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  1. Thank goodness for a happy outcome Shirl! I moved the two older ones in with the other three last night and all seemed peaceful this morning when I let them out. Will have to see if they'll put themselves in the right coop tonight! I did have a shock when I got home today though. There is blood all over the big birds coop ramp! Took me ages to find which one is injured but it's Lucky the cockerel. He's somehow got a small injury to the side of his neck. I'll have to wait until bedtime to check him out and clean him up so fingers crossed it's not too bad!
  2. Thanks Shirl. They are roughly the same size apart from the silkie who's a bit smaller but with 3 strapping orpingtons and a welsummer cockerel she always will be! Think I'll move them tonight and see how it goes.
  3. I've currently got two sets of chicks aged 9 and 12 weeks old. The youngest ones mum has finally decided to sleep back with the big girls so I was wondering if it would be ok for me to start putting the two sets of chicks, 5 in total, in together at night. I'm guessing they won't go in with the big girls for some time yet? Thanks
  4. We could have a Scottish Omlet meet just to see them all!
  5. Wow! Only just seen this, what a lovely surprise and what gorgeous pics So very cute. I would be inclined to agree with the others re the breeder, I wouldn't have thought she would have a claim now. Thank goodness you rehomed Annabel when you did!
  6. They are beautiful! Here are my two (with a laced one in the background). They are 4 weeks old today and look like scruff bags It's hard to believe they'll grow into such big girls (hopefully!)
  7. Hi All, I'm actually looking for advice for my neighbour. One of her Aylesbury ducks is sitting and she (the neighbour) has no idea what to do. She (the duck!) is in the house she shares with the drake and the other female and the house sits next to the chicken coop. Can she just leave her to it there or does she need to move her so that she is separate? Thanks
  8. How lovely! I've wanted Orpingtons since day one and after struggling to find any up here I finally hatched some out. I've now got three 3 week old chicks: 2 lavender and a laced. I'm just hoping they're girls! Looking forward to seeing pics
  9. Thanks Andrew! Your chicks must've looked funny with the broody, mines a big wyandotte cross and there doesn't seem to be much room under her with the 3 chicks she's got. They still squeeze under her though!
  10. I think I've found a home for one of my cockerels and I was wondering when he could go to his new home? They'll be 6 weeks old on Saturday and look like little chickens now not chicks One of them is even crowing already!
  11. I've got both a classic and a Go being used as broody runs at the moment and as a forst time hatcher they've been great! I would've thought they would be too big to fit through the run by now but I have put some link-a-board around the bottom which helps with that worry and also gives them some wind break. Food wise I bought some cheap plastic feeders/drinkers which have worked fine I guess you could used dishes if you didn't want to buy anything new but you may want to raise them up of the ground a bit as they would probably get stood in/knocked over. I was worried about integrating the chicks into the flock so I moved the eglu into the main chicken area for about a week before letting them out. This gave them all chance to get used to each other without fear of the chicks being attacked and it worked pretty well, they've all ignored each other for the most part. They were about four weeks old by this time. Hope that's helped and good luck!
  12. Did the breeder have a cockerel? It sounds like damage from being tread, my girls have the same from where Lucky has got 'lucky'! If this is the case they'll grow back eventually.
  13. Thanks sjp. I noticed before they went to bed that two of them were like it but when I let them out this morning they were all fine. I guess they are just greedy babies!
  14. Hi all, I've just noticed one of my week old chicks has a really big crop. I've not noticed it in any of the others before and it wasn't like it this morning, is it something I should worry about or wait to see if it goes down? Thanks!
  15. Oops, sorry have only just seen this! I got it from here. It comes in lots of lovely colours and although it's quite expensive it is an extra wide roll so you don't need as much.
  16. I thought it was the wrong colour too so I sent the picture to the breeder thinking it was a buff but he said it was silver laced. Not sure he even has gold laced ones so it will be interesting to see what it turns out like!
  17. After Pipers disappointing hatch of only 3 out of 8 eggs with no Orpingtons I got 6 mixed Orp eggs for Cristal who, luckily, was broody. She hatched 3 little bundles of fluff on Weds/Thurs and here they are; I think there are two lavender and a silver laced. Hopefully there'll be a better girl/boy ratio this time, two of the last hatch are definitely boys!
  18. I've just come across this and this on ebay. I love the style of them but the price!
  19. Was very disappointed for a second, it's not on BBC2 Scotland at 9pm. It is however on at 1120pm! There's a follow up on Friday at 10pm.
  20. One of the joys of being single; I can do what I want! Wow! I'm loving the cow wall. You've got me thinking now, I've got a soft spot for highland cattle and I'm trying figure out where I could fit them in!
  21. A bit of a random post I know but I just wanted to share the fruits of my labour from this afternoon. I just know you'll all appreciate it! My newly decorated kitchen And a close up It's called 'Pure Breeds'. Think I can spot pekins and maybe a brahma no idea what the others are though!
  22. Pipers chicks are now 3 weeks old and I can't believe how much they've grown! I've got a feeling that at least two are boys, the other's a silkie so it could be a while until I know about that one. This little one loves hitching a ride on mum!

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