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  1. So sorry to hear of you losing two girls but I am glad that you are getting some comfort in spoiling Leia right now and I hope you gain some more comfort from getting ex-batts too.
  2. Sorry to hear about Tallulah, I lost my white star last year, they are lovely birds but very skittish! At least she had a year of spoiling and making new friends. Sleep tight Tallulah
  3. He is very cute, he looks like he could have an eye for the ladies!
  4. Sorry for the late response to this, we've been without internet off and on for a few days, never been long enough to get here! Firstly, thank you to all of you who have responded to my original post. Your experience have helped me and OH. He went to the GP last week armed with info. Unfortunately, the GP wasn't willing to go for the referral strategy just yet, he has given him sleeping tablets to try to get OH into a proper sleeping routine as sometimes if he is tired, that kicks off a migraine, then he can't sleep, then the vicious cycle starts. So, he has got to take those for two weeks and go back just before they run out. In addition he has to keep a daily diary of activities, foods, moods and see if there are any additional triggers as well. I think the GP will then give him something that eases the migraines, thats what I understand anyway, hopefully then we may begin to make some progress with treating them in the early stages. He has also been for an eye test and no glasses needed, he has perfect vision (very jealous as mine is awful!) and he has been for Reiki as well and the lady doing the Reiki said she could feel he was very out of alignment around his head area (I told him that was a polite way of telling him he was bonkers!) and she worked on that and he is going again because he said he felt it did some good. Thus far
  5. My OH has suffered for years with migraines, he's had a lot of prescription drugs, alternative therapies etc but hasn't sought any treatment in the last 4 or 5 years as he felt he was getting nowehere. Over the last month or so, the attacks have become more frequent, from every few weeks to every few days, this week he had one all day Sunday and has just gone to bed with another attack. This leaves me to look after the baby, being pregnant as well, trying to run the house, get everything done, it's leaving me exhausted at the end of the day. So....I have told him he needs to see the GP to get this sorted, he is not confident they will do anything, but can anyone who had sought help from their GP please reassure me (so I can reassure him) they he will be taken seriously (he is scared they won't take him seriously) and there are treatments out there?
  6. For those of you who sell chickens/hatching eggs/chicks etc When you advertise, by whatever means, internet, in a shop, poultry magazine, do you respond to people even if you have nothing to sell at that time? I ask because we have sent off emails, left messages on voicemails/answer phones, sent forms through websites yet after over a 2 weeks in some cases, we have yet to receive even one response to our enquries. It is a bit disheartening especially when stock is advertised on a website (for example), you notice the website has been updated in the last few days and then there is no response from them. I know a lot of people are hobby breeders and therefore do have a life outside of chicken-ing but surely a polite e-mail saying sorry all sold now or a return of a phone call wouldn't hurt Maybe I'm just old fashioned.....
  7. Do check with your council (ours was fine except had rules about cockerals) but don't feel obliged to 'have' to tell your neighbour, we did indeed tell our in our last house and it sparked quite a bit of curiosity from their child, who was fascinated by them. Word of mouth spread and we had people knocking on the door for fresh eggs after a while! Great conversation starter though once you have them!
  8. Always sad to read of a passing of a chook. Sending you (((hugs)))
  9. We've had much too-ing and fro-ing between OH and myself over getting more chickens.....various breeds have been mooted, opinions sought and after considering the risk of Mareks as opposed to not getting any birds at all, we came to a joint decision.... 2 Pekin Bantam Ladies We're on the hunt now, OH is laying turf this week and then we're ready to go. I'm not really bothered about the colour, although I do like the Millefleur and Lavender colourings, but mainly we want them as decent pets for our littlies. It's just a case of waiting for a few people to get back to me. I have heard they can be noisy though.....good job we have no neighbours where we moved to!! Just a Q though, for the first few weeks, we have the coop with a run underneath and a 10ft metal pen OH fashioned out of 2 5ft pens last year, they won't be able to FR as we have to wait for the rest of the garden to be finished off, is this going to be suitable short term for them? With our last girls they FR all the time only going back in the pens when we were going out, so we've never used them as a proper 'housing' system.
  10. I'm sorry to hear about both you losing your girls to Marek, I agree, it is a hearbreaking a debilitating disease. It is one of the reasons I am uncertain about chicken keeping again, I almost want assurances that it won't happen again but I know no one can give me that and I wonder if that is actually the reason why I have yet to get any more? I feel torn, on one hand, I'd love a few good egg layer hybrids, but would have to accept that they may/may not be vaccinated and they may/may not get Mareks, one the other, I think maybe pure breeds, Marans (possibly), because they are 'supposed' to be more disease resistant? It's a difficult call, I know I would be devastated if Mareks struck again
  11. I kind of think that if our grandmothers got by perfectly well without all these do's and don't, then we can get by.....my midwife doesn't share my views though!
  12. As an expectant mum, all my midwife said was with ANY eggs, ensure they are well cooked and to avoid raw eggs and raw egg products (such as homemade mayo), can't find anything to say otherwise. I wouldn't hesitate to eat eggs from my new neighbours chooks myself.
  13. I got bantam Orps from Acre House Hens in Wrexham (Lin also sells hybrids too but unsure about Wyandotte), not far from Shrops boarder, not sure how realistic it would be for you to get to Wrexham though. Wrexham again is Halghton Holdings, nice chap there and you can reserve the types of hens you want, I know he breeds Wyandottes and he did have some Sussex bantams in when I went for a mooch before Christmas, unsure about Orpies though Cheshire Poultry is supposed to be very good and someone told me of a site called Victoria's poultry which pecialises in Orps, apparently based at the end of the M56 by Chester, I've not been on their site myself nor bought chooks from there so I can't vouch for them personally.
  14. I got bantam Orps from Acre House Hens in Wrexham (Lin also sells hybrids too but unsure about Wyandotte), not far from Shrops boarder, not sure how realistic it would be for you to get to Wrexham though. Wrexham again is Halghton Holdings, nice chap there and you can reserve the types of hens you want, I know he breeds Wyandottes and he did have some Sussexes in when I went for a mooch before Christmas. Cheshire Poultry is supposed to be very good and someone told me of a site called Victoria's poultry which pecialises in Orps, apparently based at the end of the M56 by Chester, I've not been on their site myself nor bought chooks from there so I can't vouch for them personally.
  15. Well, I'm on the road to chicken keeping once more, allbeit in a more planned and careful manner. I'm currently on the research trail regarding pure breeds and have a question. When I got my hybrids, they came as vaccinated against Mareks, we had a white star who died of suspected Mareks, however we were told she had also been vaccinated with a spray (not sure how accurate this is?). Lottie, the white star, had a horrible end to her life and really I should have had her PTS days before I did, she was paralysed and took the typically described Mareks 'pose', so I am keen not to go through it again. So, I have been looking at getting pure breeds, however, I understand from other sites, many breeders do not vaccinate their pure breeds, preferring a natural resistance method. Am I correct in how I am understanding that? Does that mean they don't get Mareks? Could I get them vaccinated if I was particularly worried about Mareks and would my local vet do this for me or would I have to find a local breeder? I was thinking initially of Marans, which they say are disease resistant?? However I'm still thinking about thinking about Orpingtons though, maybe Orpington Bantams (very possibly gold laced from Cheshire Poultry) and really just wondering what the stance is if I did decided to go for pure breeds instead.
  16. Index (Similar to Argos but more expensive!!) Rumbelows Our Price Bejams Etam & Tammy Girl C&A- I loved a bright blue, pink and neon yellow coat I had when I was about 7/8 Lunn Poly Ratners!! Woolworths
  17. Hello again, I have some good news, my OH and I have decided to give things another go Reluctantly, I've decided to get rid of my 20 bird coop but keep my 5 bird coop. Many reasons for this but mainly because by my own admission, I expanded my flock far too quickly by far too many birds, a mistake I don't want to repeat, especially after our suspect case of Mareks. OH has said I can have, come spring, a maximum of 4 hens, which is lovely of him because he knows how important my hens are to me. I am debating types with him, he likes Polands, Pekins, Barb'uccle (apologies for the spelling!) which I also like but I like Sussex's, Wyandottes & am tempted by cream legbars for the egg colour!! How do you choose, obviously we could not have breeds like Polands and hybrids together. I do like getting eggs from my hens, so in essence, hybrids would be great, I don't know much about the egg laying abilities of the smaller breeds, so any advice on the front would be appreciated. We also don't have a garden in our new house yet, the landlord is fine with chickens though, garden is being done next month and into March, so I'm not rushing to get hens as we have nowhere to house them yet. Predominantly I want to be sure of what hens I want and then just be on the look out from March onwards and if the right hens come up, then great. Also, I am concerned about Mareks, I know with pure breeds the people I've bought from don't vaccinate their pure breeds, is this normal? Is there a theory of natural resistance with pure breeds? X
  18. Not a great start to the New Year..... Today the lady I had rehomed my girls with came to collect them. I cried most of yesterday but luckily the ex said he would deal with them leaving as I couldn't. Said my goodbyes and gave them all kisses, stupid I know. I feel so sad and miss them so much already. They've gone quite some distance away so I won't be able to visit them. Still feeling incredibly guilty about having to rehome them so soon. I will get some more in time when I'm back on my feet as I still have my coops and don't intend to get rid of them. I'm hoping in a year or so that I'll have a few pekins or silkies, looking in advance to the national show 2012 to get some more birds. The ex and I are still sorting finances so I'm not on my feet yet but hoping in a month or so that will be sorted out and I can pick myself up from all of this. To my beautiful girls I hope you are happy on your new farm, I know your new owner reads the forum. Enjoy all your free ranging!
  19. Unfortunately, my partner and I have split up and as a consequence, I have to rehome my beautiful girls. Luckily, I have found someone who will take them all but I feel so guilty, I haven't had them long and I feel like I am giving up on them, everytime I look at them I cry and feel so guilty. I know they will have a good, free rage life, but it should be with me, not someone else. I'm moving back in with my Mum and she doesn't like them so they can't come with me (plus it would be a 4 hour journey with 21 chickens). I will miss them so much....they really made my life complete. I will also miss this forum, I don't think I will be about to post anymore as my Mum doesn't have the internet but I think I would find it a bit too much as well. So thank you all for everything, all the advice, everything, have a wonderful Christmas all of you
  20. I've just a smidge of my wattle and comb protector today on one of my ex batts as her comb was very dry and sore, she did not appreciate it one bit!
  21. LOL I've just been outside in a dress and heels (because I'm cool likethat!) and OMG it is cold, it's wet and the run needs raking! I share your pain!
  22. Awful, sickening, so sorry for the children at the school xxx
  23. My OH has gone off them but lets me freely get on with them and he does help out too, but he isn't as keen as me. Personally, I feel a sense of completion by having my girls, so I couldn't see me giving them up, although, I do admit, with this weather + arm in a sling, that maybe I should have not got so many but then they all come to see me for treats or tap on the window for me, then I'm completely in love with them all over again! My cousin's friend has left her beautiful silkies in my care, as she had to move from the house she shared with her former boyfriend, she is actively looking for a place to take her plus chickens but she says people are negative and think they are incredibly destructive- would agree in parts- my big girls have been on mission: destroy the garden this week. The silkies are fab in their , keeping the grass prim and proper! I know chicken keeping is seen as a bit hippy-ish and some people can fall in love with the ideology but find reality very different, especially come winter, I've never known so much mud but I love it. Maybe people are also ill informed when buying chickens, it is like taking on a cat or dog but it is not given as much emphasis, people think chicken keeping is easy, its not its hard work but so very rewarding!
  24. Dilys,my sussex had a mini moult at the end of October,lots of feathers lost, looked like baby feathers but I expected her to lose more but nothing after that, she's 35 weeks now

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