28 F temps to open the door and break up the ice in their waterer. I don't envy those of you in cold climates who have to deal with this regularly!
  15. Interesting. I have often wondered if closing the door kept it any warmer since it's just thin plastic and there are ventilation holes all around. This is my first winter with chickens and it's been a very warm one. They don't seem to like the door being closed so I've left it open. I've heard that it's most important to keep dampness down so that they don't get frostbite in their combs and wattles. It is supposed to get below freezing tomorrow night for the first time in weeks so I'll clean out the dropping tray, but I'm not sure about closing the door. One night, I was going to do it, but one of them had her head and shoulders sticking out so I didn't bother!
  16. You can start baking with coconut flour! It's higher in protein and lower in carbs than wheat flour. Since it's gluten-free, it's not as binding as wheat flour and you need lots of eggs to bake with it! I want to start baking with it more often. I may need more hens!
  17. I think that you might have to have a certain number of posts for the smilies and signature features to show up, like 10 maybe. I also remember being confused about how people were doing it in the beginning, then all of a sudden, they showed up. Or maybe I wasn't looking in the right places!
  18. I've seen lots of stories like that about cats since they often crawl into inappropriate areas due to their inquisitive nature. I think this is the first I've seen for a chicken, though!
  19. That's OK, I didn't realize it was a bad word! Now I know! When we in the U.S. watch British movies, it can be difficult to tell what is a mild curse word versus strong when it is different from ours! In fact, I think Craig Ferguson uses that word often in his talk show! He probably enjoys getting it past his American censor. He's always teasing the poor guy! I started to post a humor link to a situation that I thought was similar, but when I found it, it had a lot more profanity than I remembered so I decided I'd better not!
  20. She is a pushy thing! I love the expression on her face in the first pic. It's like, "What? I have every right to be here!"
  21. I use Everyday Minerals. I started with eyeshadow because something in regular shadow makes my eyelids irritated. I eventually switched over completely. The foundation is much easier to apply than liquid and feels so lightweight that I forget I'm wearing makeup. It can feel a bit powdery at first so I like to put it on after moisturizer.
  22. Muscle is more dense than fat so even though it might weigh more, it looks smaller on you! And it's supposed to burn more calories even while you are at rest. I am also disappointed that the scales haven't gone down more, I've only lost 2-3 lbs, but my clothes are fitting better and that's what's most important! I'd like to lose 10 lbs, but I mainly want to wear one size smaller! I know I need to bump up the exercise and do better about avoiding the sweets!
  23. I caught one of mine eating an old plastic plant tag that she found while freeranging. If she'd eat that, I can believe they might go for bubblewrap as well!
  24. I've bumped up the Zumba from one night per week to two. The gym has a new instructor on Tuesday nights and she's pretty fun! I passed on putting honey on my yogurt and cereal this morning. I've got to get serious about getting more pounds off. I noticed some of my trousers aren't fitting quite as snug. (Started to say pants, but I remembered those mean something totally different there- although I hope those are fitting looser, too! ) I spent Saturday afternoon cleaning fall leaves out of the pool and tossing them in the compost bin. I raked up some pine straw and threw it in the chicken run. It's nice to do something physical instead of sitting in front of a computer for hours like I had to do for over two years with grad school!

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