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  1. Beautiful blanket Vikki must of taken a while to do,I have been making more character beanies,minnie,mickey,tigger and pooh bear.
  2. Love tunisian crochet ,it has the sort of look of knitting but can be made much much quicker,on you tube Bethintx1 has very good videos and a great blanket made with tunisian crochet(interlac blanket).
  3. Beautiful baby quilt love it I have been crocheting.Have been making these charachter beanies,followed pattern of off you tube,crochet geek and dzcrochet creations. Have made loads of the "Grumpy bird" beanies for family and friends,the bear and owl are so cute done as baby hats.
  4. I have two light sussex and one of them is very lazy compared to the other,she is a big girl and hates the heat pants alot,I have had them over a year and she has always been like it.
  5. what a fab picture,my lot hate sharing make the most awful noise until one or the other moves.
  6. have put her back and shes ok sitting in the shade having a dust bath
  7. I have 2 light sussex and are total oppisite to each other,Mayo is really tame and calm and lays every day (apart from when broody) and Nugget is a total scatter brain and runs away from everything including me and I have had them over a year and lays whenever she feels like it,but they are a big bird even compared to my bluebelles which I thought were big.
  8. So so so so want some of these but must not get any more girls as I have 10 already and trying to save for a WIR so must keep hands in my pockets and not buy buy buy But your girls are beautiful
  9. I have my first broody (light sussex) in a dog crate since weekend and shes just started to squat again and stopped making that horrid noise and fluffing all up do you think its safe to return her as she gets a bit upset when shes the others FR or shall I leave it a bit longer.
  10. I taught myself to crochet right handed(as im left handed) by just watching all different videos on you tube so much easier to learn than looking in a book.
  11. this is my second year of having chooks and have the pleasure of one of my light sussex going broody,she fluffs all up and makes a horrible squawk and has plucked her belly bare, when I eventually get her out the nestbox after pecking my arms and hands a few times,I have put her in the dog crate with some food and water and hoping she will stop soon.Have been putting her back in the cube at night and putting her back in crate in the morning but its not working so leaving her in the crate and locking her in the shed tonight so she safe from anything around.Is this the right thing to do and can I do anything else to maybe out of being broody ?
  12. My girls were not impressed with the queens flypast,its bad enough we are on heathrow flight path takes them a while to get use to plane noise again when they swap runways and directions off take off and landing,but today we had spitfires,HUUUUUGE massive planes,red arrows tv filming helicopter the works!!!!I thought it was great stood in my garden watching them flyby but my girls no not impressed one little bit and I hope the queen heard they were loud enough but calmed down after half hour or so
  13. love the look of what the butterfly loom can make but cant find it anywhere?shame as baby blankets look so soft
  14. is it the martha stewart loom???I know it can be made round,square,rectangle shapes?
  15. Wow thats a whole lotta wool and time
  16. think I have seen it on create and craft it makes flower shapes ???Is this it ?? http://www.createandcraft.tv/Clover_Hana-Ami_Flower_Loom_-_6_Shape_Sets_178956.aspx?fh_location=//createandcraft/en_GB/categories@lt;{createandcraft_8428}
  17. Another crocheted swag bag made (pattern on raverly) in a stripey pattern this time.
  18. and people say chickens arent all there in the head,they just love proving people wrong
  19. This is exactly what I want,I have the concrete base already from fil having averies 20 years ago so just need the wir,where did you get yours from scubababe?.I have a 8ftx15ft piece of concrete so hoping can get something at a decent price to fit it? Cant wait to see the piccys of it finished
  20. Wow they are beautiful,that cable jumper is amazing!!!
  21. check out raverly.com website they have allsorts on there, careful though I can spend hours looking at patterns
  22. I saw that program as well they were diddy little things with red coloured lens ,thought they were being silly first of all and then realised they werent

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