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  1. I now have hobbies! it is a recent thing (December) when I finished a second Masters whilst still working full-time. Reading lots and keeping chooks are total necessities, not hobbies though Since Christmas I have tried: Candle-making, Scherenschnitte (german/dutch paper cutting), dress-making, and knitting. During my next week's leave I have lined up: chalk-painting, crochet, linocutting, more scherenschnitte, more dress-making, more candles (this time with proper wicks), some applique and maybe some knitting. I blame Pinterest... I am not terribly good at any of these, but after years of studying continuous, my family now call me the Hobby Lady or the Crafty-So-and-So! I am really enjoying doing lots of things to relax, and it is a good way to fill the weeks until it's time to start digging over the veg beds . Lucky I have some feathered friends to help with the digging
  2. I don't know if this is normal (hopefully someone with more knowledge will answer that for you!). We have lots of moulting going on, and some of my girls pull lots of the fluffy feathers out as part of their preening beauty routine. We have one in particular who loves the dustbath, and you can tell when she's been in as it is full of feathers. When I cleaned out the WIR this morning, there were more feathers than sawdust - I would have thought they had cannabalised one of the flock given the amount of feathers! No-one looked particularly bald, so I guess it's just a big shed of fluffy feathers. Having looked at some of spiky pinfeathers coming through, it must be a bit uncomfortable, so I think that's why there is so much dustbathing activity - trying to scratch some itches.
  3. Have a look on the trading standards website. Lots of useful info. I bought an expensive leather bag (£220) from Joules and the strap stitching started coming loose after 2 months of normal everyday use. I had to dig my heels in and insist on a refund rather than a credit note. It took at least 25 minutes on a busy saturday of loudly insisting on my money back and exclaiming how disapointed I was with the lack of fitness for purpose. They kept trying to lure me into the back of the shop but I dug my heels in so the whole affair had an audience of nosey customers . They offered a replacement from the current range but the price had gone up from summer to autumn range, so I would have to pay the difference. The quality of finish was a problem, so I accepted the refund and bought a replacement from Fossil - which has been super. Read up and stand up for your rights! Good luck.
  4. P.s. I bought my bike from a local bike shop (not Halfords), and apart from a free service, it hasn't needed any repairs in 2years. I think the brakes will need replacing soon, but that is relatively minor. If you are really considering this, feel free to message me
  5. Yes, I have one and I am not +65 ! I have always been a keen cyclist, commuting to work and when my office relocated 10 miles away, I found ,myself stuck in the car I hate driving, I hate traffic, and I hate how much diesel costs!!!! Becausemof my break from cycling regularly, I found the 25 mile round trip too exhausting, especially when I have tomhurry to/from work to pick up my children on time. We talked about getting a second car (£££££££!!), and in the end I got an electric bike which costs me about 5p a week to run for 80-100 miles commuting. I have a Claud Butler Glide, which looks very like a Dutch bike. I can adjust the electric boost, depending on hills, need for speed and level to fatigue/lazy-ness etc. I carry a massive pannier most of the time, and also use the bike to bob into town, to the supermarket etc. I really loveit,, and my colleague ended up getting one when he saw how much like a "real" bike it is. I get all the comedy comments abiut riding a mobility scooter, here come the milk float, too lazy to cycle etc. the fact is, if I wasn't on my bike I would be in a car. This is greener, cleaner, and gives me so much freedom. I have a lovely stress free commute in the summer, and get to work not even sweaty!
  6. I get very travel sick and am still waiting to grow out of it Anything with hyocine works for me. My favourites were the Boots own brand but they have been discontinued, so now I get Sturgeron. I would prefer the Boots ones but that's the power of placebo, as the Sturgeron work just as well For me the fear/dread/anticipation (and embarrassment) or travel sickness makes it worse, so I feel much better when I take control
  7. Everyone has been in the same boat here, I am sure. I find I feel better if I know I have prepared properly: so I practice my session with a timer a couple os times so that I know it's gone into my head in case I go blank (it hasn't happen yet!) I have a checklist for packing and preparing, I email my slides to my yahoo account, and take two memory sticks. I have extra examples and slides prepared in case I need to make my teaching more basic or advanced. I know all this sounds very anal, but it works for me. I used to loath presenting, but after a two year contract teaching abroad, I quite enjoy meeting all the different participants and talking to them about their work
  8. Thanks all, that's really helpful. gulp, it looks like I'll have to bite the bullet then!!
  9. We have never cut our chickens' nails in nearly 3 years, and I gave always thought that as they ir run is on slabs they s"Ooops, word censored!"e about keeping them in check. At the weekend one if my ladies must have caught a nail on something and it bled like billy-oh! now I am having a crisis of confidence - perhaps I should have been giving them a toenail trim??? what do you all do? If you do trim, how and how often???? ta!
  10. Oh dear, I am so sorry. We've lost a few recently too. It doesn't get any easier.
  11. You are sat up late at night studying, neglecting husband and children, to complete an assignment. Said husbamd comes into the office with one of the girls for me to say good night to, and it's a Silkie! (the human children don't care as they have the box on!)
  12. They are still quite white and haven't figured out what the dustbath is, or how to go in or out of the coop! We do have one white girl already, an Amber Link, whose love of mud and all things grotty means she looks like she has been swilled round the inside of a toilet bowl. Not a good look!
  13. So here they are, welcome to Flossie, DollyP and Pickle. beautifully soft and fluffy.
  14. Look at that afro, what a cool 'do. we are collecting three new silkies on saturday morning, and I can't wait. I've never actually seena silkie up close, let alone held one! I think it will be a shock after my heavy duty hybrids (we call them Sumo-chickens as theygre so much larger than my little leg bar).
  15. Thanks both, I hope it was something like that. I hate the thought of her lying there wilth a broken wing all day in horrible pain. My OH said the wood chip was not disturbed around her body, so it looks like she died v quickly without a struggle.

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