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  1. Blimey eve that is cheap! This garden centre is the cheapest we have found; normally they have the little tubs for about £7 each so the big bag is a bargain in comparison. Your supplier isn't online by any chance....???
  2. This popped up as a link on my facebook page so I had a look. I quite like the naivety of the designs. I have no personal link to this, just always looking at pretty things! jojoembroideries
  3. Anyone who lives near Waresley in Cambridgeshire, the Waresley garden centre still has 500g bags of mealworms for £9.99 (usually £20). Stocked up today as a couple of my naughty girls have been seen feather plucking/eating!
  4. how about a camping kettle: nice and cheap and not too ugly: click
  5. I picked up 3 new chicks in mid September as POL - one bluebell, one speckedly and one light sussex (can't be sure from looking if she is purebred or hyrid). We have been getting one egg a day from the bluebell (we think) for the last 2 weeks and had our first egg from one of the others just this morning. It is a lovely pale pinky cream colour so could come from the sussex, but who knows!! My 3 established hybrids are all laying every day at the moment. Dolly had moulted her knickers so we were down to 2 for a while, but the egg numbers have increased with the appearance of her new knickers So this morning from 9 chooks, we had 5 eggs - only 2-3 weeks ago we were lucky if we got 3.
  6. 1st 2 girls delivered, so no mileage. Next 3 girls round trip of 50 metres - my neighbour used to raise hybrids. 3 orps from Power Poutry in Norfolk, so about 120 mile round trip, and the latest 3 from Jessie's Hens in Cambridge, another 20 mile round trip. So 140 miles and 50 metres (should I have used yards with miles - oh well ).
  7. Jackian - If I can go away for 3 weeks leaving my 20 year old son (who at the time had his arm in a sling due to separated acromioclavicular joint), who has no great love of animals to look after my Amy chicken (and the other 5) only 5 days after she was severely mauled by a dog then you will have no problem with your neighbour. My son had to clean 2 horrid wounds twice a day with betadine, spray with gentian, and get baytril and metacam into a chicken who would not eat. One handed. He was a star and the responsibility taught him a lot. 10 weeks on you would hardly know Amy had been hurt Just leave a comprehensive instruction sheet. Just ask for picture message once a week as reassurance. Or skype if your wifi reaches the garden
  8. I just thought it was a cute picture:) I was more concerned that the chook would walk into the jumper (sort of like when crawling baby girls crawl into their dresses??) and fall over. Am personally much more in favour of lovely fur or feathers. Look at the state of some so-called 'celebrity' pets
  9. This pic was sent to me by a friend today - may have been seen on the forum before but not by me. I did wonder whether it would be better on the craft forum..... Wonder what it would look like with a matching chicken nappy
  10. Yes, Elsie, ginger minger Is the top chook since my old Annie died and could give dear old Gaddaffi a run for his money in the dictator stakes. I can't stand bullies, and Elsie pecking a hole in the back of my fave gold laced orp only weeks after she had recovered from a serious dog mauling got right up my nose and therefore has resulted in the isolation pen . All 9 girls FR happily together as there are lots of places to hide in the garden, but in the day, when we are at work, she is separated from them - can't trust her vicious nature. She has already learned that it is no good going to bed in the coop with the others as she gets a rude awakening when we move her from there to the eglu . Am sure if she wasn't named after my dear departed great grandma that I would have found another home for her by now.
  11. I think it is ok as an occasional treat. I chuck the outer leaves and any stalk to my chooks when i am chopping lettuce for a salad. Shared between 9 of them it doesn't send them squitty - they love it so much it causes some hilarious chase scenes though
  12. my son has sold a few high value items on ebay recently. He uses paypal to take a small deposit (£50 ish) and then requests the rest in cash on collection. This works well for him as lessens the chance of being scammed and also filters out the not-so-serious bidders.
  13. I must be one of the lucky ones then - 4 years on and not so green any more, but still doing a good job
  14. Thanks Dogmother - done all that and regularly sprinkle grit/oystershell fro them to scratch up rather than peck from a pot. I think I just have very intelligent girls with a low boredom threshold - bit like being at work really
  15. I am having the treats vs boredom debate. I have had some bullying issues, so before I go to work, I usually chuck an apple or two into the run for them to peck at. (They live under an old Bramley tree so they get the windfall) And when the apples are finished, I get them a peck block. At the moment I am getting 2-3 eggs per day from 6 hybrids - no softies, just not many eggs. So I suppose it could be due to too much apple, but they are getting through the layers pellets too. If I don't give them treats to peck at the squabbling and bullying gets worse so it is a bit of catch 22.
  16. I used to use Aubiose, but it was always very dusty. I now use snoflake wood shavings which never seems dusty. A bale seems to last a lot longer than the aubiose, and the chooks don't seem to mind either way. The cost for a big bale is about the same too.
  17. We introduced 3 orpingtons to 4 established hybrids in January and in general they get along fine and introductions were smooth. However, the youngest orp (Amy) had to be separated for about 6 weeks after being mauled by a dog and although she was kept in a run adjoining the other one, when we tried putting her back there was a lot of bullying for a while. Eventually she was accepted back, until my head chook Annie died suddenly a month ago. Elsie, who has taken over at the top has turned into a vicious nightmare and pecked a huge hole in amy's back and despite gentian/antipeck etc did not stop. So we separated Elsie away from the others to try to suppress the bullying but have not yet been able to put her back as each time we do she heads straight for Amy. So I guess the moral is this is that yes, it should be fine, but be vigilant if anything happens to upset the pecking order. In contrast the 3 POL hybrids we introduced a month ago integrated within 2 weeks and it is as if they have always been part of the flock.
  18. This seems like a recurring problem, so is it time for a call to the RSPCA?
  19. Blocking access to her special place behind the tub will probably send her somewhere else - but not necessarily back to the nest box unfortunately. Have you considered red mite etc in the coop? Sometimes they don't like laying if they are being bothered by little crawly things on their nether regions But if the others lay in there I guess that is not an issue. With mine I try not to let them into the garden until they have laid, but nowadays I have an afternoon layer so that doesn't work any more - she always goes back to the eglu though.
  20. I am having a similar problem. I have 9 chooks and Elsie, who is top chook is beating up Amy, (bottom chook) on a regular basis. Last week we took the decision to create 2 flocks - 3 hybrids including Elsie in the Eglu and the 3 orps and 3 new hybrids in the wooden coop. The Eglu run attaches to the end of the wooden run, so we drop an old gate we have into the gap to keep them separated. All has worked well until last night. I was at home for the day so let them all out to free range (they all get on fine when out in the garden). They put themselves to bed and then we shuffle them into the correct coops, but somehow last night we forgot to put the gate back. So woke up to a very badly pecked Amy this morning. I managed to separate off Elsie but Amy looks a mess again. All her tail feathers are gone and so are the quills that had just started to come back. I know it is an instinct thing but I am really beginning to dislike Elsie . I have bought some bumpa bits so I think I will fit one anyway so if this happens again at least she can't do any further damage.
  21. I am in the 'sanitised' camp. I try to only buy free range, corn fed chicken to cook with. The girls in my garden are my pets and anyway, with all that egg production they are way too skinny to be worth considering as a meal My neighbour raises chickens and geese for the table but there is no way I could actually despatch one I had raised. I think I am a closet veggie really, just that I like the taste of chicken and meat too much to give it up, regardless of all the ethical and moral debates. So now I only eat meat if I can see that the animals have had some sort of life outdoors/ quality of life.
  22. this stuff is not bad - the earthworm 'bits' are mixed in with flaked oats and other seeds, so I just grab a handful and chuck it in. I can't tell which bits are worm and which are the black sunflower seeds unless I look really closely. so I don't
  23. Just wanted to echo richardr about getting all the males in your family and friends to help with 'watering' the garden. Best done regularly at the points where Mr Fox is gaining access..... my nephew took us too literally once when we told him to wee round the eglu....
  24. Had two eggs this morning from the new girls we picked up 4 weeks ago. Tiny compared to the whoppers our older hybrids produce! I don't know which 2 of the 3 have laid - Bert, the speckledy has been crouching for a week or so but has a very small, pale comb. The other two look more developed - large, red combs but have not been crouching. So who knows, but very exciting all the same!!

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