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  1. Definitely run if it is Christmas! I watched a special on BBCAmerica before the last Christmas episode. One of the commentators said that apparently Britain just spends 11 months out of every year rebuilding London between invasions!
  2. That is a great deal! I bought a coat last year that was advertised as "water-resistant." I had to run out to my car in a rainstorm last month and discovered that it wasn't so water-resistant after all! I thought about ordering one of these until I checked out the price to ship to the U.S. Yikes! Nope! I'll probably buy a can of Scotchgard to waterproof last year's coat!
  3. A 50/50 blend of vinegar and alcohol will work if the earache is due to swimmer's ear. If that fails, I use a few drops of tea tree oil mixed with a teaspoon or so of olive oil. I try to stay on antihistamines during allergy season to keep inflammation down. I realize its probably not allergy season where you are, but here the pine pollen is starting to fall and it makes my sinuses go haywire! That was gross about the earring, Cinnamon, but glad it finally came out!
  4. That is very sad, but at least they were honest and, I hope, will at least reimburse you for a new chicken. I've heard so many stories of dog owners who claim their dogs couldn't/wouldn't do such a thing!
  5. It also reminds me of this commercial from a couple of years ago!
  6. Reminds me of this gag sign Texas blogger, Jenny Lawson, put up in her neighborhood a few months back-
  7. They are professional test takers? They are advocates of people who take tests? I've never seen that one! It is strange!
  8. Could you PM me details of how much do you want for the Go run extension, lindschicks?
  9. Flip flops in January? Doesn't sound strange to me... Of course, I'm in Florida!
  10. Yes, we say erbs instead of herbs, but we pronounce the h on hotel and hospital! I think of the silent h as a French thing and I guess we like to be opposite in which words we choose to use the French pronunciation! If we are talking about pet peeves, it makes me a little annoyed when people write "of" instead of "'ve," as in "should of" instead of should've. I'm mostly afraid that it will rub off on me and I will start doing it incorrectly!
  11. Some of the previously mentioned things drive me crazy, too! I generally have good spelling and grammar, but I mess up occasionally and cringe when I realize it. A friend of mine is an avid reader and is also a grammar fanatic. She often calls me on it when I slip up which I find rude and irritating. I think it's because I have more education than she does so it makes her feel superior when she catches me in a mistake. I try not to obsess about Internet postings and emails as though they were peer-reviewed journal articles, however! There's a fine line between being attentive to proper grammar for clarity and being pretentious, IMO! I sometimes use common expressions like "hot water heater" and she likes to point out that it is a redundant expression. Yeah, well, it's what I grew up calling it and it's what 90% of the people I talk to call it so I'm not going to change it on her behalf!
  12. I remember several months ago there was a "bias against the Eglu" thread. One woman said that she had to tell a breeder she decided not to get an Eglu, when she actually had, in order for the breeder to sell to her. I saw a lot of negative sentiments about the Eglu when I was researching them- mostly that they were too expensive and suppositions that they would be too hot or cold. I had never seen anyone claim that the lack of perches were bad. If anything, I've read that flat bars or boards are better because the bird can cover all of their feet with their body and help prevent frostbitten toes in cold climates.
  13. My Australorp is great! She lays like a machine, has yet to go broody, and was quiet until I got my black hybrid hen who taught her to do the egg song! She's never flown, but her wings were clipped when I bought her so perhaps she did where she was before. She does like to jump up and perch on the edge of planters!
  14. Wow. That is enormous! Would it even fit into a standard carton? I had a big one before Christmas, but not quite that size. It was about 1 1/2 times the normal ones. I put it into some Christmas cookies. I thought it might be a double yolker, but, nope, just one huge yolk!
  15. You probably won't find a used one here unless you live in or near a large California city. That seemed to be the only place that I was finding used ones when I searched! I was able to catch them when they were having a sale last year, so I got some discount but it was still fairly pricey! I don't want to ask about the cat in the dryer! My cat crawled in mine once when she was younger and I'd left it open for a while. I closed it up and restarted it, but I heard the weird thud right away as I was walking off. Even though she was in there for less than five seconds while it was on, she never went in again!!
  16. When I set out to do chickenkeeping, I researched breeds to find ones which were good layers and quiet so I settled on Australorps. I bought a pair which were supposed to be hens, but one turned out to be a cockerel. We had to get rid of him and I hastily found some chickens for sale nearby and grabbed a black sex link hen. All this time Sadie, my Australorp, had been very quiet and I never heard the egg song once in spite of getting an egg nearly every day. Well, the new hen, Zoe, sure belted it out whenever she or Sadie laid an egg! Last month, I heard the egg song and went out to hush Zoe only to find it was Sadie making the noise. I'm thinking that Zoe, bossy trailer park bird that she is, has taken top hen status and it's now Sadie's "job" to do the egg song. Has anyone else noticed that the hen(s) lower in the pecking order are the ones who make the noise?
  17. I'm down about 2-3 lbs. If I lose about 7 more, I can probably fit back into my cute jeans without discomfort! I hurt my back at the gym two weeks ago doing an ab workout which slowed me down a little. The Invisalign have definitely cut down on my snacking. I woke up at 3 a.m. this morning feeling a little hungry, but the thought of getting up and taking my trays out to eat was too much so I laid there until I managed to fall back to sleep! The gym has a new Zumba instructor on Tuesdays who is definitely high energy and now that I am done with grad school, I can take her class, too!
  18. I started distance learning through a large state university to get my master's degree 20 years after finishing my bachelor's at a smaller local university. There was a lot of technology to learn at once and I was a little overwhelmed. My second semester, I had trouble doing the online registration. I kept getting the message that I was ineligible for the course that I was trying to register for. I contacted the representative of the college in which I was enrolled and she said the college had changed its name since I registered and it was possible that I hadn't been switched correctly. I called the registration office who said my category was fine and hung up on me. I sent a request to the help desk and the girl was nice, but couldn't figure out why I was having problems. Finally, I posted on the advising bulletin board. I was fuming that no one would help me so I decided to try it again myself. There were five little boxes on the registration form and the course numbers were five digits long so I had been putting one digit per box. I decided to try putting the whole number in one box and, voila, success! The other boxes were for additional courses so you could register for up to five classes at once! I was so embarrassed that I hadn't figured it out sooner- especially since I had obviously done it right my first semester! Fine master's material I was! I quietly deleted my help request. Honestly, though, they could have had a more informative error message in their system! I managed to do it right every semester after that!
  19. We'll see about the weight loss. I do have a snacking problem! I bought a jar of nuts last week and on Sunday I noticed that I'd already eaten over half of them! I'm mostly doing it so that I will be less reluctant to smile because of my crooked front teeth! I tend to do a closed-mouth smirk instead which isn't attractive and I'm getting to the age where it is causing wrinkles! Glad to hear you are seeing results!
  20. I'm getting my Invisalign braces today!! I've heard that a lot of people lose weight while doing those because you can't eat with them in. It's a pain to take them out and then you have to brush before putting them back in. It's such a bother that it tends to cut down on between meal snacking!
  21. Owee! I went to the gym Friday evening and did weights and cardio. My back and abs are very weak from too much computer time so I did some oblique twists on a machine and must've used too much resistance. Then my husband and I took a two-hour bike ride the next day. I woke up yesterday with a major ache in my back at waist level! I tried ibuprofen yesterday which barely touched it. Today I'm going with naproxen! I probably won't get back to the gym for a day or two until I can stand up without wincing!
  22. Glad it worked out! Can I add one of my own? We are going through something similar with my in-laws, but much more difficult to fix. When my husband's grandparents died, they left a lot of money to my mother and father-in-law. I'm not sure how much exactly, but probably over a million dollars that had been saved over a lifetime. My in-laws blew it in one decade! They took trips, donated to charities, spent lots on the kids and grandkids, but worst of all, they bought a second house on the water during the most active hurricane season in memory! The first house was washed away the same year they bought it. My husband and I urged them to sell the land because real estate was booming right after the hurricane, but no! That was their dream to own a house on the water! And not just any house, a big fancy, unique house that my FIL would build himself with the help of one of my brothers-in-law. Now they have gone through all their money, the house is nowhere near finished, and my BIL is fed up with it and no longer wants to help. They mortgaged their main house to keep building and we loaned them several thousand for taxes and materials which we will probably never see again. They paid for our hardwood floors back when they were flush so I figure we have just paid them back for that, but that's it, they aren't getting anymore! My FIL is under the delusion that he will at least get his money back when he sells, but there's no way that will happen in this economy. We just want them to get rid of it and cut their losses! At least we won't be squabbling over all their money when they die! They might even sell a lot of their possessions to keep building this white elephant!
  23. I have a weak right knee as well and exercises with lots of bouncing and squatting can irritate it. That's why I have added in days on the elliptical machine! I used to run because it really burns the calories, but it made my knee hurt. I've found the elliptical machine is lower impact and works my leg muscles more evenly so my knee doesn't get pulled out of alignment. I enjoy Zumba more, but if I do it exclusively, I do feel some knee soreness!
  24. I need to lose about 10 lbs to fit back into my cute jeans. I bought some ugly "mom jeans" from a thrift store to get me through in the meantime! I've been doing a Friday Zumba class for the past year, missing a few weeks when grad school got intense! I plan to add in another Zumba day this year and I have already started doing the elliptical machine with my husband since I graduated a couple of weeks ago! The Christmas cookies are gone and there are just some chocolates from my stocking to tempt me now! I need to weigh myself now. I hadn't had the nerve during Christmas, but maybe the extra workouts balanced out the additional treats!
  25. I once tried to order a ring from a Past Times catalog. A very unhappy-sounding guy took my order which I never received. They didn't charge me for it either so no big deal. It was just the only time I can think of where a retailer acted like they didn't really want to sell me anything.They must have tried to expand into the States in the mid-90s, but it didn't work out.

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