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  1. One of our girls started to sleep in the nesting box . I've been putting a thin plastic chopping board across the entrance, propped from the nesting box side so it can't fall through the hole onto the girls in the night and being thin, wouldn't hurt them even if they managed to dislodge it. (a set of four boards were about a tenner from John Lewis and there's a limit to how much chopping I do in the kitchen ). I put it in every night for about a week and she's now realised where she's supposed to sleep. A sheet of cardboard would do the same job. Hey, get me - we've had chooks for less than three months and I can already share an experience
  2. Holy cow.......... I tried the 'see more properties like this one' link. How on earth would the Estate Agents decide what to put on there?
  3. I love it! We've only had our girls since mid-Sept and have just gone up to 2 eggs a day. Big deal huh. Having worked out that we've spent £1100 so far (a cheap wooden house that we got fed up with very quickly, a Cube that we love, 21m Omlet netting, 2 cubic metres of wood chips..............) and got our 110th egg yesterday, they're working out at £10 per egg . But the fun and laughs - priceless.. With two more girls coming on 12th and presumably not laying until next year, our egg price is going up, not down!
  4. Had to give it a go before bed time today - mug of layers pellets, small handful of corn, a few mealworms and a few raisens. Very well received indeed!!! Thanks to all.
  5. I knitted some when we were thinking of ex-batts then tried one on Poached when she had a cold. She hated it !
  6. Blimey Chook n Boo Mum, I thought my girls were spoilt! Thanks ever so much to all of you, I'll try some of your suggestions when it chills off.
  7. Classic ! I love the lady's jumper in photo 2. She is obviously very proud of her chook. Scrambled, Fried, Boiled, Poached (Still waiting for the others)
  8. I've seen a number of references to giving the girls porridge for breakfast when the weather gets really cold. Sorry to be thick but should I use normal / human oats (Tesco finest with fruit and nuts knowing my girls' luck), cheapo porridge oats / oatbran or layers mash? Also, do I mix it with water or milk? Thank you! Scrambled, Fried, Boiled, Poached (Still waiting for the others)
  9. I absolutely love my kindle. I got it from John Lewis in the end, they seem to be the same price wherever you get them from. Loads of books on Amazon and they download unbelievably quickly. Easier to browse the selection on a proper computer rather than the device so I wouldn't bother with the 3G version. The book prices depend on what you want to read - loads of free stuff which is often a bit rubbish but plenty of decent stuff for under a quid. I've only had books so far, mostly fiction. Fabulous on holiday as it really doesn't glare in the sun, unlike a lot of other ereaders. Also I've recently started to wear reading glasses (getting old!) but on holiday I wore my normal sunglasses and just increased the font size on the kindle. The kindle cover with the built in light (runs off the kindle battery) isn't cheap but works really well and because it folds open you have the feeling of holding a book. I also got a cheap cover (under £5 off Amazon) just to protect the screen on holiday. You can get stick on screen protectors but apparently they cause glare. I don't know much about the new £89 kindle - I believe the battery life isn't quite as good but as I get about 10 books off one charge, even using the light in bed, you could afford to lose a bit! Also there aren't so many covers etc available for the new one but I'm sure they'll catch up soon. In a nutshell, yes, buy !
  10. Thanks ever so much to you all. I'll try the log / bucket idea if the new girls can't get up although it's getting down that the present big girls don't like. They're OK once they get out of the pop hole but don't seem to like the first step. Two are building up the nerve but the others fly straight out of the run door. I dread the day I have to leave it shut and they fly straight into it...........
  11. Hi, Can anybody please tell me how Cream Crested Legbar pullets get on in a Cube? We've only had ours a couple of weeks and although we're delighted with it, our bigger hybrids are still coming to terms with the ladder. We'd like to introduce a couple of CCLs but I'm worried about their little legs.........

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