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  1. Luvachicken - my forum doesn't seem to be working properly - I seem to have my parcel. However I'm trying to send you a PM and it keeps coming up with an error message. Can you pm me an email address I could perhaps use? xx
  2. Rabbit (my friend's rabbit is called Bluebell )
  3. Oh yes please from me! Late to join in (after a reminder!)
  4. As long as it's purely to aid the tidying of the cupboard, then it's perfectly acceptable to be that helpful! I do love my bag and I love the vibrant colour. Totally 'my thing' - Santa really does exist and he / she really does know what I like! Amazing!
  5. Thank you Cat tails for posting my photo! I love my gift - it's in use already Unfortunately the lovely Lindt chocolates did not survive long enough for the photoshoot .......... Thank you again yo my 'Santa'
  6. I promise to be more organised with this one!
  7. Apologies - I'm one of the outstanding photos; but it's not that I'm being obstructive about posting it, I can't post photos to here. I've messaged the lady who offered to help. Sorry it's caused a problem.
  8. I don't make resolutions, as a rule, but this year I've set myself a few goals. I want to do more with my sewing and with my papercrafting business and try to make them a small business so that I can get out of the NHS rat race. At 51, I've had enough! If not, I want to be more organised with both at least I also want to get better at pushing myself forward with my business and advertise more
  9. Love those little trees! Thank you Cat tails - have replied to our message x
  10. Such beautiful gifts everyone's had! I'm struggling with posting a photo of my lovely gift, so maybe someone can help me??
  11. Thank you to my Secret Santa! I received a beautiful cosmetics bag plus a pouch for - I'm assuming - make up brushes or glasses (both of which I have!) and also some lovely Lindt chocolates. LOVE them! I'll get a photo as soon as possible. Thank you! Xxxx
  12. Exciting! Thank you to Santa and to luvachicken for organising and co-ordinating it all. Really looking forward to the big reveal too!

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