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  1. Luvachicken - my forum doesn't seem to be working properly - I seem to have my parcel. However I'm trying to send you a PM and it keeps coming up with an error message. Can you pm me an email address I could perhaps use? xx
  2. Rabbit (my friend's rabbit is called Bluebell )
  3. Oh yes please from me! Late to join in (after a reminder!)
  4. As long as it's purely to aid the tidying of the cupboard, then it's perfectly acceptable to be that helpful! I do love my bag and I love the vibrant colour. Totally 'my thing' - Santa really does exist and he / she really does know what I like! Amazing!
  5. Thank you Cat tails for posting my photo! I love my gift - it's in use already Unfortunately the lovely Lindt chocolates did not survive long enough for the photoshoot .......... Thank you again yo my 'Santa'
  6. I promise to be more organised with this one!
  7. Apologies - I'm one of the outstanding photos; but it's not that I'm being obstructive about posting it, I can't post photos to here. I've messaged the lady who offered to help. Sorry it's caused a problem.
  8. I don't make resolutions, as a rule, but this year I've set myself a few goals. I want to do more with my sewing and with my papercrafting business and try to make them a small business so that I can get out of the NHS rat race. At 51, I've had enough! If not, I want to be more organised with both at least I also want to get better at pushing myself forward with my business and advertise more
  9. Love those little trees! Thank you Cat tails - have replied to our message x
  10. Such beautiful gifts everyone's had! I'm struggling with posting a photo of my lovely gift, so maybe someone can help me??
  11. Thank you to my Secret Santa! I received a beautiful cosmetics bag plus a pouch for - I'm assuming - make up brushes or glasses (both of which I have!) and also some lovely Lindt chocolates. LOVE them! I'll get a photo as soon as possible. Thank you! Xxxx
  12. Exciting! Thank you to Santa and to luvachicken for organising and co-ordinating it all. Really looking forward to the big reveal too!
  13. Thank you for all your hard work organising this. Apologies for needing reminded about letting you have my address! I've already planned my swap, just to make it now! Just to mention - mine will be coming from a smoke-free environment, but not a pet-free one. It will be in the vicinity of the dog and some of our rabbits ......
  14. Hi! I'm just catching up with the forum again. Welcome - I'm in Fife
  15. I'm just catching up with the forum after a while away and have just seen this thread. Lovely bunnies! We've just rescued a baby ND girlie after she was handed in to our vets when a man found her in his garden. She had a fractured pelvis. But she's grand now and oh so sweet! So we're now waiting to hear from a breeder about a wee friend for her.
  16. The result, for me, was disappointing as I was one of the 45% However the disgusting behaviour by BOTH 'sides' (because that's how THEY see it) in Glasgow last night is deplorable. This has nothing to do with the Referendum, it's just an excuse for scumbag hooligans to brawl
  17. I'm not getting drawn in to a debate here. But I also don't want you all to think I've been 'chased' away either. What I will say is this: I think some of you need to change vets. I have never had any animal (hens included) take ages to die when put to sleep by my vet. Never.
  18. I'm sorry for your loss. It's never easy. We just lost our third ex-batt last night during surgery. Our vet didn't let her wake up again once she found she was riddled with tumours. It's not easy at all, but they've all enjoyed months of being free and loved before passing. And they owe that to you x

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