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  1. Thanks and yes, I contacted Omlet direct the last time we thought about it. They said that their delivery chap had found a way to do it but would charge about £100 (from memory, I might be wrong). They weren't especially positive about the results either so we put it on hold. I want to get some more girls......thinking ahead to Christmas baking(!) so would like to sort the run while I've only got 5 getting under my feet! I'll call Omlet again tomorrow but thought I'd ask for personal experience first.

  2. My RIR has swollen pads under both her feet. They're not red, hot or tender (I pressed them lightly today), no black / discoloured areas and she seems to be walking normally.

    We've got a Cube and she walks up and down the steps (no jumping).

    So to me, not classic Bumblefoot, at least not according to what I've read or the pictures I've seen.

    They're on wood chip in a WIR and there's a tarpaulin over the top so it's nice and dry.

    Is it normal for big girls to get more cushioning as they get older? I didn't notice it before today but she doesn't like being picked up so tbh, I don't do it as often as I used to.

    She's nearly 5 years old and I'm pretty sure she's still laying.

    Thanks in advance.

  3. Thanks ever so much both of you. I've been making them scrambled eggs but they're not too keen, even with a few mealworms added. Grass is sooooo exciting! Thought I might try tuna today....? (I got a tin in spring water rather than salted).

    Have also got some cod liver oil so it seems I'm basically on the right track.

    I haven't heard of Biotin but I'm giving them poultry spice. Is that as good or should I switch to Biotin?

  4. After several years of buying girls at POL we took the plunge with 4 ladies from the BHWT last week. They have their own run and it's amazed me how well they have settled and are bouncing back to health. I had expected them to be fairly bald but had not reckoned on their wing feathers having the thick quill/shaft but no edge bits (are they called vanes?). What's that about?


  5. I love their blouses.

    I don't get on so well with the strappy tops - the fitted bras are HUGE and padded so make me even bigger, and some of the V neck dresses are quite low but the blouses are amazing.

    Really great to have a smart fitted look with a suit, rather than either gaping across the front or hanging like a blooming sack.

    Lovely quality cotton and iron well.

  6. ....according to the trainer on the Leading Multi-Generational Teams session today. Apparently he was referring to the Pres having been born during the baby boom years of 1948-1964. By the time he'd started on 'How to manage boomers' this particular boomer was snorting into the phone and wondering why we can't even use plain English to name sessions anymore, much less, why I have to sit through stuff about working with people of different ages. It's bad enough having to consider race, ethnicity, gender but now we're onto age. What happened to treating people as individuals?

    Rant over (until the next course on how to do the blinking obvious)

  7. I think I posted this in the wrong forum by mistake so apologies if anyone sees this twice:


    I've tried absolutely everything I can think of for one girl who has a completely bald neck. She seems a bit skinny, but is otherwise well, eating, laying and mixing happily with the other girls. They are regularly wormed with Flubenvet and dusted with total mite-kill powder as precautionary measures.

    There has previously been some feather-pecking going on but no evidence now and just in case, I've tried 2 different anti-pecking sprays and purple septi-cleanse on Fried's neck.

    They have a fair sized fenced off area where they live on wood chippings which we change approx every six months but I'd like to give them a nice soft dustbath. Having spoken to one of the advisors at Omlet today about the ratio of compost / sharp sand / Diatomaceous Earth to put in it, we got talking about my 'naked neck' and the advisor thinks it sounds like plumage mite. Apparently total mite kill powder isn't strong enough to kill the little blighters and I've been advised to use Nippon ant killer powder on her. Has anybody else tried this and if so, how often do you use it?


    Also what about egg withdrawal?


    And one more thing - I was planning on getting two more girls at the weekend. We were planning on having then within sight but not contact of te existing 'flock' but is even that off - and how long until we can reconsider?


    Any other suggestions would be welcome too please...

  8. I hope you're as happy with it as I have been with the 3 Skoda's which I've had. My parents are still driving the first one and I've put 95,000 miles on the current one (Fabia vRS), which I love.

    I once had a boss who was s"Ooops, word censored!"bish about it until I asked him whether his BMW had a chilled drinks compartment like my Skoda does. :lol:

  9. Over the time we've had our dog we have got used to yellow patches on the lawn but we're now thinking of re-doing the garden.

    It would be great if we can keep the new grass green. Can anybody please tell me whether they have had experience / success with dog rocks, green-ums, tomato juice or anything else?

  10. When I finished my skydiving course, my instructor called me 'Basil' which has stuck with most of my mates. His logic was that I fall so fast that when we jumped together we went 'boom-boom' through the sound barrier so he named me after Basil Brush. Spinning Top came in because it took me a long time to get stable in free fall and I used to spin like a loon :lol:

  11. Plans to extend and refit our kitchen are getting very exciting. Estimates are coming in for various bits (piled foundations, floor, worktops are all in budget) and I've really got my fingers crossed for the actual building estimate, which is coming tomorrow.

    However, we've changed out minds about the fitting company we planned to use. The builders are happy to work with whoever we choose but recommend Howdens and can tie the fitting in with the build.

    Does anyone have experience, either of Howdens or other mid-range price companies?

  12. Another Liz Earle girl here. I used Clinique for years then my skin started reacting (red, itchy and peeling - very attractive). Changed to Dermalogica which was fine for a while then the same problem. Liz Earle is lovely and soothing - for now anyway !

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