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  1. Thanks Laurmauf, fingers crossed there'll be what I want! Have we met?
  2. Tickets!? I was just planning on paying on the door! Do I need to contact the venue directly? I've just checked their site and it's actually showing the show dates now but not much else, they haven't been on there before. Maybe I'll give them a call, they should be able to help with a catalogue too.
  3. Hi All, I'm very excited to be going to the Scottish National in a couple of weeks time and I'm looking to add to my flock, hopefully some orpingtons and maybe silkies! It would be great if any of you more experienced show goers could give me some hints and tips on how it all works and what I need to look out for. Also, I've done lots of searches online but I can't find a list of poultry for sale or even a show itinerary, can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks Andrea
  4. Not quite the last one Chrissie, I have only finished one side! I will finish it sometime soon! I would also like to learn how to quilt, I bought a new sewing machine last year and I have the material so I've no excuse really.
  5. You could try siliconing it. The only problem you might have is getting it to set in this cold weather. Or as a temporary measure you could try some duct tape. I've used some to repair one of my tarps and it's holding up pretty well!
  6. Thanks, it is pretty special. I spend a lot of time looking out of the windows!
  7. Hi all! Not been on here for a while, moved house back in October and only just got internet access. I thought you might want to see the lovely new chicken paradise my girls are now living in This is their extended WIR. Both the and are attached to it giving them lots of room, it sits in a fenced off chicken area. Thats Tatti on the table. The girls enjoying some free ranging in what will be the vegetable plot in the spring. I'm down to 5 now as Fizz the one winged wonder sadly died a few weeks ago. I'm planning on increasing the flock next month with a visit to the Scottish National! A couple of the views from the decking out over the chicken garden and next doors lovely flock of chickens and ducks. And one not chicken related but it makes me smile, Phoebe enjoying the underfloor heating in the kitchen!
  8. I wouldn't worry about other forums saying it's barbaric. They're much better than the damage that could be done! I had one on one of my girls for a few months and it didn't bother her at all but it did stop her feather pecking. It's just fallen off recently and it looks like it broken the habit Your girls will soon settle down and not even notice it's there, and hopefully no more pecking
  9. Thanks all, some great advice given as always! I've only got 2 cat carriers and the cats will need those plus my girls are so big I don't think even one would fit! I'll crate them up as late as I can, I think I might be able to have them free range for the last couple of days which will make it easier as there won't be the added complication of a run to dismantle. I'll be able to keep them contained in netting so there won't be a 'carry on' moment of me chasing them around the garden! It's only 20 mins away so not bad at all, hopefully without too much pong! Might persuade my parents to take the girls in their car I don't know how everyone who has moved further and with 30+ birds coped Not cheeky at all Mauchline will be my nearest village, about 3 miles away and Kilmarnock the nearest big town, about 5. I'll post some photos once I'm in and got the internet again, could be 4 weeks!
  10. I've finally got the sale of my house and the purchase of my new property tied up and I will be moving next Friday! I'm going to be in the country and have a lovely large area just for the chickens (and any extra I might get in the future plus ducks of course ) I've got a plan to dismantle the two WIRs during the week and use the and with their runs for the last couple of days here and the first couple at the new place until I can get the WIRs back up. What I'm not sure of is how best to transport the girls and I'd love your thoughts please? To actually move them I've got a few choices; two wire dog crates, a couple of large cardboard boxes or I could use the coops. But when should I put them in to transport them? Do I do it the night before? They're going to bed about 6ish and I probably won't be able to let them out until about 1pm. Or do I crate them up about an hour before leaving? Thanks!
  11. How exciting for him! My niece (21) went out to Adelaide for 12 months at the beginning of the month after finishing her degree. She looks to be having a great time (been to Ramsey Street already ) and Facebook is great for keeping in touch
  12. I've got a petporte model and love it. I went for it as my cats were also losing their collars all the time and the magnets are not cheap to replace! I have found that microchips can move and Nala's is now round the side of her neck not at the back so it's not read as easily. She has learnt to listen for the beep and moves her head until it goes off then she knows she can get though She's as clever kitty
  13. I went to collect the eggs this morning and found the usual in the nest box; a broody Cristal (4th time this year!) but I was not expecting what I found in the . A frog! Laid out on its back! I've no idea where it could have come from, I don't know any neighbour who has a pond and it definitely wasn't there when I shut them up for the night. At least they hadn't tried to eat it
  14. Glad it has finally arrived! Don't think mine came with instructions but it was quite simple in the end. You just screw the sides together, the small triangular pieces are for the tops of the sides to make the roof slant in whichever direction you like. I think there may be some batons too which we used across the top of each set of two panels to make them sturdier. I hope that all makes sense! The roof panels didn't come pre-screwed either but they where pretty easy to attached and we didn't have any breakages. You might need to put some extra batons on the roof though, just give some extra support. If the pop hole is half way up the panel it sounds like possibly he's sent you one for a cube. You could try raising the eglu up on something then you still have it on the outside. Looking forward to seeing pics once you've set it up!
  15. I've wondered what they are too! They don't seem to have a purpose other than to fill with bedding that you can't sweep out They also stop you from hanging the door the other way so that it opens inwards which would be handy. I agree about the locks, they could do with a redesign. It's a pain having four, I guess they think a fox couldn't open both on the bottom door, so maybe something a little more substantial and only one on each panel would be good Saying that, I do love my run and have just ordered a second one and 2 extensions to replace my wooden one!
  16. They are so cute! You have got me looking to see if I could fit a couple of micros in when I move to my new place
  17. Hi Teresa, welcome to the forum! There's lots of info on here about worming and most (all!) people would recommend using Flubenvet as the treatment. You can buy it ready mixed in with Marriages feed or as a powder which you have to mix with their feed. http://www.sprcentre.com/Poultry-Wormers By the way, pictures of your girls are compulsary you know!
  18. You stole my question! I too am moving soon and I have no idea how I'm going to move the chooks. I've two WIRs and have no idea how I'm going to manage the logistics Just wondering what your plan for the move is counturchickens?
  19. Glad to hear she's doing well! It took my girl a good two weeks to be well enough to go back in with the others and a while longer to be back to her usual mad self so it does take a while.
  20. That wouldn't have surprised me quite as much!
  21. So there I am enjoying 10 minutes in the sunshine before I have to be at an appointment so I think, I'll grab a sandwich. Quick trip to Greggs and I'm the proud owner of a lovely chicken roll. Two quick bites and just lifting it up to my mouth for another when I feel a strange flap at my hair and the next thing I know my sandwich is gone and all I'm holding is the wrapping! It was snatched away by a huge gull! I was gob smacked, I've never seen anything like it. Serves me right for not following my Slimming World plan
  22. Wow, sounds like a lovely place and it's just up the road from me I would love the contact details please. I'm moving out to the country in October and will be able to increase my animal count We need to see pics of your new ducks too of course!
  23. The original place you got your ducks from doesn't sound very nice I'm hoping to get some ducks in the near future and will be looking for a reputable breeder so I'm very interested in your update. (I saw your post on P.P and was waiting to see if you got a reply on there )

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