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  1. Panic over! I have just put up the and run I bought yesterday, managed to finish before it was completely dark. The pecked girl is now isolated on her own and the vet is getting me some powder to treat her.
  2. Help! I have return home from work to day to find that my araucana has had a lot of tail feathers plucked out and has quite a nasty wound which the other girls are now pecking at. I have sprayed her with anti-pecking spray but it doesn't seem to be stopping them. I don't have any other first aid items at the moment, is there anything I can use as a stop gap to help her until I can get something sorted? Thank you!
  3. Thank you She has just had her staples out and the vet is very pleased with how she's healed. She's fr with the others at the moment and the bullying's not too bad, she can move a bit quicker now and keeps out of their way. Think I'll keep her in over night until I pick up the , they all sleep in the nest box and I'm not sure her leg will take the pushing and shoving that goes on to get there! I'll definitely try vaseline on her comb when I have to shut her in the run with them. A big thank you to everyone who has offered advice and support, it's wonderful to know that there's always someone here to help
  4. I did get slightly worried at one point as they were following her across the garden towards the door I didn't really have much choice! I did put my foot down when she was eyeing up the kitchen worktops I know! I think she can only see out of one eye it's that big. Makes it too easy for the bully to grab hold of though. I've just managed to secure a secondhand so by Monday she'll be able to sleep outside whether she likes it or not and I'll have my spare room back at last!
  5. This is VC my leghorn who was attacked by a fox a couple of weeks ago. I think she's getting far too comfortable! She's doing really well and has been out a few time. There has been a bit of bullying from one particular bird though, she's had her comb pecked a few times and actually drawn blood. She spent most of today outside fr with the other girls but come bedtime she wasn't interested in the coop and has come back inside! She's back to the vets tomorrow to have the staples out so hopefully she'll feel even better and might feel up to the bedtime jostle!
  6. Thank you Seems like my tilers decided the best way to keep the plinths in place was silicone! Looks like I'll be getting the stanley knife out.
  7. Ok, VC now has a house mate (Tatti) who is busily kicking as much sawdust out of the crate as she possibly can! I managed to get some arnica pillules, will they dissolve in warm water and how many do I put in? Sorry for all the questions! (I also have a wild bird stuck under the kitchen units! The cat brought it in and it's managed to get through a tiny gap in the kick boards, which are siliconed in place. No idea how I'm gonna get it out )
  8. It was on the news this morning that thousands are without power. I feel very lucky that we seem to have got away lightly in this little corner of Scotland: I've lost the felting off the shed roof and next doors fence has been blown over but other than that all is good. It has just started snowing quite heavily though, hope it doesn't stick!
  9. Just taken VC to the vets for a quick check up as she was very pleased with her progress. The wounds are looking good and are nice and clean. I made up some porridge this morning, warm water with baytril, pellets, a little spice, a few bits of corn and topped with mealworms, and she loved it, emptied the bowl! I'm going to bring one of the others girls in later, would you bring her in full time or just for a few hours each day? Thank you for all the advice, it's great knowing that I have somewhere to turn to in times of crisis!
  10. I hadn't thought about doing it that way round! Only problem will be catching one of the others but I'll have a go if it is going to make VC get better sooner. Arnica in water? I was going to the heath shop to get a gel to put on her leg! I take it you can get drops too? Will there not be too much in the water; Baytril, nutri drops and arnica, or does it not matter?
  11. Thanks for the advice Dogmother. I've ordered some drops, hopefully they'll be here by Saturday and I'll get some arnica tomorrow. She's only limping a few steps at the moment then lays back down again, would you recommend putting her in with the other girls for a little while everyday until she's well enough to get up into the cube or would you wait until she's a bit more mobile?
  12. Thanks Alli, That's what I thought, but it's hard not to worry! The other girls are out in the 80mph winds and hale, she's got to be warmer than them!! She's much the same really, eating and drinking a little and moving round the cage a few times each day. She must be very sore and her foot looks a little bruised today so it's not surprising she's not wanting to walk much. She hasn't drunk as much today so I'm not sure she's getting as much Baytril as she should. I'm thinking tomorrow I'll maybe try some 'porridge' and put it in there instead.
  13. Hi all, As you may have read in my other post one of my girls has been attacked by a fox. She is now living in the spare room until she is strong enough to go back to the run (fingers crossed). I turned the radiator down in that room as I didn't want her to overheat but now I'm worried that as she doesn't have the other girls to snuggle up to she may be too cold, especially during the night. Should I turn up the heat, give her a hot water bottle or leave it as is? Any advice greatly received! Thank you, Andrea
  14. Thank you. Although she's not moving round very much she is eating and drinking, she even laid an egg this morning!!
  15. I am, they arrived tomorrow. The 3 panels plus the skirting are £50 and you have to speak to Omlet directly as they're not available online. The space underneath will come in handy and luckily my WIR has a little door just for this purpose! Update on VC; she has been eating a little today,is trying to walk and getting vocal. I was sat with her earlier and I thought she was coming to sit next to me but she was actually heading past me wanting out of the cage! She's been out of the run for 2 days now and I can't see her going back for a while, when she is fit enough will I have to do a full introduction with her? What have those of you who have had injured birds done? Thanks Andrea
  16. Thank you for the kind words everyone. She was very thirsty this morning and drank lots, I had to refill the bowl twice. I'm hoping she'll eat something too as she just had a few mealworms yesterday. She also stood up which I'm taking as a good sign. To be fair she did do it so she could turn her back on me but I'm not taking in personally!
  17. Thank you. It does in deed! I have spoken to Omlet and they were very shocked. They don't actually sell all 3 panels only the back one but they have organised a set for me (£50!). I did suggest that it be made available on the website for people who only buy the cube and they agreed so hopefully it'll be on there soon.
  18. Egluntyne, I bought a stand alone cube as I have a WIR so it didn't come with the run surround. I shall get on to Omlet though and see if they can sort something out for me, it would certainly have stopped this from happening.
  19. Sorry for the long post but what a horrible night I've had! I was woken at about 2.30 to the most awful racket, my first thought was fox, my second was it can't be the chickens, they're safe in their cube, my third thought was it's got one of the cats! Anyway I flew down the stairs and out the back door in my dressing gown, nearly falling over both cats in the process so it wasn't them making the noise. All was quiet when I got out side but as I walked down the garden a fox jumped up onto the wall and ran away. I went down to investigate and couldn't see anything wrong, the cube was all fine. I hung around for a bit then went back into the house. Watching from the door I saw the fox come back again, so out I went to chase it off. Down by the cube one of the girls was making a horrible noise but I couldn't understand why. I looked round more carefully and found to my horror that there was a leg hanging out of the drainage hole under the nestbox!!! I went into full panic mode, I didn't have a torch so had to go back to the house to get one but was scared of leaving in case the fox came back to have another go. It did come back but luckily it stayed on the wall. The nest box was full of chickens so I didn't know which one was injured, the all just laid there blinking at me. I shoved the ones I knew it couldn't be on to the roosting bars to make some room and eventually figured out it was my leghorn. So I got myself prepared to take her out of the coop, get a box ready and something to block the hole to protect the other girls and I find that her leg is well and truly stuck and won't go back into the coop! Back up to the house again to get some vaselene. It was the only thing I could think of and luckily it worked. With a bit of pulling and tugging and worrying that I was going to break her leg and she was free. I left her in the box in the house until this morning when I could take her to the vets. I wasn't sure if she would still be with me this morning but she was still alive so I took her as soon as the vets opened. She has a really nasty bite at the top of her leg, especially the arm pit. But the vet cleaned her up, stapled her and gave her anti-biotics and a pain killer and she's now back home. We don't know yet if she'll have nerve damage or will be able to walk again. But it's early days and for now she's in the hospital wing (spare room) and I've got everything crossed. I feel lucky and unlucky all at the same time, the first thing the vet asked me was how many did I lose. But to get an attack through that tiny gap?! And what if it'd had ripped her leg off?! For those of you who allow their girls to sleep in the nest box like I do, please be careful and get that hole blocked up. I was using a piece of a kneeling pad, there's a litter tray in there now and it's staying!!!
  20. Ooo, I like it! And the Dust and perchery station!! They are a lot of money though.
  21. Thanks CC. I don't think she's supposed to be that colour! If you read up on colouring the white ones should have no black in them at all, now that mines finished her mini moult she has even more speckles and a black stripe around one side of her neck. I don't mind at all though, I think she looks pretty
  22. Rachelk that's lovely! I feel your pain, I had a go at stained glass early in the year and I found it very frustrating although the outcome is great. This is my project, I have no idea what to do with it now though and it lives wrapped up on top of a bookcase!
  23. Thank you! I'd love to have a go at needle felting, I bought Kirstie's book and I also fancy having a go at making bath creamers and bombs but I'm enjoying doing my paper crafting and have just bought new stock plus I'm in the middle of a knitting project so I'm not sure I could start anything else at the moment!!!
  24. I've been making christmas cards (a bit late I know!) and a birthday card.
  25. Well they've finally done it! All 6 in there tonight It's very windy and I leave the door open so it could be that it's too drafty in the main part of the coop. I'm worried now that if I do find a way of stopping them sleeping in the box they'll be uncomfortable if I don't close the door!

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