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  1. Can you regift it to someone else next year as a joke or would that cause a family war?
  2. That was funny, Olly! I do have holiday pounds on top of grad school pounds. I've also discovered that friends tend to revolve around hobbies and interests and during grad school I didn't have time for anything else so those friends from my last hobby have sort of fallen by the way. Once I get my house back in order and drop a few pounds, I need to decide whether I'm going to get back into my last hobby or try something different. I understand why people go to church! I think it is as much for the socializing as the religion!
  3. They got a block of squirrel food! Since I only have 2 hens, I was afraid the 25-lb Flock Block would get mildewed before being eaten. I plan to get them some meal worms the next time I go to the feed store as a belated present!
  4. I got a rooster Scentsy warmer (for melting scented wax) from my husband and a chicken calendar from my supervisor! I was a bit surprised that I didn't get more chicken stuff!
  5. Oh no! How frustrating! The little demons! You didn't try the water test? I think I would have done that before tossing them!
  6. I only have two in my Go and standard run which is roughly the same size as a classic, but I read the blog of a woman who has three in hers and they seem to do just fine! I've questioned whether to get a third, both due to run size issues and an increase in noise and waste. It's mostly the noise and waste issues that hold me back!
  7. I won the contest! Thanks for the support! The hens will definitely get mealworms for Christmas!
  8. They must have lived further north! We don't generally have storm cellars or basements in Florida (or elsewhere on the coast). The water table is too high so they'd stay flooded most of the time!
  9. Since I'm in Florida, I have wondered what I would do with the chickens if we have a hurricane. I wondered out loud if I could put them in the garage until it passes and my husband had a similar response to yours! I figure I'll take off the run shade, move the away from the fence, weight it all down a bit and hope for the best!
  10. Thanks everyone! I needed a diversion from my final tedious class project! I have seen people make homemade wreaths for their WIR doors using their chicken's feathers as accents. It was cute, but I do not have that kind of time!
  11. I was thinking the same thing! That would definitely be the case here! And a lot of the public would side with them because "People are more important than animals!" Sad!
  12. I still don't have my own tree decorated! I was actually using their product (Lightkeeper Pro) to repair the lights on my pre-lit tree. I got a couple going and then got stumped on the last strand so I decided to take a break and put some of my spare lights on the Eglu! If the hens are good, I'll give them a stocking full of mealworms!
  13. I agree with everyone else that people discover they are way more work and mess than expected. I saw someone locally giving away their three on Craigslist last summer. Not even any mention of wanting them to go to a good home! Just, "If you want them, come and get them!" They can generate a lot of poop for such small creatures! Still, I find them less messy and more useful than dogs! Mine haven't torn up any gardens, but there are only two of them, I don't have any small annuals, and they get limited free range time. They love to go under large shrubs and scratch around where they feel safe.
  14. I'm not sure if they liked it or if they just liked that I was out there which made them feel safe to venture out for a bit! There were some very confused-sounding 'baaa-aawwwwkkss?' coming out of them at first! There were slugs everywhere and I stepped on one going out there. Yuck! I thought chickens ate slugs, but these sure haven't. I can't say that I blame them!
  15. I entered a Christmas light decorating contest on Facebook. I wasn't going to because I'm crazy busy right now finishing school. Then I saw there were no other entries so A) I felt bad for the company B) If no one else enters, hey, I'll take the $100 prize! So I threw some lights on my run! The girls were puzzled at first, but then they decided it would be safe to come out, look around, and have a little snack! So go check it out and like it if you have the time. Feel free to send me a friend request, too. I only have a couple of chicken-keeping friends now and I wouldn't mind some more. Hope this doesn't violate any forum rules!
  16. I looked it up and he's too old to be a love interest for Sookie! The rumor that I found was that he will be on next season as a middle-aged, alpha-type werewolf, possibly Alcide's or Marcus' father, who starts trouble for a new pack master.
  17. Yes, it's always the fourth Thursday in November! We have to go to both my in-laws' and my parents' houses! Fortunately, they don't live too far apart, but it still makes for a long, tiring day! I plan to cook a pecan pie since I have a bunch of pecans in the freezer that need to be used. I might make a side dish as well, but I need to make up my mind before I go to the grocery store for the corn syrup and butter for the pie! My in-laws always do things a bit excessively, especially on Thanksgiving, supposedly because my FIL's original American ancestor came over on the Mayflower. He was a Dutch indentured servant! There's almost more food than the serving tables will hold! I hope they scale things back this year since they don't have as much money as they used to. My mother-in-law usually makes a traditional Pensacola salad called gaspachee. It's kind of like the ingredients for gaspacho soup with soaked hardtack mixed in. My mother resents that we always tend to go there first but I try to make it up to them by going to their place first for Christmas.
  18. Hope you have a good time! We went to Orlando in June. We live on the opposite side of the state so it is a several hour drive for us. The weather should be much better when you go!
  19. We left the back off of the to help break Zoe of her broodiness last Sunday. I got so busy with housework that I totally forgot about it and closed up the run that evening, but forgot about the back door! I didn't realize it until the next evening when I got home from work and went to check on them! Funny thing was they were both standing at the run door acting like they wanted to be let out, silly hens! Fortunately, there still seem to be no raccoons in our neighborhood and Zoe definitely isn't broody anymore!
  20. For the past couple of days, whenever I haul Zoe out of the Eglu and plunk her down on the ground, she starts weakly pulling pine straw up around herself as if to say, "Fine! If you won't let me nest in there, I'll do it out here!" If I ignore her and walk away, she jumps up, squawks, flaps her wings and runs around a bit as if she's having a tantrum. Drama queen chicken!!
  21. It wouldn't hurt to try it! They'd probably shred it up before it got yucky. I read on another forum about a guy who used pine straw in his run to keep the smell down. He said it broke up so he never had to rake it out. I tried it and it was true. Some of it got tossed outside the run and the rest seemed to break down and get mixed in with the soil.
  22. Yep, I have a broody, too. Of course, this is Florida so it's probably more comfortable for her to be broody now than in the summer when it's super hot and humid. She's a hybrid and I thought they were less likely to go broody. It's been about almost three weeks now. She's sticking to her guns and I'm getting tired of fighting with her!
  23. No major problems like yours, but I did have some problems getting some of the metal brackets fastened tight to the plastic body. It might have been my lack of strength and technical prowess rather than manufacturing defects, though. In spite of a few minor assembly glitches, the Go works fine and the hens seem quite comfortable in there! I hope it works out for you! I know they were sold out a few months ago so I hope they didn't cut corners to try to speed up production to meet demand!
  24. They sometimes do that when they are feeling dominant. One of mine went broody a couple of weeks ago and her being in extra girly mode somehow made the other one feel macho and she started crowing a bit in the morning for a few days. I haven't heard her for the past few mornings so I hope she's over it!
  25. I know, but the neighbours have been promised that the crowing would be temporary, so unless I can train him to stop... And roasted silkie does sound a bit horrid Actually, silkies are a delicacy in China. They think they are more nutritious than regular chickens and help to build the blood. I've eaten a couple that I bought at an Asian food store and they taste like ordinary chicken. I don't think I could eat my own, though, if I had any! Neither of my chickens are my favorite right now as one of them is broody and this has somehow caused the other one to think that she is a rooster!

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