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  1. Me too! When can we open them? It's like waiting for Christmas, I keep feeling the parcel to see if I can figure out what's in it Am nervous though, hope my omleteer likes her gift
  2. My araucana is around 12 months old, she has a lovely red comb, spends a lot of time in the nest box, is very vocal and has been crouching for weeks. I had almost given up hope of her laying as all the other girls who are roughly the same age have been laying for months but she finally laid her first egg last Sunday So far she had laid 5 out of 6 days. They are beautiful and worth waiting for She'll probably surprise you any day now!
  3. Mine do that and I thought they were purring too! One does it when she's having a particularly nice dust bath
  4. I had a lovely morning yesterday at a jewellery workshop with my Mum. We each made 2 pairs of earrings, a necklace and a (half finished!) tiara. It was great fun, all the materials were included, we had tea and biscuits and the 3 hours flew by. Even though I promised myself I was not going to start a new craft as my new sewing machine and quilting fabric still haven't been unpacked I came away with all the equipment and lots of beads! Guess what family and friends will be getting for birthdays/christmas from now on?
  5. My parcel arrived today Not opened it though, wasn't sure if I was allowed to yet Not quite finished mine but it will be done and in the post by Friday I promise!
  6. Yeah, well done that girl First ones are always exciting (although I love finding every one )
  7. After all the different runs/coops I looked at I finally decided to go for the Omlet WIR and a second hand classic. I finished putting it all together yesterday and she's made herself right at home in the I collected from a lovely omleteer! She even laid me an
  8. Fizz, my araucana, has finally laid her first and very beautiful it is too! That's a full house, just got to figure out what I'm going to do with all the eggs now
  9. I bought it on Saturday even though I promised myself I wouldn't! I also promised myself that I would only buy the first one because it will cost soooo much to buy it every week but.....I saw the bits you get next week and the week after and I am tempted! I have no will power
  10. Hi, I haven't actually used these http://akpoultry.com/ but I did speak to/email them when I was looking for my first chickens and they were very helpful. If they're not too far away you could always go and check them out. The only reason I didn't use them in the end was the distance. Good luck with your search and let us know how you get on
  11. Hope you feel better soon Tigerlily. The weekend wasn't so good for me, my resolution not to have dessert on friday went out of the window and lots of cocktails and wine were drunk! I have painted my outside walls and done some house work though so I've been quite active. I am back on track now, for the moment. It'll be cottage pie for tea tonight but I'm going to Edinburgh for 3 days tomorrow. I guess all the walking will counteract some of the food and drink I'll be having!
  12. That's awful!!! I was going to buy one of these (hope it wasn't my post that made you get one ). I also spoke to the guy about how easy it was to put up as I would probably have to do it by myself or with the help of my elderly father. He said it was a 2 man job but that it was easy to do! I decided against it in the end but only as I didn't like how it looked. I ordered the Omlet eventually, it comes on Wednesday.
  13. Only if you promise no more gardening! I'm trying to do more baking, I have to take it into work so I don't eat it all myself! I'm not that good really but they all seem to appreciate it Here's the fish pie recipe, it's a bit fiddly but tastes lovely! 1kg potatoes 596ml fish stock 1 onion, peeled and quartered 2 bay leaves 5-6 tbsp chopped parsley 198g frozen peas 198g can sweetcorn, drained 2 lvl tbsp veg gravy granules 1 egg beaten 800g fish - they suggest white fish and prawns but I used cod and salmon (what ever is on offer!) Oven; 200C/Gas 6 Cook the potatoes and mash using 100ml of the stock. Keep warm Place the fish in a pan with the remaining stock. Add the onion and bay leaves, bring to the boil. Reduce the heat and simmer for 8 - 10 minutes. Lift the fish on to a plate and strain the stock into a jug to cool. Flake the fish and place in a baking dish. Scatter over the peas, sweetcorn and parsley. To make the sauce return the stock to the heat, bring to the boil and cook for 8-10 mins, stirring continuously. Add the gravy granules, stir and cook until the sauce coats the back of the spoon. Remove from heat, season and pour over fish. Top with the mash and brush with beaten egg. Bake for about 30 minutes. Enjoy!
  14. I've got a lovely SW fish pie recipe, I'm sure there's some veggie ones too. I'll have a look and post in the morning. I'm not going to say what I had for dinner and I'm going out tomorrow night for drinks and dinner so not getting off to a good start, but I'll pick healthy of the menu and no dessert Ooo, just remembered I have some homemade soup in the freezer. I'll get in out for tomorrows lunch and it'll be either weetabix or porridge for breakfast. That should make up for the bad evening I'll have!
  15. Thanks all, I think I have finally made a decision! I am going to get the cheaper metal run and roof it using sheeting, tie wraps and batons. I'm also on the look out for a second hand . (Thought I'd found one but like all good deals it's already sold!) The cost of the two will be less than the Omlet WIR My will then become the hospital/integration wing it was supposed to be! Fizz is in the standard run at the moment and doesn't seem that bothered to be honest (a new run is more for my benefit than hers really) but I don't think she's all quite there in the brains department. She launched herself out of my arms yesterday, which is not very clever as she only has the use of one wing! Needless to say she went down like a brick and landed nearly upside down Luckily she didn't hurt herself but I don't know who was more shocked, me or her!
  16. Can I join too please? I do Slimming World on and off but it should be more on and this will give me some motivation! My niece is getting married later this year and I could do with a kick start for that, I'm fed up of looking horrible on photos! I'll get my Wii Fit out too!
  17. Ooh, that does sound good! I've had my bread maker a while now but have only ever used the packet mixes Think this will be my first 'proper' loaf
  18. I was thinking along the same lines as that's how my other run's roof is done but I couldn't figure out how I would attach the batons. Just reading your post I had a flash of inspiration I could use tie wraps?!!
  19. Thanks all. They will tanalise it for not much extra, so it wouldn't need maintaining too often. They will free range sometimes but they often have to stay in for 3 or 4 days without it, so I really want something I don't feel guilty about leaving them in. I thought if I made it 2 m wide it would't be that much smaller than the Omlet. I already have a and a I can't afford another, besides they're like hens teeth up here! (sorry! ) After having back surgery last year I need a WIR, don't think I'd manage a cube run very well. I keep going back to this http://www.pandtpoultry.co.uk/product/categoryid/10/productid/2137 but I'm not sure how I would cover the flat roof. How would I make it so that the water ran off? Arrgh, it's too complicated!
  20. So I am still looking for a new run! I very nearly ordered the Omlet WIR yesterday but I just couldn't press the purchase button, I was getting palpitations I have just found http://www.gardenwoodcraft.co.uk/chicken_coops/chicken_coop_ch06.htm. They will deliver and build in Scotland which is a bonus and make the run any size. It would be about £100 extra to make it 2m wide. How many do you think I could fit in the run if I didn't make it wider? It is for my araucana and I like to get her a friend (maybe an orpington or 2).
  21. I do feel lucky. When I first got the girls one of them turned out to be a boy. I was really panicing about it but my immediate neighbours loved it when he crowed and wanted me to keep him! They actually helped me re-home him to their friends farm because they didn't like the thought of what the breeder would do to him anymore than I did.
  22. I was out cleaning the run this morning when my 'bottom of the garden' neighbour called to me. We haven't met before and she wanted to say hello and how she loved hearing the chicken noises! It was such a relief to hear this as they are very loud when they do the egg song and I was worried that they were disturbing everyone but she said everyone loves them as it is like being in the country. I thought that was lovely of her and it really made my day. How does everyone else answer when you're asked how many you have? Today my answer was "6, at the moment". That's got to be standard hasn't it?
  23. Very strange today, 1 , 1 and 2 ! Someone's (Bollie I think) eggs have changed colour overnight
  24. Cristal finally laid her first egg yesterday, it took her hours but eventually she produced a lovely big ! She has already laid again this morning but the egg was slightly paler, a pretty . It was very exciting getting 4 eggs yesterday, I just need Piper to start laying again and Fizz to lay her first. She's been crouching for what seems like weeks so it can't be long until I can add to my collection

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