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  1. I had my first of what will be an annual MRI today until I'm 'old' enough for mammograms (I'm 32) It's all scary stuff isn't it?! It was comforting to pop on here this evening and see others have been through similar things. I've got a family history (mum & aunts) so was referred to the genetics clinic and got on to the screening program from that though we have none of the known genes. (also found a lump last year but it was fatty tissue!) I'm a bit worried about results as scared as to what they might find, one aunt was diagnosed at 30! Hey ho, hopefully its all ok, it's good that I'm being kept an eye on! Keep fighting for the screening Soapdragon!
  2. I thinks its coming out on dvd & blue-ray in September, I can't wait I've only watched half of it so far and my prime trial has run out!
  3. The River Cottage Veg Everyday and Rose Elliots Complete Vegetarian Cookbook are my two faves. The RC one has loads of variety of tasty and fairly quick options, whilst the Rose Elliot is the bible of veggie cooking, literally hundreds of recipes which sound simple but taste heavenly! I'd say these two are great for everyday cooking, for something a bit more special the Yotam Ottolenghi books Plenty and Plenty More are fantastic and oh so tasty. I love veggie food!
  4. I'm a huge fan of the books and for me the series did not disappoint!! By the end of the first episode I was hooked, the character of Jamie is really well built up over the episodes and I thought the actor portraying him was excellent. Black Jack Randall makes your skin crawl and thought he was very well acted. My only slight criticism perhaps is that Claire's accent is very RP, but as she's meant to be from the 1940s and stand out as an outlander, perhaps it was intentional. I think I watched the first 8 episodes available in 2 days! (and what a cliffhanger!) Give it a go, for the beautiful Scottish scenery if nothing else!
  5. We're all staunch Ricardians in my family so I went up today with my mum & dad and a couple of family friends. Stood for 2 hours outside the cathedral opposite the statue so had a good spot - and my dad was even interviewed by the bbc! A long tiring day but so worth it, still find it hard to believe I've witnessed all this about a man I have grown up hearing so much about. I feel very privileged to have been brought up with such an interest in this period of history so that I could truly appreciate it today.
  6. There are also little lavaes of the sciarid fly that tunnel up through the stems of seedlings and they keel over, I've lost a few plants to those this year
  7. Oh I still lurk too, just not the time these days to post much! Much love to you all, it's since I started keeping chooks & growing veg I went on to do what I love for a job have 14 chooks & two ducks now, it all started with 2
  8. Hi Claire! I usually try to hover around the forum if I can! Umm not sure about a lad though? Possibly another Lucy?!
  9. I can only echo others advise - get the business set up first. My husband and I have 3 acres and we set up a market garden whilst keeping down our day jobs and did farmers markets and veg box deliveries at the weekends. A year or so later I left my job as the demand for work on the field was getting too much, my husband was self employed anyway as a landscape gardener so he left his clients and we set about concentrating on our land. Three years, pigs, chickens, employees and a tractor later - we now run a shop from our local village - which is great, but that coupled with the land takes up ALL of our time and we really really couldn't afford to do it unless we were mortgage free which we became due to an inheritance. There are times when we think it would be nice to have a 'normal' 9-5 job with weekends and holidays again - but the lifestyle is so different and so worth it, we feel so lucky and privileged to have our own land and to feel so in tune with the cycle of the seasons To be your own boss is also worth all the stress and hard work. I wish you every success and if you have any questions please ask
  10. Just read this and wanted to add to the healing vibes
  11. I still pop in about once a week & scan the lists, hard not to when you receive such a warm & friendly welcome as a newbie. (5yrs ago!) I was a student back then, but since going into full time work & subsequently starting my own business, life just takes over I'm afraid
  12. http://www.saferfoodhandler.co.uk/index.html do a nationally accredited one, you can choose between retail, catering or manufacturing and is only £12. I'll be doing it when my current one runs out!
  13. Offered: Unopened: Organic, Pepper 'Purple Beauty f1' Out of date (July 2008 ) Pepper Sweet Spanish Mixed Opened: Tomato 'Golden Sunrise' Organic Tomato 'Harbinger' Organic Tomato 'Chadwick Cherry' Any seeds for cut flowers would be great in return, but not essential!
  14. I think cooking with winter savory is meant to help the problem, cant say I've tried it though!

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