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  1. Who'd've thought 1 symptom could have so many different causes, be easier if they could talk and tell us what the problem was! The vet's given me some tylan today so hopefully that'll work and she'll start showing some improvement. I'm going to move the others to a different part of the garden too, as the vet couldn't rule out that it could be something toxic they've picked up. Thanks for your support, I'll keep you posted with how she gets on.
  2. Thanks for your suggestions Beantree. Took her to the vets today, he gave her some antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory injection and told me to isolate her. He's going to speak to the lab tomorrow to see if they have any ideas and if it comes to it, and they can't save her, they'll do an autopsy to get to the bottom of it and see if they can save the rest of my flock. Not looking forward to the next few weeks of chicken keeping!!!
  3. 3 weeks ago I noticed one of my chickens had a swollen face, on both sides. I took her to the vets and over the course of 2 weeks she had parasite treatment, 3 lots of antibiotics, an anti-inflammatory injection and a steroid injection. Unfortunately she kept getting worse and in the end both vet and I decided that it was kinder to have her pts. She wasn't showing any other symptoms, no wheezing, sneezing or discharge from her eyes or nose. The vets were at a loss as to what was wrong with her but didn't think I should isolate her as if it was contagious it probably would have spread to the others already and would most likely stress her out more. That was 9 days ago and with no signs of anything in the rest of the flock I thought she was a one off. Until this morning that is! i've just noticed that one of the others now has a slightly swollen face, just on one side. Has anyone ever experienced this before and if so what type of treatment, if any, did you find successful? I'm really worried now that I'm going to lose the rest of my flock and I'm totally at a loss at what to do. This is a pic of my girl taken this morning
  4. Here's my lovely gifts, thank you Easter Bunny they're gorgeous! A lovely pin cushion, a pretty bracelet (perfect colour) and an egg box wrapped in ribbon. This is how pretty the box is And inside are three beautifully decorated egg and three yummy creme eggs!
  5. Hi Tara. When I had my Omlet WIR I always left the door open and do with my Go and Classic when I've got them set up with their runs. I never had any problems and lived in a town with a very large fox population. Hope that helps!
  6. My friend sent me this today and I just had to share it with you all! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=497278033728057&set=vb.100003375936936&type=2&theater
  7. I've posted and received mine! Looking forward to opening it on Sunday although I've already had a little squeeze sorry
  8. Thanks for the advice all. I'll keep persevering with it outside, one of my other cats is very lazy and I'm sure she doesn't leave the house when the trays inside!
  9. So I finally gave in and added a new kitten to the household! He's now 6 months old and going outside as and when he pleases using the catflap. My question is how do I get him to stop using the litter tray? I was hoping he'd follow the other cats lead but he was just coming back in to use it and then going outside again I've now moved the tray outside permanently but he's still using it. I've had cats for years but they've always arrived as adults so this is all new to me! Of course I wouldn't dare and not add some pics so here's Artemis At 9 weeks just after he arrived Meeting the chickens for the first time And now at 6 months, a little big bigger and still some growing to do! He's not as grumpy as he looks in this pic!
  10. I moved about 18 months ago with 6 chickens and two WIRs. I dismantled the runs, 1 wooden and 1 omlet, a day or two before hand and let the girls free range. I'm lucky that I have a classic and a go which meant that I could diamantle the cube the night before moving and they still had somewhere to sleep. The hardest bit was catching them again in the morning to put them in a cage! Once at my new place I used the small coops and let them free range until I had time to put everything back together again. If you don't need to dismantle your cube to move you should be able to do something similar. Good luck!!
  11. Can I join please? I haven't done one since last Easter! I'll send my details
  12. Wow Chickvic that is amazing! Well done
  13. I had an araucana who got a wonky wing. I never knew what had caused it and it didn't affect her general health or laying. The vet was at a loss also and we tried a few steroid injections which helped keep it in place for a while but it would always droop again and she didn't regain use of it. Eventually we decided that the best thing to do was amputate as she kept standing on it. She lived quite happily with just one wing and even used to still try and fly sometimes! Hopefully it won't come to this for your hen but I'd be inclined to visit a vet if she isn't right in the next few days.
  14. Hmm, that's a difficult one! How many do you have at the moment and what breeds to you have? Could one of the others go in with her? How long have you had her? It can take quite a few weeks for them to accept her and she might always be bottom of the pecking order so as long as they're not drawing blood you could just bite the bullet and leave them to it. If you really want to get some more then normally it's recommended that you have at least three in a flock so although it's not quite the same I might be tempted to go for two extra. That way if do they stick together as a mini flock and anything should happen to one you wouldn't be left with one girl on her own. Hope that helps!

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