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  1. Many thanks for your help. We'll see how she goes. 🙂
  2. I guess she won't show an improvement til after her next moult, though!
  3. Thank you. I think I'll try Vit Boost as our local farm shop has it and I guess it won't hurt the others to have a bit extra for a while? I have nutridrops and will give her 3 doses of that, too.
  4. Dogmother, how do you buy and dose biotin, please? I've just read up on it and realised that the hen also has rather thickended feet, which seems to be a symptom of biotin deficiency, too. Yes, have checked for mites and lice - and non of the others have signs of it.
  5. I did wonder that but have never seen it happening.I have six, including two very new P.O.Ls. They're semi free range in a large area of the garden. I suppose it could be in the coop at night?.I've upped their protein by adding some sunflower seeds and pulses to their afternoon treat of Marriage's mash (they have Marriage's Layers pellets in their feeder.) If it's feather pecking, is there anything else I can do or do I just hope it'll stop? She really doesn't seem bothered by it. I've kept hens for over ten years but haven't come across this before!
  6. Here are one or two pictures. She's laying daily and seems very well. The pink under her wing is my hand, by the way, not her skin!
  7. One of my hens has developed strange damage to her feathers, especially her flight and tail feathers. The barbs have largely gone missing, leaving the main shafts intact. They look rather like a bundle of sticks! Her breast and neck feathers are fine. She isn’t over preening or scratching, there are no feathers in the run or coop and no sign of mites. None of the other hens have the problem. Can anyone suggest what’s causing this?
  8. How do I search for a topic in a sub forum? There doesn’t seem to be a search box
  9. I realise this is a very old thread, but in case anyone is researching the topic, Garvo now do a GM free layers pellet with herbs. Their other pellets do have GM ingredients.
  10. After doing some research on chicken feed in this forum, I decided to look at the highly recommended Garvo feed for my very mixed age flockette. I was surprised to discover that the Garvo standard pellets, mash etc. all contain GM modified ingredients. I realise that it's a matter of opinion, but I would prefer not to encourage GM farming and so was about to stick to Smallholders, which specifically states no GM. However, Garvo now do a pellet with herbs and they advertise no GM in it. Has anyone used it? It's only £1 a bag more than the standard Garvo, so I'm getting a bag to try. Would be interested in any reviews from users of this version of Garvo.
  11. Thank you everybody. I think I got a bit worried because all the info says hens must have greens and I can't get my current girls to bother with dandelions or even cabbage, although hens I've had before ate them ok. We do throw grass cuttings in when we mow the lawn. Is there any problem with hens not eating greens? Should I look for a supplement or are pellets ok on their own?
  12. Nearest I can say to answer this query is that we have a low branched hazel in our chicken run but they have never touched the leaves so presumably they don't like them much? No poisoning issues, though.
  13. Our six hens have a large run but no access to grass. I do give them greens but they don't always eat them. I saw two products in the local farm shop where I buy their feed; Dengie Grass Pellets and Dengie Meadow Grass with Herbs. Both are intended for horses but could they be fed to hens as a fresh grass substitute? The pellets are described as 100% naturally grown meadow grass in pellet form, can be fed dry or soaked. The Meadow Grass is 'chopped, lightly dressed with cold pressed rape seed oil, mixed with grass pellets and topped with a blend of liquorice root, fennel, mint, chamomile and aniseed'. Has anyone tried these or what do folk think?
  14. I've just been through the exact same process. I put each new girl into the Cube from their run after dark for three nights. There was a bit of a flurry as they joined the other two, even in the dark, but then all was ok til morning when I got up at dawn to let them out. Two nights ago I shut them all in the run at dusk. The two 'old girls' sleep in the coop and the little girls under it! I'm not worried, though, as they're safe and will use the coop when they're ready, I'm sure. They're all laying in the coop at least!

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