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  1. Hello! Well I have now got round to taking a few pics of the new setup. I have previously posted about my WIR, well I had issues with the cheap wooden hen house I bought off eBay, it finally dropped into bits a few weeks back. I had a good look on the Internet to see what options there were available to me. I knew that plastic was the way forward, so Clearly Omlet elglu was an option, but I also wanted to consider alternatives. I looked at the Omlet eglu, cube and go, also looked at green frog and doodlehouse. The costs varied wildly! In the end I decided on the Solway Eco Loft. I managed to get a really good deal on an ex display one they had ... Managed to get for sub £150 delivered! It are really is great, very solid and robust. It is so easy to clean and the hens love it! I am impressed with the whole product. It may not be as 'finished'. As the Omlet products, but it certainly very good value for what you get. Here are some pics of the setup now... http://s1178.photobucket.com/albums/x374/mikeymancs1/ I still find that some rain is getting into the run, but on the whole it's dry. I think the wind direction is the issue, so may look to put some tarps up as a temp measure.
  2. Hello, I like the sound of these stable mats. I have a WIR on a good depth of gravel, but I am thinking if putting some of this matting on top of the gravel and then abiose or chips n top, that way they can have a good scratch without sending gravel all over the place! I have looked on eBay and there are several different ones, with pricing to match! Where did you buy yours? Thanks Mike
  3. Hooorrrahhhh... No noise! I pinned some stiff thick cardboard over the coop window, and also put a heavy blanket over the top.... Not a squeak until I let them out this morning at 7:15 So, it was certainly the light getting in causing the problems. Thanks everyone for the help!
  4. Its not an egg announcement.. They tend to lay late morning. It's also not one hen In particular.... They all join in! I think Mavis the white star is the ring leader though!
  5. Hello all, Thanks for the replies. No fox that I am aware of. We have been here six years and the garden is totally enclosed and no spaces for a fox to get in. Not seen any or heard of any either from the neighbours. I don't think they like being in a confined space.... But the thing is the WIR they have now got is 6ft x 9ft by 6ft high. It has a roof on to keep them dry. They also have perches and a table in the run, along with hanging peck block, etc. The noise is awful, and seems to get worse every day, its a demanding noise and if it carries on I can see complaints coming my way. I will try blacking the window out with some plywood. They gently cooo in the day which is a nice noise, but this daily alarm clock is disturbing me. I can really see me having to give them away if it doesn't get resolved. This would be a bit upset, as have got attached to them and also spent quite a lot of money on the run etc. Are chickens intelligent enough to know if they squark I come running! Or is it more habitual? Thanks
  6. Hello, question for you all.... The girls have recently started making a whole load of noise, This morning at 6:15 they woke me up, We have double glazing and it was still incredibly loud! If the noise carries on like this every morning it's ny a matter of time before he neighbours moan. Is this noise to do with the light? The chicken house itself has a window about 6 inches square in it, I am thinking the light is getting in and thus causing all the noise! They wanna get out etc. If I block out the light as much as possible, will this keep them quiet? They have also started making demanding noises when they are in the WIR, they want to get into the garden. I think they are trying to train me!
  7. Hello ANH Yes I could net off a bit of an area outside the run I guess. When I am home like today, they are out in the garden (or should I say rotorvating the garden?). They will also be out an hour or two each evening depending when I get home from work. I have today added a few toys to amuse them, A peck block hanging from the roof and also a mirror n string and some small ping pong balls... Highlight amusing to watch them peck at them! They reall are such lovely girls, when in the garden they come and wait outside the kitchen door and bok until I answer it's taken a month or so but the really are starting to trust me now.
  8. Ca I ask for all your opinions.... We currently have three girls, how many would you say is the maximum I could have comfortably given the new setup? Ideally, would like to add one or two more... Thanks
  9. Hehe, I am terrible...when I get an idea in my head I have to follow it through ASAP. I am pleased you think it looks ok
  10. Hello, What a great idea! I think I may well follow this, where did you get your acrylic panels from? Thanks, mike
  11. Thanks for replying... Glad you think it looks Ok, to be honest when you have been staring at the blinking thing for hours on end trying to work out how it goes together you get a bit sick of it lol I had to pay him yeah but without the help and the extra tools he had we would still be looking at a of wood the wrong shape I don't want BAH to just send me another run, as all the work is now done. It should make a different for the girls, they now have a 6 ft by 9 ft covered run, along with a nice gritty bath to scratch around in. The hen house I have put inside is perhaps a little large really and takes up a chunk of space, but they can get under it and jump on top top. I will be adding more perches too. No more mud... Touch wood!
  12. Hello again everyone, Well... What a difference a few days of graft can make... We ordered a walk in run from BAH and it arrived yesterday, i know most people have had good experiences with BAH, but it's been a real pain the proverbial... It came with terrible instructions three roof panels different sizes so they did not fit properly, screws falling out of the Pre prepared panels, no roof fixings etc etc! I have emailed BAH and they are looking into it, but I am really disappointed in how bad it was to put together and the wrong/missing parts etc. I had taken a days annual leave with the purpose of getting it assembled. We have spent about ten hours all in all, getting to something resembling a WIR... The help of a local handyman as we just couldn't get the roof panels to fit so had to get some help from someone with the tools. I am really not sure how to proceed with BAH about all the hassle I have had. Anyway here are some photos http://www.flickr.com/photos/68432835@N06/6246357419/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/68432835@N06/6246871258/ What do you think?
  13. Hello, I am pondering another alternative to my other post about WIR and my current wooden coop. I like the cube, I know they are expensive but the feedback is very positive. My question is this, if I purchased the cube and the larger extended run, would this be suitable for housing three to four birds permanently, with only a little free ranging time? If so, this could be an alternative to me buying a large WIR, adding a paved area etc etc. I could simply move the cube around depending on time on year and the weather etc. Thanks again
  14. Hello again, Well I have decided to buy a walk in run from BAH. It's this one http://www.bay-animal-housing.co.uk/prod_info.asp?prodid=574# It will fit in the corner of the garden with about a foot of clearance all round. Next question is about the base on which I should put the run... The soil is clay like and ends to get wet and muddy easily. I was thinking of putting a base in the whole corner of the garden, about 3-4 inches deep of 20mm gravel. The run would then sit n the gravel. I would imagine as it's deepish gravel,it should be fairly free draining? I intend to put guttering on the roof so that it's channeled into a water butt. Would the gravel be ok? What should I put onto the gravel inside the run? Abiose and the like would all get churned up with the gravel a d turn it into a nightmare?.. Any ideas and thoughts please.... Thanks! Mike
  15. Hi Angie, It's a nightmare the rain, I am slightly lower than the house behind so seem to get a hard deal when it comes to surface water! Do you have a photo of your run, I'd be interested in having a look. Thanks Mike
  16. Thanks for all the advice... Keep it coming, it's all really useful. We already use abiose in the house itself, and a sprinkle of it in the run. What depth should i use in the run? How often change it? What do you think about this as a type of covered run set up... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Large-Dog-Kennel-Metal-Galvanised-Pet-Playpen-Run-Puppy-/150371662783?pt=UK_Pet_Supplies_Dogs&var=&hash=item68c61873e3#ht_2781wt_963 It's the 5 ft by 10 ft, with a 4th height I'd go for... Plus i would also choose the roof option, the apex style would take the height to just about 5 ft in the middle... This should allow enough access for cleaning? What do you think?
  17. Hello All, I have just started out on the adventure that is chicken keeping, loving every minute of it, it's extremely rewarding. We have three hybrids, two of which are now regularly laying each day...yummy eggs they are too! We are based in central manchester, in a newish build very small semi. We have got a compact garden but it has the ideal corner tucked away behind the garage which is about 3m square. This is where we have positioned the wooden house and run we bought off eBay. It'd a fairly decent size and the run is the best part of 8th long. This is a link to a photo of my current set up, please take a look: http://www.flickr.com/photos/68432835@N06/6222492130/ The issues we are having.... The garden is quite a wet garden and clay soil so it takes forever to drain. The area where the chickens are is a nightmare of mud to get to it. The hens have also done a brilliant job of tearing up what little lawn I did have when I let them out free ranging for a few hours each day. Ideally I would like to section off that corner area so that they can have that entire area during the day when we are out at work. What would be the best way of doing that? Also, any recommendations for flooring in the area... We have tried wood chips but they get soaked and begin to smell a bit. We are tempted to get gravel..... Any thoughts? If anyone is in Manchester or knows anyone that is a bit handy and fancies some cash to make a decent walk in run with a roof I would be very interested in hearing from you! I have also been given the opportunity to get a Omlet Go with run, brand new but just been n display, for £330. Is this a good deal? Although I have not long had the wooden coop... Literally a month.... I dowishihad held out for an omlet Eglu but at the time to be honest I thought they were very expensive for what you get.... I can now already see the advantages of them, I.e. You can move the whole Go into a different area if you need to for any reason and ver easy to clean. Would it be silly to buy the Go when the current coop is so new and does the job, plus the hens are settled and laying, they have got used to the current set up, I wouldnt want them to get distressed. Sorry for all the questions, but ideas and critique welcome! Thanks in advance, Mike

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