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  1. This is the gap where the door doesn't meet the frame at the bottom of our pen. It's a 2 pin door with the pins in place properly. We have mesh skirting outside and slabs on top. We have seen online that Omlet have thick frame doors on the walk in runs. I need this type of frame around my Eglu Cube pen door.
  2. Yeah your definitely right about the electric fence. Looking into it online!
  3. Patricia W.. We have an eglu classic and the eglu cube. The foxes had been digging around the Eglu cube cage when we kept the chickens on the grass. The foxes got smarter and started digging at the edge of the skirting and underneath it. The f**ckers started to get in that way so we put the entire cage and skirts on top of a solid concrete base. They are now attacking the chickens through the bottom of the wire front door. Cat Tails.. We physically put the rabbits and chickens away in the evenings and let them all out at about 5.30am before we get ourselves ready and get to work. The foxes 🦊🦊 come into the garden during the day and night. They have caught and killed wildlife and the neighbours cats in our area. They are hungry animals needing food from anywhere they can find it.
  4. Thank you for your advice. I really appreciate it. We will definitely be looking into doing this. Hopefully it will keep the rest of our hens safe. 👍
  5. Hi can someone please give me some advice on what to do about the front wire door of my omlet Eglu. We have had two fox attacks on our chickens. My Labrador woke us up barking @ 6am . The poor chickens where screaming outside. We run over to a horror scene. The foxes are getting underneath the door and grabbing the chickens legs. They are pulling the leg under and eating the chickens alive while the poor things are pinned to the wire bars. We have moved the whole cage onto concrete, slabs around the wire skirt, changed the door for a new one. The foxes are still getting under the door. It’s heart breaking I can’t keep these animals safe.
  6. Hi i have been to the shop and brought my eglu classic from there. Really nice friendly and helpful staff. It took us 2 hours to get there but worth every penny in pertol! Hopefully we will get a cube delivered next year after christmas
  7. Hi im suzie and im new to eglu`s and chickens. I have worked in kennels also two pet and wildlife rescue centres and im now a landscape gardener and love being outside in all weathers. I love all animals and plants. I have 3 dogs, parrot lovebirds, rabbit, fish indoors and outside and now looking into keeping pet chickens. If anyone has any good advice on eglu cubes and how to keep chickens i would love your advice. Thanks xx
  8. Hello Thanks for the replys. Our plan A was to buy the chicken eglu classic for 3 chickens to start with as we have never kept chickens before. When we got it home and set it up the eglu was a much more safer place for the rabbit to live in as the old wooden cage was on its last legs. We went to see a some breeds of chickens recently and my partner agreed they could get addictive and knowing me being an animal lover i would want more. So the eglu cube would be ideal or get a couple of eglu classics. I just read a few bad reviews on the cube and wanted some positive advice. Thanks xx
  9. Will they make new pet eglus for parrots and dogs kept outside while people like myself work 9-5pm???
  10. I brought a chicken eglu a few months ago because i wanted chickens in the near future. My old wooden rabbit pen was rotten and falling to pieces so i moved my bunny into the eglu for now and taken out the bars in the eglu. Problem is bunny has set up home and sleeps in the hen nest area and enjoys looking out at the world in the new eglu home. I really want 4 chickens so is it a good idea to buy the eglu cube? and does the cube leak when it rains??
  11. Will they make a new one for dogs and birds kept outside or indoors?
  12. hi will there be any new eglus in the future for dogs kept outside while peolpe are away or at work and also to keep parrots outside too?

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