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  1. awww gorgeous girlies! your set-up looks fab btw
  2. We feed our labradoodle Digby with fish4dogs (www.fish4dogs.com), only ingredients in that are fish and potato so it's totally suitable for sensitive tummies. He's doing really well on it and I would recommend it as a dried food wholeheartedly. We tend to top it with a little raw meat or vegetables for variety. Their treats are wonderful too!
  3. Actually can't stop laughing here - brilliant!
  4. I can't offer much practical help but a similar situation happened to me a last weekend, my white star suddenly turned on my black rock and was bullying her mercilessly. I let them out to free range for the day and that was the last I saw of any bullying! they've been back together in their run peacefully, friends as if it never happened. It was suggested here (thanks Good Egg!) that it might be because the black rock was maybe coming in to lay, although shes not produced the goods yet, the fighting has completely stopped and it's as if the whole episode never happened! I also read that sometimes birds know when one of them is ill and will bully the poorly one - hence why chickens hide illness so effectively! Hopefully its nothing like that in your case and they will sort out their issues on their own...
  5. Thanks Good Egg, hopefully it is just that Vidal Sassoon is going to lay soon (she's taking her time over it!)... they all seem to be getting along just fine for now, will report back later... naughty chickens...
  6. We got a fantastic surprise Christmas present from the ladies this morning... Our first ever egg!!! Small but perfectly formed, pretty sure it was laid by Jemima Puddleduck the Silkie , shes the oldest and has been a lot more vocal the last few days and has now started crouching... bless her! It's a Christmas miracle... Merry Christmas everyone!
  7. Mine aren't too keen on ACV either but will drink their water with it in if nothing else is available, Poultry Drink goes down a lot better though! They absolutely LOVE Poultry Spice and will anything with a light dusting of that on...
  8. agh I really like this! it really does look like a big toadstool! Now, how on Earth to convince OH that we reeeally need a second eglu....
  9. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments, I am completely smitten with them all! Maggie May is soooo friendly... It really is strange, I was totally expecting complete warfare to break out but we've had barely even a raised feather! We had them in a pen up next to the older girls who made a couple of long "bokkkkkk" noises then the newbies escaped into the others' FR area and everyone got along famously! certainly no more than the usual posturing from top hen Jethro... Maybe they're all a bit more laid back as noone is in lay? Maybe it's just one of those things...
  10. This is a bit naughty but.... severe morehens struck!! Introducing Maggie May (RIR, 18wks) and Eliza Doolittle (Speckled Sussex, 14wks Introductions went very smoothly, I was prepared for all hell to break loose, had spare hutch etc at the ready but the new girls just integrated straight in - is this normal?! All friends together after just one day, and they all toddled off to bed together as soon as dusk hit Happy times!

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