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  1. Oh what a shame you only got two girls. From the 3 that I hatched I think that I have 2 boys so I know how you're feeling. I've got 6 LF orpies due to hatch on Thursday and I'm keeping everything crossed for some girls.
  2. Oh gosh, so sorry. That's really horrible and very scary to think they knew what you had!
  3. I've taken the decision to remove the remaining eggs as the were all sloshy But here are the three lovely chicks I have a welsummer, a black silkie and I think the other is a home grown GL orp x australorp. Does anyone know if the welsummer is a boy or a girl? I may need to get a better picture of its eyeliner! Unfortunately the orpingtons didn't hatch, which are what I really wanted. Fortunately Crisatal is broody so I may just have to get her some orp eggs
  4. Woohoo, Piper has three lovely fluffy chicks I'll get some pics once she lets me see them again! Question is what do I do with the remaining eggs? When I checked on her just now see wasn't sat on a couple of them (there's four remaining) so I shook them very gently and the definitely sounded a bit sloshy. I'm guessing that means they're not going to hatch and I should take them away? She tucked them back under her so she's still wanting to sit on them.
  5. Eek! Just went to check on the mum to be and there was half an empty shell next to her Couldn't see or hear any chicks so I'm just going to leave her to it. It's so difficult trying not to peep
  6. Thanks mimi5. I'll keep an eye on her over the weekend and look at taking her to the vets next week. Hope Florence is ok!
  7. Hi all, I'm after a bit of advice please. One of my girls has a very dirty bottom and I can't figure out what's causing it. I gave her a bath just yesterday and by this morning it is just as bad as it was. It looks very wet and I've noticed her doing a couple of what looks like just water poos today, although she's done normal ones too. I examined her yesterday and there's no sign of lice/mite eggs on the feather shafts and her skin looked fine, not even red. They were wormed with flubenvet about a month ago, she's still laying and doing chickeny things things and the others all seem fine. Any thoughts/advice would be gratefully received, thanks
  8. Thanks Andrew. I'm slightly concerned now as when I got home today she wasn't sat on a couple of the eggs and they were cool. I did the clean out and she's back on them all but I've no idea how long they were left. Just have to wait and see what happens now and keep everything crossed It's very stressful this hatching business!
  9. Pipers first hatch is due on Saturday so the countdown has started! The non-slip mat has arrived so I plan on putting that in tomorrow afternoon after doing a final clean and I'll also be making a trip to the feed store to pick up chick crumb. I'm going to put link-a-board round the bottom of the run later in the week and I might move the whole thing slightly so it's on fresh grass that hasn't been broody poo'd on! Just a quick question; when should she be in lockdown from? Should I just leave her to it after I shut her in on Thursday? Friday is day 20. Piper has done really well but we did have a bit of a set back last night. When I went to open the coop and check on her this morning she had broken one of the wellsummer eggs. I didn't examine it too closely but it was definitely fertile. 7 eggs left though so fingers crossed they all make it.
  10. Thanks Redwing. I've just swapped them out while Piper was on a break. She is now sitting on two welsummers, two buff orps, a legbar, a black silkie and two home grown: leghorn and australorp x GL orp bantie Due date is 18th May.
  11. Wow, well done everyone, what great losses we're all having
  12. Thank you! This is an old photo taken on the day I got them I think. They're a lot bigger now, they look tiny there. The lavender was beautiful but turned out to be a cockerel so didn't stay with me for too long!
  13. Thanks both. I'll remove the two she's sat on now when I give her the others tomorrow.
  14. Wow! What a fab bargain you got You'll love it. Top tip; it's far too small for 3 bantams
  15. Thanks Andrew, that's what I thought. I can always stick a couple of the other girls eggs in, they're all laying at the moment so wouldn't be a problem.
  16. Piper my aruacana/wyandotte cross has been sitting on a couple of eggs now since Tuesday. She's doing really well, getting off the nest a couple of times a day for food and to poo. I've just received some others eggs for her to sit on which won't be able to go under her until tomorrow morning as they need to rest for 24 hours. Is the time between the two sets going to be too much? Should I remove the original two or is it ok to leave them? Ideally I'd like to try and hatch them if I can as they are from my own cockerel and hens, they'd be black australorp x gold laced orp bantie and one of Piper x with the bantie. Should be pretty birds!
  17. They are very sweet! One of my girls is sitting at the moment, very excited
  18. I used these http://www.omlet.co.uk/shop/chicken_keeping/eglu_runs/499/run_skirt_square_-_pair/ One is just wide enough for a standard Glug/Grub so you only need to buy a set. If you use the super Glug you'll need to hang it across two. I just screwed a couple of cup hooks into the kick board and hung them from there or if you need them higher I tied a couple on with garden wire.
  19. Weigh in this morning and I've lost 6lbs! Not sure how I managed it and I'm sure it's a fluke but it's certainly made me want to stick with it. How's everyone else getting on?
  20. Bit of a cross over post here so hopefully it's in the right place! All of my girls have mucky bottoms, ranging from a little to a lot. I've checked two of them this morning and I can't see any signs of lice/mite eggs and they were wormed with Flubenvet two weeks ago so I'm a little confused as to what could be causing it. Could running with a cockerel cause it? They didn't have one before I got him, he doesn't have one and his favorite is the worse. (She needs a bath really but far too cold in this wind.) The other issue is that I've been waiting for a broody and finally this morning I think Piper is stuck to the nest I managed to check her vent feathers before she pecked my fingers off and she's only a little dirty with no sign of creepy crawlies but I'm wondering if it's ok to let her hatch without knowing whats causing the mucky bums? I've got the ready for her and I'm planning on moving her into it tonight so she'll be separate from the other. Any advice would be great
  21. I wouldn't worry too much about being so precise, just keep her in there until she looks like she's back to normal. I had a serial broody last year and she had to spend 7 days in the cage before she gave up!
  22. Fab idea I've done that in the past too!
  23. I had salad again last night and I have to admit I was hungry for the rest of the evening. I shall be better organised on Friday, my next fast day, and cook something instead. It's too easy to make mistakes with prepacked food!
  24. I tried this a month or so ago and was finding quite easy until I realised the lovely pre-packed salads I'd been having were 270 cals for half a pack not the whole thing! It sort of put me off as I didn't think I'd be able to cope with eating even less than I had been. I've been reading this topic though and I feel motivated again! I've downloaded the myfitness app and am planning on doing a fast day today. I lost about 12lb last year doing Slimming World and, although I've more than that to lose, I felt so much better. I've managed to put it all back on and I'm hoping this and the fact my niece gets married in August will be the motivation I need to get the weight off again. Good luck everyone!
  25. Sorry for the delay in giving my thanks and posting pics , I've only just had chance to catch up. What lovely gifts everyone has received! We are a clever lot I received a beautifully wrapped crocheted wreath, it is gorgeous and will hang in my craft room along with last years crocheted chicken! The outside paper also had these stamps on! Lovely wrapping paper ; And finally the beautiful wreath (with a little fluffy easter chick!); Thank you Easter Bunny!!!

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