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  1. Mine arrived during the week while I've been away! Very excited, I can't wait to open it, it's got little chickens stamped on the wrapping paper
  2. Oh yes, I forgot to update! The insurance company finally saw sense and paid up! Had to send lots of pics but they sorted really quickly in the end. Hasn't made too much of a difference to my premiums either. I've now got an auto door opener attached to the cube without a run and I managed not to cut any fingers off while I was making it! It works really well for me and the girls, they get to free range all day every day and I don't have to worry about letting them in/out (I'm a shift worker).
  3. Thanks Mimi5! Was just looking at the quail edging and they now sell a small bird/chick pack which includes it! It's for the classic but I'm sure it would work for the Go and I can use the chick base in my classic when they get older. Perfect! Just got to wait for Cristal to go broody now! Very excited I will try and re-home any boys. My neighbour has a friend who is willing to take some so hopefully it'll all work out.
  4. Sent my address too. Better get on with it now!
  5. Hi. I have decided I am going to hatch this year using my very broody australorp Cristal. I was planning on using the and run but I'm a bit worried that the cats would be able to get to the chicks through the mesh. They're not interested in the chickens but I'm sure chicks would be too much of a temptation! I do have some link-a-board which I could put round the sides for a bit more protection but would it be enough? My other option is to buy something. I don't want to spend too much so if anyone can recommend a coop/run that would be great. Thanks
  6. Just came across this coop Don't know how practical it would be but I thought it was funny! You'd hatch an egg every morning
  7. Ooo, not noticed it before either! Spooky as I was just thinking it would be good to have a like button the other day! I have like it too
  8. Oooh very exciting! What a fabulous idea, wish there was someone near me who I could do the same with. I'm dying to hatch but don't know what I'd do with any males! Good luck.
  9. It's still ongoing. Originally they said it wasn't covered because as it's not a permanent structure it's classed as contents. Contents aren't covered for storm damage if they're outside! I argued that it was too big to ever fit inside and that a shed would be covered so why not the run. The answer; because you can take it with you if you moved. My response; just like you could with a shed! They finally admitted that it wasn't something they had come across before and couldn't visualise what I was talking about. They have given me a claim number and I am sending photos and details to them so they can assess it. I'm not planning on replacing it, it just too windy where I am. The girls now have a feed shelter and I've just bought an automatic door opener which I'm going to put on the Cube in the next few days. I do have another Omlet WIR which I'm planning on using for ducks in the spring, they don't need cover so there'll be nothing for the wind to catch hold off!
  10. Ooh, sounds lovely! I'm hoping to have ducks later in the spring. You do know it's compulsory to show pics don't you? Please!
  11. Thanks all, he is handsome isn't he The name Trevor made me chuckle. I'm a big fan of the Big Bang Theory so I was thinking Leonard. Then when I get my lady orps they would be Penny and Amy. I originally was going to call him Sheldon, but, for those of you who watch it, you'll know that would probably give him a complex! Yes, it's a proper full on crow and pretty loud! He was having a crow off with Monty next door earlier and he wasn't going to lose!
  12. This is Lucky, he's a gold laced bantam orpington. I picked him up on Monday from a lady who sadly had a fox attacked and was left with two cockerels and not enough girls. Not sure what the girls think of him yet, I don't think he's managed to introduce himself properly yet, if you know what I mean All my girls are LF and I was a little worried with him being a bantam but he's about the same size as my largest girl and it doesn't seem to be an issue. He was hatched last year and is settling in really well, he's not bothered by the cats or next doors barking dog. He looks lovely roaming round the garden with his little flock and I love hearing his crow. It's quite high pitched compared to next doors massive wyandotte cockerel They've already met through the fence, there was a little bit of chest fluffing but they generally ignored each other. I'm not sure he suits the name Lucky, it doesn't seem manly enough! Any ideas?
  13. Oh gosh, she is gorgeous! Me too I've been toying with getting a kitten to go with my two but having seen how territorial Phoebe is with my neighbours cats I'm not sure it's be a good idea
  14. Thank you! It has certainly given me some ideas. Now just to borrow some power tools and try not to cut any fingers off!
  15. I was just about to post this! I have ordered my very spoilt chickens the large one How did he do this? Any chance you could post some pictures (maybe in another thread) please? I've been racking my brain as to how it's possible!
  16. You must be a mind reader, I have just been searching the net for the very same thing! It looks fab, is it the small or large one?
  17. So sad Sounds like she had a lovely retirement with you. x
  18. Thanks for all your kind words The girls are all perfectly fine today although when they went to bed last night all 5 of them squeezed in the nestbox together which they don't normally do. The Cube was nearly on it's roof yesterday and two of them were trapped under the roosting bars with the others sat on top of the bars (think reverse chicken sandwich!) so maybe they were thinking the didn't want to be squished again! It may be that some of the run is salvageable, but I'm worried that as some of it is very bent even if I tried to straightened it it wouldn't be fox proof anymore. The insurance company are coming back to me on Monday. I'm hoping they'll help in some way, it was a WIR with two extensions, a cube run and a classic run so it's a lot of money to replace everything!
  19. Thanks everyone. Luckily I do have great neighbours, they will let the girls out and shut them up if I'm not around when it's dark until I get them sorted. Plus I'm only working 4 days in the next 3 weeks so I'll be around and hopefully will be able to get something new set up! It's not looking so good with the insurers though, the claims dept. said I wasn't covered. I've been in contact with the insurance company and they say they don't cover anything animal related! I definitely had a conversation with them previously as I wanted to make sure everything would be covered and was told all the eglus etc were, so they are going to listen back to the phone calls to see what I was actually told. Fingers crossed I was mis-sold and they'll be able to do something for me
  20. We haven't had any snow up here but apparently it was very windy last night. I got woken up by a text from my neighbour saying the wind had got my run. I flew out of bed and was greeted by this sight (taken after the rescue mission); To say I was in a panic is an understatement I was dreading getting into the coop as I was expecting the worst but luckily all the girls seem ok. With some help from my lovely neighbours and their builders It's now upright but the run's a total right off. I'm just hoping the insurers will pay out I'm going to have to totally rethink how I keep them now as I don't think I can risk another Omlet run. Possibly electric fencing and some sort of automatic door opener. I was planning on going to the Scottish National tomorrow to get some new girls but I'm not sure I can now
  21. Can I join please? I haven't been able to do one since last Easter, I've been very jealous seeing everyones lovely gifts plus it'll help get me back into crafting!
  22. I actually wouldn't mind a cockerel, my neighbour has two and I quite enjoy hearing them crowing. No, I'm not showing. As beautiful as my girls are they are not show quality! Thanks!

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