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  1. Thank you. We only have an Eglu Go Up with a shortish run so not a huge amount of room. I’ve bought a very small henhouse/hutch which I will surround with chicken fence. It has a ramp that closes so should be safe. Not ideal but as they have been in together with some rather nasty interactions I’m having to do this. They free range ok but my original hen doesn’t want to share yet. What I’m most worried about is the temporary run not being predator proof.
  2. I’m looking to borrow an Eglu to use to introduce a new hen. Wondered if anyone had something I could use for a couple of weeks. Near Sevenoaks.
  3. We have just lost our fourth and last hen, Speckle, she was a ripe old 5 years old. One of our original Omlet hens, Margot, also lived that long, passing away just before Christmas. Our other two, Ginger and Warnie were shorter lived, about the average I think. When Margot and Speckle retired from laying, they reminded me of two old ladies chatting about this and that as they foraged in the garden, we started calling them Hinge and Bracket. What lovely lives they had. I quite miss my twice daily (or more) trips to the end of the garden to see them.
  4. We lost Margot today, old age I think as she was 5 and a half. We now only have one left, Speckle, who is about 4 and a half. I feel we should get 1+ more to keep her company. However, is it ok just to add one or should we have more? We have an eglu MK2 so don't think we can have that many. I don't want her to be lonely but is November a good time of year to get new chickens?
  5. I am in Edenbridge and I am sure there are others eglus around. In fact I have been ogling a friends new cube today just down the road so there might be a purple eglu up for sale!
  6. I am in Marlpit Hill, with bossy Margot, Speckle and Warnie in a lovely purple eglu. I was told about a place last week in Biggin Hill, just outside the village as you drive from Westerham. I think it was called Bavistock, but is next to the gunroom and saddlery shop. I'm going to check it out next week as I too want somewhere nearby to get feed and health products. Enjoy your chick-chocks!
  7. I guess its best then to check the "ingredients" on the bag - thanks very mulch for all the responses...!
  8. We have our eglu on bark chips, as suggested in the Omlet guide. However, the February 07 issue of Practical Poultry has highlighted that bark chips can contain cocoa residues which harbour a toxic agent called theobromine. We are now wondering if we should use it and whether it did for Ginger who passed away recently. Any views/advice?
  9. We lost Ginger yesterday, found dead in the Eglu. Not quite sure what caused it. Our other hen, Margot, who ruled the roost, seems fine. We are complete beginners at hen keeping - can anyone advise on tips on introducing new, should we do this sooner rather than later (wonder if Margot might get more territorial/stroppy on her own?), should we add more than one? Reading other messages it does seem very stressful introducing new hens, and as we don't have so much time for supervision, top tips welcomed.

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