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  1. A real nuisance, but it has to be done. Will now look at advice on 'entertaining' the chooks whilst locked in.
  2. I assume it is legal to use an air rifle in my own garden??
  3. Dare I ask how you managed to trap the magpies? Thanks for your advice.
  4. I have magpies IN the eglu during the day when my 2 (now terrified) chooks are supposedly free-ranging. No wonder Florence and Emily have stopped laying. Last week a squirrel was in the eglu.......clearly all manner of wildlife now sees it as fair game, helping themselves to mash etc. My options seem to be either 1) stop them from free-ranging for a few days and see if the magpies go off and bother somebody else 2) erect a scarecrow 3) buy a gun Any ideas gratefully received
  5. Squirrels have been getting into the Eglu during the day (checking for eggs?) and this morning I have found that they have nibbled through the back of the 2 little hooks which secure the Grub holder. Presumably so they can help themselves to the mash when the girls are locked in ( they free-range 6am until about 5pm at this time of year). Any suggestions as to how to deter squirrels would be gratefully received. Both my chooks have recently stopped laying and maybe it is due to the squirrel problem which is no doubt freaking them out! Have ordered a new Grub holder but there is nothing to say this won't happen every time. Very troubling.....
  6. Thanks for the advice. I have put Edie into our tortoise enclosure which is safe from the other chooks and any predators; however, not cosy like the eglu and I am not sure what to do if the weather turns very cold.....let's hope she recovers quickly and the Bad Chook (yes I am talking about you Emily) loses the nasty habit.
  7. One of my chooks is being very badly pecked by the other 2. I have tried tea tree oil mixed with petroleum jelly, vicks vaporub and a proprietary anti-pecking spray. None of it seems to be making much difference. I feel so sorry about the state Edie is in, I feel it would be much kinder to have her put down. Very sad. Am willing to try other things first, of course.
  8. I have a greenhouse going up later this week and wonder whether anybody has some good ideas for keeping the chooks OUT! I was originally thinking of a stairgate (for toddlers) but have a horrible feeling the chooks will leap over and cause havoc. Am now thinking about a fly-screen. Ideas welcomed
  9. Thank you for all that advice. Is mash more expensive than pellets in the long-run?
  10. My 3 chooks really don't seem to like layers pellets. They eat very little of it compared to mash. Should I be worried?
  11. Happy to say that the chooks learnt very quickly indeed and after about 4 nights, started to put themselves to bed very happily. Good girls!
  12. After watching my 2 teenagers scrabbling about yesterday evening catching our 3 new hens in order to put them in the cube for the night, I am wondering how long it will take before the chooks know that this is going to happen, and co-operate.

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