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  1. It's beautiful up here today and has been for the last few days! The sun is shining and it's blue sky all the way. It's chilly though, much colder than it was on Saturday when I was out painting the sheds!
  2. Thanks Olly. I did wonder if the grub was a little too high so I've lowered it and they do like to stick their heads through the netting to get to the grass so I guess that could be causing it too. They quite often stretch too far through and get bit stuck!
  3. I've just noticed that 4 out of 5 of my girls have developed a small bald patch on the front, right hand side of their necks! I can't tell if the other one has it or not as she is just coming out of a moult. The last couple of mornings when I've been out to them they have all been out of the run, this has been at 6.15 so is still dark! I checked the coop for nasties with the torch but couldn't see anything and they are happy to go in in the evening. Could it be that they're all having a mini moult in exactly the same place even thought 3 of them are in lay and are early birds, or could there be something sinister going on? Thanks
  4. Thanks, I'll give it a try
  5. Thanks! It's already got potato in though, do I add another one?
  6. I've just made some bacon, lentil and vegetable soup and it's way too salty. I haven't added any but I'm thinking it has come from the stock and bacon. Is there any way to take the saltiness away or am I stuck with it?
  7. Fingers crossed you won't have to wait too long for the scan. Hope the tablets help and make sure you take them regularly. (Don't mean to sound bossy I know it can be tempting not to take them if you think they're not helping)
  8. Sorry to hear you're still suffering I totally sympathise with you, hopefully your GP will be able to help. The xray may not have shown anything if it's a disc problem, you might need an MRI. In the mean time look after yourself and try not to do anything that makes the pain worse. xx
  9. Wow, that is . I want to be one of your chickens, they have a great home!
  10. CanIjointooplease? (had to say it very fast before I change my mind! ) Must be mad, I've left it to nearly the last minute and have absolutely no idea what I'm going to make!
  11. Me too! I started off with this, run too small? Then this, too big. I feel like Goldilocks looking for the 'just right' run!
  12. I received a very quick answer this morning; The door 'hole' is 55cm wide, which isn't that much narrower than the door on a standard run (60). I think it looks narrower because the frame of the door itself is quite thick. The mesh is 5cm x 5cm, the run on is about 7cm x 3cm I think (it's hard to measure in the dark!). I'm guessing the WIR is the same? So not much difference just a different shape. He said the gaps around the door are smaller than the mesh but they do look bigger on the corners. I'm thinking if the door can open inwards I'd put link-a-board around it and over hang the roof covering which should cover the gaps. All in all I think it's looking a pretty good option at the moment. Just have to wait for payday now
  13. Thanks Redwing, you've made some really good points I hadn't thought of! I've emailed the company for some measurements (mesh, door gaps) so hopefully they'll get back to me in a few days. I hadn't thought about getting the coop in to it! The door's only 500mm wide which is narrow but I think I could cope with it for everyday use, I guess that it may have to be built round a coop though.
  14. In my never ending search for the perfect new house/run I have come across this.... link I've been coveting the Omlet ones but they are out of my price range so this could be ideal. It's slightly larger than Omlets and would fit perfectly in my space! I could put my in for the time being then get a raised coop in the spring (when I may add to the flock ). What do you all think?
  15. My lovely sweet, cute little Nala has just brought me a lovely present in the form of a mouse! Unfortunately it was still alive when she let it go. There then followed something from a Carry On film which entailed me trying to catch it in a dust pan (who knows why I thought that was a good idea! ) and it running trying to run up my leg! It eventually escaped under the washing machine and is still there now. Goodness knows how I'm going to get it out now, guess I'll have let nature take its course and let the cats do their job. Serves me right for trying to rescue it!
  16. That sounds very reasonable! Do you have a link to it by any chance? It seems near impossible to find a good quality wooden coop that doesn't need a mortgage to buy it!
  17. Thanks Plum. She seems quite happy, pottering round. I got one of the cats litter trays and made her a dust bath and she loves it She's crouching now too so hopefully she's going to lay soon! I've just found this http://www.pads4pets.co.uk/epages/es112520.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/es112520_shop/Products/%22Cambrian%20stand%20run%22 which I think I'm going to get. It's much better quality and British made too. Not sure if it would be big enough for a couple of orpies too though!
  18. I'm looking at getting a second WIR as permanent home for my injured chook, Fizz. At the moment she is living in the Go with 2m run which is supposed to be for intros/sick bay. I only have a small area, 6 x 8ft, and have been looking for an all in one run/coop for up to about £300 and am really struggling! I'm not planning on adding any other birds at the moment so she would be living in there by herself. They all seem to have either an ok sized house with a small run or a good size run with housing for 10 birds. I did find this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CHICKEN-COOP-HOUSE-RUN-WALK-IN-FULL-HEIGHT-RABBIT-NEW-PISCES-SEVILLE-/160665158976?pt=UK_Pet_Supplies_Poultry&hash=item256863c540#ht_1959wt_1189 which is the style I'm looking for but I just know that this will not last. Anyone have or know of anything which might suit (and which can be delivered to Scotland!) or am I looking for the impossible? Thank you.
  19. My cats favorite game is King of the Hill, usually at about 3am!! It consists of them chasing up the stairs, into the bedroom, on to the bed, using me as the 'hill' then back down the stairs. They do this over and over until I manage to make myself heard over the racket they are making! Love them to bits though
  20. Hi, I have the 12 x 6 version The cube isn't attached at all, it just sits butted up to the side. It's so heavy and didn't budge in the high winds we had recently. It was fairly easy to put up. The only thing I would say is that there's probably not enough screws supplied. I ended up buying some self tapping super strong ones as the holes aren't pre-drilled so they're a pain to screw in. I'd check how much cheaper it would be to supply your own sheeting for the roof too. They sent the wrong size with mine so I got my own replacements from B&Q and the quality was much better. One other thing to think about is that the cube ladder doesn't fit so you'll have to have something else for them to use, I've got some decking tiles. All in all though I'm pretty pleased with it.
  21. I got one of these as my Secret Santa (my friends know me well! ) and once they stopped being scared of it my girls loved it!
  22. Erm, just one thing Cheeky Chooky, what happened to this..... http://club.omlet.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=85210
  23. Hmm, was it that obvious? Your girl has really been through it hasn't she, poor thing. Glad she's doing ok. Ok, so the plan of action is; Give fizz something to play with. Get a new run sorted. Then decide whether to get new girls or not. Thanks!
  24. Thanks mum. She can see the others (she shouts at them a lot!) and they fr together, mostly on different sides of the netting but sometimes together. I'll probably get another wir for her anyway as the go is supposed to be the hospital wing not a permanent home. It must be very boring for her, she spends a lot of her time sitting in the coop, peering out through the door. If I got 2 new girls would they be likely to gang up and pick on her? I just want her to be happy, she's not really had a good time of it since I got her and she's very sweet if a bit scatty! (and I would love an orpie or 2 )
  25. I need some advice from all you Omleteers please. I currently have 5 girls living in a and WIR and one girl, Fizz, living by herself in a She has a damaged wing which now looks like it won't heal. She's seems quite happy but I'm sure she'd be better with a friend. I don't think she can go back in with others as, although they are fine if they manage to get to her side of the fence, they are very aggressive to her if she goes into their run/area. (She was in isolation before her wing injury as the had pecked all her tail feathers out and made her bleed! ) I'm thinking it would be easier for me and much more pleasant for her, if I bought another small WIR. The question is would it be ok to introduce another girl to live with her? My garden can't really take anymore than that and the others are a unit now and I don't think moving one of them would work for either of them. As she is quite skittish I thought maybe something laid back like an orpington would work (plus I always wanted one ). Thanks all.

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