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  1. Hi Dan, I always found the Flyte So Fancy website very informative, and helpful, not only do they sell the stuff, but they have good information sections too.
  2. Chicken Poo in the compost bin makes the most fantastic compost. No need to separate it as the poo acts as an activator, I used to throw everything in, the wood chip, the newspaer from the droppings tray - the wood chip and newspaper are woody (lignified) matter which you need as well as green stuff. Sadly since my last girls were taken by a fox my compost has been far inferior.
  3. I found the the flytes so fancy website very helpful when I was setting mine up years ago..... On the left hand side of the home page, scroll right down and there is an information box. Amongst other things there is an explanation of how Electric fencing works, Poultry netting advice and a Faq section for electric fencing. I remember being very confused too. A tester is essential too, but just a little one with lights that clips onto the netting is easiest (although it can be difficult to see on a bright sunny day).
  4. I used bio oil, various other ungents and some hideously expensive scar cream when I had my melonoma treated ( 18 inches of scarring in two places) The bio oil was by far the best and I threw all the other stuff out, it was also easier to apply and massage in. The big trick is not to be too gentle (within reason, it is still early days for you..), you have to break down the scar tissue and keep at it - my scars are dificult to see now , but it didn't seem possible at the time. You are doing really well, and are so positive - you'll be dancing on the table in no time 😀
  5. I'm with Dogmother on this, I have a Wickes Kitchen and it is the best I have ever had. The units are solid and well made, mine is a painted wood, shaker style and they gave me the dulux paint colour code for mine, so I could paint bookcases etc in the same colour (and touch up the odd dunt). We have bought a house to renovate and downsize to, and we will, most definately, be gong to Wickes again. We used the Wickes fitters and the one we got was good, he even sent a couple of units back for replacement, rather than make do, although the painter he recommended was not quite as good. .
  6. My runs got quite rusty - mainly due to squirrel who kept trying to chew through the mesh to get at the chicken food. They never managed it , but had a jolly good try! I suspect yours was under attack in its previous life too....
  7. Many Many congratulations - you stuck at it and got there. Good for you, you will be the most fantastic vet and I wish you all the very best for your new Job. Well done Lewis - lovely pictures too.
  8. What a girl ! I’m very impressed as I don’t think I would have said boo to a goose at her age. You have equipped her well to deal with the world we live in – you must be a very proud Mum.
  9. Dogmother - is that you in the you tube clip???
  10. So sorry too far to help - I remember my angst when I first had to fit one! The thing I found helped most was to warm them up first in a cup of hot/boiling water as it made the plastic softer (I used to tuck them in my bra to keep them supple when I went outside) It really is a two person job - this clip on you tube shows how it is done, although she does make it look very easy as I know I was never that slick! you tube link Good Luck
  11. I am incensed on your behalf too! But.. in many ways a high vis jacket makes people invisible - if this chap climbed over a gate or wall to access your property and was found rootling round your bins it might be that his purpose was more of a criminal intent (identity theft or similar). It might be worth calling the police non emergency number and reporting this person, it might well be that he is a jobsworth with a thuggish mentality but anyone can buy a high vis jacket and uniform on the internet (and it is easy to forge an ID too), so it might be worth having a chat with the police. I'm not really as paranoid as this makes me sound - really!
  12. Any of you Omleteers who are National Trust members will have received your AGM voting papers. This year we have a Members motion requiring the National Trust to ban and eventually phase out the use of barbed wire on its land. We have had some nasty cases of deer being caught in barbed wire locally, and dying there or having to be euthanized. Henley Standard March 30th and Early August. The first case was trapped in recently erected barbed wire on National Trust Land. The forestry commission says barbed wire should not be used any where deer are present and the RSPCA concur with the Forestry commissions advice. The National Trust’s attitude Is that this is a very rare occurrence and deer will go around barbed wire where possible. We live in a heavily wooded area and the deer paths are clearly visible leading up to and beyond barbed wire. We also have a number of dogs requiring veterinary attention after encountering the stuff too! Please could you give it some consideration and exercise your right to vote instead of throwing all the gumph away (as I usually do).
  13. I used to have a problem with cats using my veggie plot as a latrine and I had some success with something called a ScareCrow, which was a motion activated water jet. It was easy to use, just attach a hose with a snap fit connector and angle the sensor to the area you want to protect. Only problem was a soaking when you forget that it is set The one I has is no longer available, but on Amazon there is a "PestBye Jet Spray Repeller Motion Activated Fox Deterrent" which looks very similar.
  14. Andy, I suspect you may have limescale in your machine which is holding onto the dye. So my suggestion is boil wash with 250g citric acid and then empty and clean the filter - your washing machine instructions will tell you where to find it and how to do it. FYI - I get my citric acid from Amazon as chemists don't like to sell it as it is used to "cut drugs" - I am nearly 60, overweight and ...well matronly ... just your picture book drug dealer I always get food grade as I use 50g to descale my kettle too. Mary
  15. We have always used a small company for annual insurance - until medical issues overtook us. The cost was minimal and covered us for all sorts of impromptu jollies. Now health has become an issue they have a "free spirit" division that covers us too, all be it at a greater cost and on a per trip basis. The company we use is " http://www.pjhayman.com/travel-insurance" - we find them very good and being a smaller company they might be sensible regarding a short uk trip. Sir T our great hero too! M x

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