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  1. My sweet little GP Ginger had a stroke during the night and passed away this morning. Unfortunately I wasn't with her when she died as they are both away on their hols. We were supposed to be going away ourselves but it has been cancelled at the last minute so I was going to pick my girls up this evening and bring them home to their piglu, but I'm too late for my Ginger! A very sad Mum Ginger RIP
  2. Hi Thanks for the warm welcome and the advice; I'm off to get some corrugated plastic. My girls seem to have taken the move without a hitch, I secretly watched them earlier running in and out, having a wail of a time. Phew! When it was time for bed I threw a load more hay so they will be really snug now. Thanks again Jo Rosie Ginger
  3. Hi I've just set up my new Eglu today for my 2 babies (Rosie and Ginger) and I'm a little bit nervous. Will they be warm enough at night and what happens if it's raining during the day - has anybody on the forum divised a shelter system for the front entrance, so the rain doesn't drive in? I know you most likely think I'm potty but I'm not normally like this. Once they've settled in I'll be fine but it's just the uncertainty right now. Rosie Ginger

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