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  1. Zoe is my trailer park chicken, literally and figuratively! I bought her from a guy who had a coop behind his trailer! Sadie was a picky eater until Zoe came along and scarfed down anything I tossed to them!
  2. If she's not acting sick, then there's probably not a big health problem. My black sex link stopped laying for a month. Even though she stopped laying before any feathers fell, I assumed that it was due to molting so I decided to give her more protein since her feed is vegetarian. I began mixing a handful of cat food into their food bin. Well, after the first time, she went nuts and acted like a starving animal for the next few days at feeding time! Then after about three days she started laying again. My Australorp never stopped laying even though she is also molting so maybe some hens just need more protein than others. I let them free range for about two hours a day so I assumed they were catching enough bugs for protein, but apparently not!
  3. I have a similar problem. My Australorp doesn't like to lay in the nesting box. She lays on the roosting bars. My black sex link will lay in the nesting box. Whoever lays first in the day dictates where both eggs go. If it's the Australorp then they are both on the roosting bars. Every now and then one of them will kick one of the eggs into the run and I have to pull out the poop tray and get on my hands and knees to reach it! Not fun! I've thought about getting a dummy egg to encourage them to lay in the box, but I haven't gotten around to it!
  4. My guess is fowl pox (a.k.a. avian pox). My Australorp has it now, too. It is a common virus that is often spread by mosquitoes. It's generally not a serious condition and there's no treatment. It just has to run its course which takes a few weeks.
  5. I'm worried that my DH is creating a monster. He has been off work for a few days and he has been tossing the hens BOSS in the mornings. He heard Zoe squawking after Sadie laid an egg so he went out and tossed in some seed to get her to shut up. She hadn't been making noise after the other hen laid for the last few weeks so I'm wondering if she was just trying to get a treat! I told him not to reward her noise-making earlier this week, but apparently, he didn't listen!
  6. I'm kind of new to chickens myself, but those hackle and saddle feathers spelled boy to me so I was confused... until I started reading the other comments! Good luck with him/her!
  7. What do the tailfeathers look like? Are they rounded or pointed? The males usually have some pointy, droopy sickle feathers by the time they start crowing.
  8. That is great! Watch out- Omlet will steal his idea and market it to those of us without handy husbands! My hubby is really not very mechanical! He has other advantages, though!
  9. You obviously haven't seen the chicken diaper yet, then!
  10. Wow, that is a luxury chicken condo! I would love to have a setup like that! I had to replace my roo so my hen could have a companion so I ran out Sunday to buy a new hen from a guy down the road who was selling his stock. I got his black sex link so my hen would adjust more quickly, but he also had Easter eggers and I was so tempted to get one of those, too! I was afraid the run would be too small for three, though, so I passed. I couldn't justify spending $150 on a run extension for one extra hen!
  11. When I get off work. I was letting them out later in the day when it was cooler, but since it's been rainy and not as hot for the past week or so they've been fussing to be let out earlier. Last weekend, I let them out in the late afternoon and my hubby saw a hawk in the pine tree overhead as I was putting them away later. He joked that might take care of the cockerel that was supposed to be a pullet that I am desperately trying to rehome! With my luck, it would take the hen and leave the cockerel! ETA: I thought this was about free ranging. I leave the Eglu door open all the time, at least for the summer, so they can get more air.
  12. I emailed a friend who said she would take them if my neighbors complained. That's when she thought they were girls. She already has one rooster so I don't know if she'd want another! No response from her yet either! I'll try to post a photo later. I'd be happy if I'm wrong and I just have a girl with an especially flowy tail and bossy personality!
  13. So I bought an Australorp hen and a pullet last month. I chose this breed carefully because they are supposed to be quiet and emphasized to the seller that I needed females. I was told the "pullet" would start laying in August. Well, in the last week or so, it has been exhibiting some dominant behavior with the hen. At first I thought it was just challenging the pecking order, but yesterday I noticed the saddle feathers are getting longer and more pointy. I'm 95% sure it's a boy. I'm in grad school and getting to the last stressful two weeks of the semester so now on top of all that I have to rehome a roo! I feel bad about separating them because they are so cute curled up in the dirt together, but I can't have any crowing in my neighborhood! This morning, I emailed the lady who sold them to me to see if I could do an exchange, but no response so far! Just needed to vent!
  14. From what I've read, I think the main reason the Go is cheaper is because it is made in China while the Classic is made in the UK. The Go is more modular so it breaks down flat. That makes it easier to ship and that and the Cube are the only kind we can get in the US now. The Classic had to be shipped by bus which was expensive and annoyed people who had to drive to the station to pick it up, or worse, hire a delivery truck to get it. The Classic has a more funky look, like some kind of spaceship or piece of modern art! I've never owned the Classic so I can't compare their ease of use. I do kind of like the fact that the entire back wall of the Go comes off and gives you access to the interior. Also, the Go allows you to move the run door to the side if that's an advantage for you.
  15. I must admit that I don't coddle mine too much. They are Florida chickens and we have too many of these days so they have to adapt to it. I have the Eglu in the shadiest part of the yard. I put a mat over the uncovered part of the run to give them a bit extra shade when the sun does come through. I also put an additional water pan out. They like to walk through it during the hottest part of the day to cool off their feet. I let them out to free range in the late afternoon/early evening, but sometimes even then it's still really hot. It was incredibly hot a couple of weeks ago and they chose to sleep in the run rather than the Eglu. It's actually a few degrees cooler here now since it rained all last weekend. I hope it lasts a while!
  16. His gun was more powerful, though! Hers was a .22 caliber. Meh, that's just a love tap! Makes me think of a standup comedy routine that Wanda Sykes did. When she told her parents she was getting a divorce, her mother got upset and said young people get divorced too easily these days. "Heck, I shot your dad once! We didn't get divorced! He was wrong, I shot him, we moved on!"
  17. Yes, but they are marketing that as an advantage to accessing the door from the outside. I have no problem with getting to it on the end from the outside. I wasn't thinking about side access being useful for reaching more of the inside of the run when I put it together.
  18. I know what you meant about access problems! I have a Go and sometimes unhooking a mostly full waterer to change it out requires some contortions. A couple of weeks ago, I tossed a corn on the cob to the hens and they rolled it to the back of the run near the Eglu by the time they stripped it clean. I had bought a child's shovel for cleaning poop and I was just able to reach the cob with that to get it out of there! If I had any physical disabilities, I'd definitely have to come up with some modifications! Perhaps I should have put it together so that the door was on a side panel rather than the end!
  19. I think my older hen is molting. I'm not sure how old she is. I bought her and a younger one who hasn't started laying yet last month. She was missing her tail feathers and the lady who sold her to me said it was because the rooster was being rough on her. Her tail is growing back, but now her back seems to be going bald!
  20. Yes, sometimes a little too much! I love it when we get a rare overcast, rainy spell. Must be my British DNA!
  21. I had considered looking for some kind of heavy duty tarp when my original run shade wears out, but then I saw the heavy duty cover on the UK site. I thought it might be better since it is sized to fit the run and would already have the holes in the best spots. I can't imagine using a clear tarp or cover! It gets very sunny where I am, even in the winter. I'm afraid my chickens would experience sauna-like conditions!
  22. I'm curious about this as well since I've been wondering what I will do when the original shade wears out which I fear won't be long in my hot, humid climate! Sounds like the heavy duty covers are a new product so perhaps no one has had a chance to test out how it wears yet!
  23. People love to feel like they've been clever and saved money. Sometimes it borders on ludicrous, though!
  24. I am a bit concerned about raccoons, but not a lot. I know they are in my area, but I've never seen any evidence of one in my neighborhood. If we had them, I'm pretty sure they'd be breaking into my compost bin. My in-laws have lost pet birds to coons, but they live in a more wooded area. I just noticed a couple of nights ago that the hens aren't going into their Eglu at sundown anymore. I guess because it's so horribly hot now, they want to stay in the run where they can get more air movement. It worries me a little, since they would be vulnerable to coons if they rested next to the wire.
  25. I've never been there myself. Just be careful driving around the Dakotas! My parents went to South Dakota a couple of years ago for pheasant hunting. They decided to take a side excursion to Mt. Rushmore and wound up getting lost on an Indian reservation!

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