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  1. Well I introduced them to the other girls over the past 2 days, and all seems to be good in the hen house for now after a couple of scuffles Let's hope it lasts!!! Now just have to work on Feisty Fizz and calm her down Thanks for the advice
  2. I have recently got 2 polish hens which are truly beautiful. But one of them is extremely bossy to the other one and is constantly picking on her I have hung up treats in the run like sweetcorn and cabbage etc but she still seems more interested in pecking her friend Any ideas of how to stop this, she seems a real polish hen. I don't want to put them in with the older girls till I can sort this out This is the poor lady who is being picked on, she is very calm and friendly
  3. Have a peek on Ebay, ther's some lovely ones on there. Just type in chicken plaques Thats where I got mine
  4. Thank You will give that a try and see how they go. Fingers crossed
  5. I have been trying to introduce my new chickens to the older girls over the past couple of weeks, but they are still not getting on, and I could use some advice. I started off with them next to each other for 2 weeks then let them out to free range together. There was a few scuffles to start with but generally they seemed ok. But as soon as I try them in the walk in run together they older girls are continually pecking the new ones so after a while I take the out, but kept trying every day hoping it would get easier but no luck. Am I taking them out too quickly??? should I just let them get on with it??? or am I being to soft??? I have put extra food tubs down so they don't need to fight over that. I'm now unsure how to go on, so Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. This is so very true, I rescued some ex batts 3 weeks ago, and they are so funny Well done for rescuing them
  7. I have just added 2 Ex Batts to my others, and I have to say they are so comical and have really big personalities Also they are still laying which is a bonus If you aren't after eggs I would recommend Ex Batts. Its great seeing them enjoy there new surroundings.
  8. So sorry to hear that But i'm so with you on the therapy. I bought my chickens after my son died and they really did help me Now i wouldn't be without them and there funny ways. Wishing you all the best for the New Year xx
  9. Awwwww In a bit of a sorry state, but i'm sure you will nurse them back I love my 2 new ex batts they have such wonderful personalities
  10. Billinda on the left named after my dad Bill and Bessie named after Aunt Bessie Bessie Billinda
  11. Will do Will try and add pics, not too good at it But I love mine to bits and there still laying which is a bonus
  12. So sorry to hear that. He is a beautiful boy
  13. Got some Ex Batts yesterday and was really surprised on how feisty they were But they seem to have settled in really well and have even laid to eggs for me this morning So as a reward I let them out for a bit of free ranging when they soon found my other hens and went to say hello through the fence Can't wait for some better weather so I can spend some more time out there with them
  14. I like the idea of decorating the chicken house, not sure if the OH would agree though I Love it
  15. Thank you all looks like i will be keeping them both and fingers crossed they start laying soon

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