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  1. Hello! My colony that was new last year is now really full. So it's time to put supers on my Beehaus for the first time- yippee! BUT, they've been in situ for 1month and there is just no activity in them. The bees enjoy propolis-ing the queen excluder (its really difficult not to squash bees when putting on the Q excluder because there is no bee space) and when I check the supers there are an handful of bees wandering around but zero wax has been drawn the foundation yet. The hive is rammed with bees so I'm really surprised that more bees aren't venturing up there. Any tips on how to lure them up?!
  2. Many, many thanks for all your advice. So here's what happened/ answers to questions..... Sadly, Zipppy and Bungle did not oblige us with their bottoms and ignored the eggs- we were ill-advised from other sources that if you don't remove the eggs they lay for afew days they will become broody, but they didn't. They were not proven "sitters" as someone had asked, having never gone broody since their arrival in December. By this time the fertilised eggs we had ordered from ebay had arrived and needed attention so we rustled up an incuabtor from a box, lightbulb and thermometor but they never hatched. So after that fiasco we by-passed the whole chick phase and brought 2 older hens from a local breeder so a warm welcome to Jane and Freddie!
  3. Instead of chocolate eggs for Easter (which my son will get plenty of from other people), we are giving him fetilised eggs for our Rhode Islanders to hatch. Does anyone have any tips on doing this?

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