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  1. Glad it's not just me! I had to google her, she's the woman who thinks all women hate her because she is so attractive to all men! I have that trouble as well don't you know
  2. Set up Cube attached to 6 x 12ft WIR on slabs, 3 x 6ft shelf and large branch. Easibed on floor, sawdust in nest box/poop trays Hanging feeder, honeypot drinker 4 chickens Eglu classic on a table in 2 x 2m WIR. Easibed on floor, sawdust in nest box/poop trays grub and glug 2 chickens Both runs have a small, netted, free range area and the coops are left open year round unless weather is extreme. feed Layers pellets, currently trying Garvo but use what I can get at farm/pet store Have a selection of supplements inc. AVC, garlic powder, poultry spice which I have been using regularly. Also put out a bowl of oyster grit. Occasional treats inc. Garvo chicken treats, corn, mealworms and a selection of fruit/veg. daily Check for eggs, fill feeders and drinkers as required. Poop pick/refill nest box as required, add red mite powder if new sawdust added Cleaning Weekly or when needed; Empty poop trays, clean roosting bars, wash feeders/drinkers Monthly; Dismantle coops for a full clean and dusting with red mite powder, clean/s"Ooops, word censored!" tables/shelf and rake over flooring (inside and out), sprinkle with sanitising powder. Quarterly (ish!) Replace flooring. Worm and treat for lice/mites. M girls don't particularly like being handled so I tend to leave them to it and react if I see something wrong. I've had my fair share of drama in the 12 months I've had them but they all lay regularly, even Fizz the one winged wonder , and seem happy enough so I must be doing something right!
  3. That looks really nice! I thought about the solway coops but have to admit to being girly and liking the colours of the Omlet houses better Your pekins are beautiful, gorgeous colours, I might have to add them to my list of must haves!
  4. Hayleybug, the best advice I can give is not to plan anything around the delivery of your run! I had the same issues last year with mine. The quality is good once you get it but the customer service definitely leaves something to be desired. When I finally got mine it had the wrong size roof panels and rather than wait for him to send replacements I bought some myself. I got refund eventually, it took about 3 weeks I think. Saying that, I am pleased with the run and the girls like it too!
  5. I've a subscription to Practical Poultry, it does have some interesting articles but as Olly said it's not really aimed at back garden keepers. I got a really good deal which is why I keep it but I probably wouldn't otherwise. I pick up Your Chickens when I see it in the supermarket but come to Omlet when I need info!
  6. Sorry to hear about the attack, hope Pip is doing ok. When one of my girls was attacked an Omleteer recommended using arnica to help with the bruising and soreness. You can get little pistules which look like little pearls and she should just peck them out of your hand.
  7. Ooo, how exciting! My cube just sits pushed up to the run, it's not attached at all. It weighs a ton and even with the high winds earlier this year it didn't move an inch. Here's a close up, it forgotten how clean it was when I first got it. Doesn't look like that now And Piper's a lot bigger!
  8. Glad I could be of help! Wish there'd been an offer on when I bought mine, very
  9. Just noticed the whole range is in the sale! They're a great price now for anyone thinking of buying! Tempted to get an extension, even though it won't fit, 'just in case' Ooo, and it's free delivery!!!
  10. How cute! Love the little cheeping in the video, it's so sweet
  11. Wow, there's been some fantastic postcards made! I didn't have time to do this swap (I put my house on the market, sold it and found somewhere to move to all in the space of 4 weeks!) but hopefully I should be able to join in one soon. Definitely the Christmas one if not before.
  12. I made this to take to a bbq today and it went down a storm, along with my first ever pavlova. It was extremely easy to make and looked stunning, thanks DM
  13. It was my 40th last year and, like Space Chick, I went to Vegas. It was fab, I went to see Matt Goss and spent an evening thinking I was a teenager again! I even got to meet him and got a kiss on the cheek 'swoon'. I also had my picture taken with the lion cubs at the MGM and got to shake David Copperfields' hand during his show. A quick stop in New York on the way home for some shopping (Jimmy Choos ) and I couldn't have had a better birthday!
  14. I've let her back in the coop for tonight, she only shares with fizz who likes to sleep outside so there won't be any argy bargy. I always feel guilty caging them up and this is her second time this year.
  15. Hello, and welcome! Your girls look lovely What a shame about your neighbours! I'm not sure the max height a fox can jump but I know they can definitely get over a five foot wall which is what they do to get into my garden. Better to be safe than sorry, I would say don't free range when you're not there.
  16. This is Piper, who is in full broody mode! As well as trying to make herself look like a turkey she also makes a noise like a dinosaur! She's not happy as the is closed so she has now planted herself in the dustbath. Think I'll be getting the broody cage out later
  17. How scary for you! There seems to be a lot of daytime attacks at the moment, glad your girls had a screaming banshee looking out for them! Hopefully Attie will be ok.
  18. How horrible! The same thing happened to me not long after I got my cube and chooks. http://club.omlet.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=84158 Luckily I was woken up by the noise and managed to rescue my girl. She was injured quite badly but has made a full recovery. When I spoke to Omlet about it they were shocked and hadn't heard of it before. I purchased the bit of run which goes round the cube, it's not on the website you have to give them a call. Hope your remaining girls are ok.
  19. Luckily I didn't have to go down the bathing route; the sun came out for about 30 mins and she found a nice spot to sunbathe. She dried off pretty quickly and after a bit of preening and shaking she was as good as new!
  20. At 2 in the afternoon as well!! Hope Morag is ok.
  21. Thought you might like to see a pic of Fizz after she'd enjoyed her dust bath this morning.....or should that be mud bath?
  22. She looks lovely! I'm sooo of your orps, they are all gorgeous! I will have some one day, and silkies and brown eggs layers and more araucanas and leg horns
  23. Oh no, hope she's ok , let us know how she's doing.

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