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  1. Wow! That is impressive, I'm very You have a beautiful flock, all your girls (including the very cute new ones) are gorgeous and very colour coordinated!
  2. Yeah, that's good news! Just to echo ANH, take care of yourself.
  3. So sorry to hear this, I know what you are going through. When are you due for your scan? Please don't let my story scare you but this is what happened to me; I injured my back last year and ended up having an emergency operation to have a disc removed followed by 3 months of work. My problem was at L4/5 and one of my symptoms was loss of sensation although I had it from my buttocks all the way down the back to my toes. I also had severe shooting pains down my legs too which the pain killers (Diclo) couldn't touch. My GP sent me for a scan but the hospital decided I didn't need it and sent me home, they thought it was sciatica. My bowel and bladder then stopped working a couple of days later which is what eventually sent me back to A&E. This time they took it seriously and I was operated on that night. Please, please don't let this scare you!!! I just want to get across the importance of getting a scan. If I'd have pushed to have one on the first visit they would have operated sooner. As it is, 9 months on I still have nerve damage in one leg and loss of sensation in both. Please make sure you get scanned asap and if you get any other symptoms go to A&E. Hope you feel better soon and take it easy. xxx
  4. This happened to one of my girls, slightly older than yours, she looked like a naked neck at one point! After some research I put it down to her moulting as her comb has gone pale and she stopped laying at the same time. She hasn't really lost many from anywhere else but generally looks scruffy.
  5. Lovely girls and set up. I'm very of you having a cuddly girl, most of mine don't let me near them never mind have a cuddle!
  6. Aw, lovely girls Looking forward to seeing Rose and Eva.
  7. Thanks! I do! I'd only had them free ranging a week before I bought some netting. Doesn't stop them escaping over it everyday (usually 2 or 3, sometimes all 5, in synchronized flight!) but it has saved the grass!
  8. There's been lots of pics lately so I'd thought I share some of mine. Hope you like them Group shot with Piper looking very shabby in the neck area, mid moult! VC saying hello. She was bitten by a fox but is fully recovered and laying again Chrystal showing off her lovely green sheen with Tatti in front. Fizz with not very much tail after the others decided to peck it all out. She is now in isolation with a damaged wing. That's Bolli behind her, my other layer. Nala the cat keeping an eye on them all!
  9. Aw, sooo cute! I am getting serious 'new chicken' envy at the moment Everyones new girls are looking fab, think I'm going to move next year so that I can fit more in!
  10. Wow, they are gorgeous! And what a beautiful garden. I'm very , orpingtons are top of my list for when I can have some more girls. I really wanted to go to the show but have been working all weekend, probably a good job as I'm sure something would have sneaked into my car and come home with me
  11. We had lots of those Top of the Pops albums too, I even had a Top of the Tots! It had Long Haired Lover, a couple of Wombles songs and Paper Roses on it among some other great songs of the early 70s. My Mum and Dad had a strange collection including Money M, Cliff Richards and the sound track to Jesus Christ Superstar! The first I remember buying for myself was a tape: Bat Out of Hell, I've no idea what year it was but I still love it now!!
  12. I have an Australorp and she is a beautiful looking bird. I have her since August but she hasn't started laying yet so I can't comment on egg production, it is supposed to be good though. I do have to warn you that she can fly higher and further then any of my other girls despite the fact that she's the biggest by far! She was escaping the netted area a few weeks back and went straight up instead of forwards and landed on the 6ft fence between myself and my neighbour. I had a heart stopping moment when I didn't know which way she would go when she obviously decided that home was much nicer than the neighbours garden and jumped back into the chicken area
  13. Hi all, My araucana is still living in the hospital wing by herself and still has a droopy wing. She's been to the vets a couple of times and they are quite sure it's not Mareks. They have ruled out a break or dislocation and think it is nerve damage. On her last visit the vet gave her a steroid injection and hoped that there would be some improvement as she has pain feeling in it. Just over one week on there isn't any change. I will have to take her back early next week and know I am going to have to make a decision on what to do. The vet I see has over a hundred birds herself so is very good with chucks and she did mention amputation. She also has a goose who had the same problem but now lives with it's wing strapped up and she it cleans it to stop maggots .But it now lives with her sheep instead of other geese. There's also the third option which make me too sad to think about. Fizz is healthy in every other way; eats, drinks, has dustbaths and is constantly wanting to go back in with the others. She doesn't like to be handled though and I have to strap her wing at night or I can't get near her. She is still young (about 9 months) and hasn't started laying yet. Sorry for the long ramble but I really don't know what to do for the best. What would you do?
  14. My friend was telling me about this today. She had heard it on the radio and said she wouldn't have been surprised if she'd heard my name as the owner!
  15. Me too. I've got a and wanted a as a hospital/introduction wing. I couldn't afford a new one so was keeping an eye out for a second hand one. They don't come on the market very often up here so when there was a chance of getting a I went for it. It was only 4 months old, so practically new, and came with some link a board and others extras. It was a bargain price of £200! I didn't think I would use it very often either but it's been used as a hospital ever since I got it home. Omlet are selling on Ebay now and sometimes they have reconditioned or returned eglus on there, it's worth checking them out.
  16. I like Nails Inc, they do a great range of colours and last well. Always use a base and top coat too, I know it seems like extra time and effort but it really does help the colour last.
  17. Thank you! Thought she would be but it's nice to have a bit of reassurance.
  18. I know this question has been asked a million times but as I have a lone girl in isolation in the I am worried that she would be too cold as the weather for tonight is not looking good, windy, wet and cold! I always leave the door open so the girls can get themselves up in the morning but I have been closing the Go door as Fizz is on her own following a tail feather plucking incident and now an injured wing. For purely selfish reasons (my one and only party of the season! ) I was planning on not being here in the morning and was wondering if she would be ok if I left it open tonight? I can come home if it's not a good idea or I could move one of the others in with her although the vet did recommend I keep her separate as she has her wings taped together at the moment and would likely be picked on. Thanks!
  19. I've been here, it's fab! I was going to recommend it but couldn't remember what it was called It has a great atmosphere and the cocktails are great. It's a beautiful room too. You can eat there but you have to book so we just waited for a table in the bar to become free (whilst having a cocktail of course) and had some nibbles. It's very popular with NYers for after work drinks so does get very busy. Definitely worth a visit!
  20. She has't started laying yet, but has been spending a lot of time in the coop. That could be down to the horrendous winds we've got again today though
  21. Oooo, so , I love New York! Another vote here for The Empire State at night and can definitely recommend the Rockerfeller Centre during the day. A great touristy thing to do is a helicopter trip, if you get a clear day it's wonderful flying over the city and Central Park. And I have to agree with Redwing, you can't beat NY cheesecake!
  22. Thanks Plum. I did some research on Mareks and it seems to be in very young birds and affects the legs as well so I'm hoping it's 'just' an injury. If there's no improvement tomorrow I'll make another trip to the vets.
  23. My araucana has a droopy wing! I noticed on Saturday that one of her wings was slightly lower than the other. Yesterday when she came out of the coop it was dragging on the floor! It did get a little better through the day and today it is still very low. She is eating and drinking ok and seems fine otherwise. She is on her own at the moment as she had her tail feathers plucked out by the other girls last week. I tried to examine her yesterday but she really doesn't like to be handled, I could move her wing and it didn't seem to distress her, and I've been giving her some arnica. Any ideas what it could be? I'd really like to get her back in the WIR with the other girls but don't want to put her or the others at risk. Thanks!
  24. I have a flock of 6 girls and none of them are laying. Only 2 have ever laid since I got them but they have both stopped recently (moulting/stress of fox). Until this morning that is! Bolli, my Scots Dumpy was acting strange this morning, in and out of the nest box and making a racket. I just went to check and she's laid me a lovely I think she overheard me ordering some fr eggs from the butcher
  25. Thanks for your advice. I was so shocked when I saw the state of her, I'm glad I was home early enough that they hadn't gone to bed otherwise I don't know when I would have spotted it. I've just checked on her and put some of the powder from the vets on. I couldn't see any wounds as such so I'm hoping the blood is from the feathers being pulled out and not from torn flesh. It's been a bad couple of weeks; first the fox attack, she's just gone back in with the others, and now this! I'm glad I managed to get hold of a second coop, just wasn't expecting to use it so soon!!!

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