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  1. hi after finally finding a vet in our locality who was happy to see a chicken(!) they said it could be gout(??) anyway had it lanced a very pretty blue bandage (with puppies on it), anti-biotics and £25 less in my pocket - all seems to be much better connie happily set to work at removing said bandage immediately (didnt like the puppies i guess!) - seems to be better but gotta keep an eye on it.
  2. hi everyone connie seems to have developed a foot problem - she still walks ok - but its getting worse - can anyone give any help our vets dont really cover chickens - so if there is anything i can do i will!! thanks
  3. obviously not easy then - one is bigger than the other 4. we dont know the mums just who the dad is! we think there are 2 frizzles as the wings feathers already seemed curled - the others are flat. going to be some surprises!!!!!
  4. hi - we have just had our first hatching - 5 little darlings - all doing really well with mum although we know who the father is(!) - not too sure who the mums are as we have 7 hens!!! (we do think one might be a penguin thou?!?!?! ) question is how soon before we can tell if they are going to be boys or girls and what are the tell tale signs to look out for? hopefully they will all be girls or at worst one boy any help would be appreciated thanks!
  5. hi everyone we have just had our first ever hatching - 5 little pleasures!! - pics will follow at some point is it ok to add acv in their water? - is there anything else we can do to help them - they are eating chick crumbs and with mum thanks
  6. morehens struck . . . three more since last post ! ! ! ! ! welcome doris, betty and freda =1470 !
  7. hi we have a large enclosed run for our birds - about 5x4 meters. whilst we are around they are out free-ranging, but we are in the countryside so they have to be inside the run when we arent able to keep an eye out. because of the recent poor weather the run is now pretty much mud. my question is what would be the bset covering for this - some people have said horse bedding some say gravel and some wood chip / bark? i wondered if anyone can help with what is best etc thanks in anticipation!!
  8. frizzles - just got 2 and are brilliant!!!!!! (the white ones are especially lovely)
  9. as always check out ebay - but dont forget ads in your local paper - ours have dogs cages / carriers almost every week usually you can negotiate the price too and as local can usually pick up!. we got an extra large cage for a mere snip which is handy to put in our run (which is large!) when introducing new hens also hopefully will be good when we have some chicks in the spring!
  10. meal worms and a sprout stalk! - but also got the left over veg from our meal so were well impressed!! they were well happy and they gave me three eggs on christmas day rather than out usual two so that i guess was our pressie from them!!
  11. our 2 hybrids are still laying one egg each a day, our light sussex is laying one every 3rd day, the other large one hasnt laid since she started her moult about 6 weeks ago. our 2 frizzles arent pol yet but i dont recon they will lay till the warmer weather starts.
  12. our 'pristine' white frizzle had a bath in a muddy puddle ytday and now she looks like a black one!!
  13. her name is connie she was given to us when we started out with chooks - its such a fuuny pic - people say she is ugly but we think she is comical!! -she was having a small moult in this pic and has lost some feathers on her neck - but she is pristine now and has a tuff on top too (will post another at weekend). no-body can tell us what she is at all !! full pic below - makes me smile!!!
  14. update - its been just over 2 weeks since the frizzles (and ginger!) joined us, sorry but the ginger one freda is so active and small just doesnt stand still long enough for a pic but will try at the weekend when i have more time. the white frizzle doris is beginning to fit in well - still a few issues at feeding times but thats improving day on day. the black one betty is taking a bit more time, she has a small bald patch on her back from taking a bit of a pecking, so we have some anti pecking stuff to go on her - hope that helps. interestingly my friend also got a white, a buff and a black one from the same place at the same time, and the buff and white are settling but the black one is being harassed too! - something about the black ones???? anyway they seem to be happy and eating and drinking and healthy enough - another week and calm will be restored i think - they are so cute and funny to watch - but then they all are with their little personalities! as i promised my hubby we wouldnt have more than 4 and we now have 8 - i promise no more
  15. we got 3 in march and definately only going to have 4 max, we now have 8 - its gets kind of addictive, you go to get one more and come back with two, then last week went to get 2 and came back with 3 more - they are so much fun - enjoy!!!!

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