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  1. They crow on the second morning of being in their new home!!! I was just woken up by something crowing, it stopped when I went down to them but I'm assuming it was the Araucana. Guess I'll be taking another trip today and swapping him for a her. Hopefully they'll meet me half way as it's a 3 hour round trip!
  2. Thanks all. I got them from Doune Traditional and Rare Breed Poultry. I think I have names sorted, I'm going to sleep on it and decide in the morning Plum, I have wondered that myself (the tail feathers?) but I hope we are both wrong as it's not what I wanted and I don't think my neighbours would like it! I'm hoping John from Doune would be able to tell the difference and the boys they did have were a lot bigger than my bird. Wouldn't it have started crowing by now, it is 19/20 weeks old? Fingers crossed it's a girl!
  3. I've just used Allbed to cover the floor in my 12 x 6 run which I believe is similar to hemcore. I bought 4 bales and didn't think it would be enough but I actually only needed 2! This has given a covering of a few centimetres and I may add a third bale to give a little more depth although it's not really needed. So for a run your size I would say 3 or 4 depending how deep you want it. Hope this helps.
  4. Thank you! No names yet, I have a long list and now need to decide which name goes with which hen. It's even harder than choosing the birds themselves!
  5. Here are my new girls They are about 19 weeks old.
  6. Finally got the run finished this morning so this afternoon I took a trip and picked up my first girls! I came back with a white Scots Dumpy, a black Australorp, a lavender Araucana, a brown Leghorn, a cuckoo Maran cross and a Wyandotte/Araucana cross. A completely different selection to what I set out to get but they're all so pretty and, fingers crossed, I might have two blue egg layers! I'd had them home about an hour and they all put themselves to bed in the without any problems. Not sure the cats are so happy about them being here though! I'll post pictures in the morning
  7. Thanks, you've both confirmed what I was thinking. My heart was saying Orpington, my head was saying get ones you can go see and pick! The countdown begins, 3 days to go!
  8. Hi All, Nearly there now with my WIR, just the roof to go on, so am starting to organise getting some girls I have found a supplier who has all the breeds I would like inc. buff orpingtons, but they are delivering so I won't get to see the set up or pick the chickens. They are AK Poultry in Aberdeen, has anyone used them, know of them? Any feed back would be great. My other option is Doune Poultry. They don't have orpingtons but do have australorps which I like the look of and I would be able to collect from them as they are not as far away. Choices, choices! Any and all thoughts welcome! Thanks, Andrea
  9. That looks fab! Hinging them is a great idea too, I'm going to steal it if that's ok?
  10. Thanks CookieMonster that's good to know. How have you done the mezzanine levels? It's something I'd like to do but am not sure how. Fluffy Chick the cochins look lovely! Do their fluffy feet make them more difficult to look after? Have just had it confirmed that my run's coming on Tuesday, can't wait!
  11. Thanks for your welcome everyone. I hadn't thought about getting two so thanks for that bit of advice CookieMonster and for chicken village Redwing. That means I'll have to rethink my other choices now! I have been advised that 6 girls in my 12' x 6' run will be ok as they will be free ranging for some part of everyday, if I go for 2 orpingtons should I reduce the number as they are so big?
  12. Thank you for your replies. They are beautiful! You have convinced me, I shall keep looking until I find one. If not near me then at least in Scotland! I'm very excited and can't wait to get my run set up so I can bring some girls home.
  13. Hi all. I've finally done it! I've got an empty cube sat in the garden waiting for the WIR that is being delivered early next week. Now I need some help with filling it! I've decided on a combination of hybrids and pure breeds and had my heart set on one of them being an orpington. I thought I had found supplier nearby but they no longer do them as they don't lay enough eggs. Do those of you who have them agree with this? Are they good for a first time chicken keeper? Does anyone know of anyone who supplies them in Scotland, I'm just south of Glasgow. Thank you!

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