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  1. Hi everyone Just thought I ought to tell you what happened today. Well my hubby went to collect the eggs from my three girls. And he bought in the biggest egg the girls have ever laid. It weighed 131g! Yes 131g. My girl Sage must have had a terrible time laying that one. We were so amazed by the size it actually fits in the palm of my hand my five year old daughter decided to take a photo of it. So when I eventually download them I will post them on the Forum. Michele.
  2. Pepe Thank you for the advice I feel at lot more at ease and we have a 8x4ft run to bolt on the front of the hutch so the two rabbits will have so much fun. Eventually I will get a rablu. Michele
  3. Good evening everyone Well, we got chickens in December and now we have aquired two medium sized rabbits from the RSPCA - should be settled at home on Saturday of next week. I wonder whether you could tell me of the size of hutch needed. We have a two tier hutch (size 4' long and each level is 17" high) is that big enough or should I go for a larger one? Hope to hear from anyone soon.
  4. Well today was the day when we opened our large egg. Would you believe we were so eggcited to get a double yolker but on opening it , it only turned out to be a single yolk. Maybe next time it will be a double yolker!!!
  5. Havent seen yet but looking forward to the event. Will let you know when it happens!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  6. Hi to everyone I would just like to announce to the site that we have just had our largest egg ever laid. It weighs 101g. It's enormous!!!! I feel so sorry for the hen that laid it. Apart from that we are getting three eggs a day weighing approximately 78-85g each. Could you tell me if that is good. Cos I think its fantastic!!!
  7. Good afternoon one and all My daughter's agouti guinea pig Piglet passed away on Thrusday he was three and a half and quite poorly. We still have his brother Tigger but he pines for him so much so does my daughter who is five. We gave him a lovely burial in the garden and my daughter suggested that we plant a flower where Piglet was buried. We also put a solar light where we buried him so that when she looks out in the garden she can see where Piglet is. Is there any suggestions as to stop little Tigger being lonely and my little girl being upset. Should I put a dwarf rabbit in with him or another guinea pig. The only problem I have with my existing guinea pig is that he has not been neutured. Can anyone give me some advice. Michele.

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