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  1. Hello all, ATM I have both an eglu go (with four pekins) and an eco hen loft from solwayrecycling (home to five pekins). I want to get a larger WIR in a while to house all nine pekins together hopefully, but my quandary is what would be best to house them all in. Originally I planned to get a 'cube' but my pekins in the 'go' do not like the slatted floor, so are just using the moulded base as the go floor. The floor in the eco hen loft is flat, but it does have two perches, which just one or two of the pekins use at night. Both coops have auboise on the floors for the pekins to snuggle into. I have been looking at maybe buying a chicken loft (greenfrogdesign) rather than a cube, but as these all cost quite a lot I really do want to make the right choice. The height of the cube seems to make for easier cleaning (not as young as I used to be!) but if my pekins won't be happy in it due to the slatted floor, it would be rather an expensive mistake. Has anyone else had difficulties with their hens not liking the eglu slatted floors? I'd much appreciate your thoughts. Many thanks, Jx.
  2. You must be feeling very relieved at the news, so glad all's good. Jx
  3. Just to concur with the others, glad you seem to be much more positive, here's hoping that your back problem will resolve asap, but do be careful as it may well remain a weakness. Take care, Jx.
  4. Sorry you have had such a traumatic experience with your Alfa Mito. I've no clue about these cars, so asked my OH to read your post. You don't say how old your car is or how long the warranty is for, but from reading the details posted my OH says that this car is electric-powered steering and he can't understand why it would have a fluid pipe for the steering that would freeze. If it was hydraulic-powered steering instead, then it would have to be darned cold for the oil to freeze in the pipes! From looking on the internet he says that hydraulic fluid is still usable from around -40degC so very coooollldddd! He suggests you get in touch with Alfa Romeo company direct by telephoning them on 0800 25320000 monday to friday 9-6pm. Then as chuckmum6 has said, get in touch with Trading Standards to see if they have any complaints about the garage you were towed to (for help) who left you in control of an unsafe car despite you paying for the costly service/repair job! Hope all goes well for you, and you get a good result and confidence in your car again. Best wishes, Jx.
  5. Hi ladies, Do hope you managed to get some sleep in the end Lolalayla, back pain is difficult to contend with and hard to get yourself in a comfortable position. Both OH and I have it, he far worse due to accident and failed surgery, me being a former nurse. I hope your numbness improves, what sort of scan are you actually going to have? Take the medication regularly, even if your pain is eased, to ensure that you get relief from pain/discomfort, and to try to avoid breakthrough pain issues. Unfortunately my eye problem cannot be fixed as such. I didn't even remember that I had fallen in the ice last week and hit my forehead on the ground, when asked at the hospital until towards the end of the assessment with the opthalmologist! It appears that it may well have caused this vitreous tissue in my eye to start detaching away from the back of my eye (retina), as I've been suffering with larger 'floaters' and noticing things in my vision since friday last. After speaking to an optician yesterday, she did advise me to go to A&E as it could be serious, and the lady on-call opthalmologist was lovely there, as she did calm my worries with her manner and treatment of me. Anyway apart from noticing if there is any further increase in 'floaters', flashing lights, or a shadow appearing (in which case I need to contact them straight away) I get to go back in two weeks for another dilation of eyes to recheck that my retina is fine and not becoming detached too (which is much more serious). Sorry to have a moan on again Lolalayla but do take things carefully at home/work, a little untidyness doesn't matter but you and your health does. If there if any moaning that things haven't been done, then let those that moan do jobs instead of struggling on yourself, I say. All the best for an early scan appt, take care, Jx.
  6. Hi again, Have just woken OH to ask him how sloping our garden is as I've noticed your latest post, he thinks it is about 30 degrees running uphill from the back of our house to the end of our garden. My netting is attached to our garden fencing, cuts across the lawn for about 16-20 feet, then continues up the garden for 25 ft or so to the 'gate', before joining the separate piece of netting (10 ft ish) which is attached to the side of the WIR beyond it's doorway. The uprights thread through the netting squares so there is a little leeway to accommodate the uneven ground, but plenty of tent pegs is a must to ensure that the bottom edge of the netting is secure against attempts to escape under it! I'm pleased with the netting which allows me to let my pekins FR in the afternoons when possible, under supervision as we have numerous dogs either side of us, and open ground beyond our garden. Hope that helps, Jx
  7. Sorry you are having back trouble, it sounds like you may have compressed a nerve root giving you the loss of sensation in your thigh. Do be careful and make sure that you don't do any manual heavy jobs until you get this problem assessed thoroughly. We ladies aren't always good at asking for help, but try to plod on with jobs regardless even though we should know better! Having spent two hours myself in A&E today I've now been told I have a detached vitreous humor in my right eye, probably due to a fall on the ice recently, so feeling a bit down myself. Don't feel too guilty if some things get left undone at home, your health is more important as I try to remind myself (my OH is disabled). Hope your scan appt comes through soon. Good luck, Jx.
  8. Hi clucker1, Yes, I've got a 21m run of omlet netting set up in my sloping rear garden so that my pekin flock can free range with supervision. To be honest you need many more 'tent pegs' than those supplied with it, and I have had to cut a length of netting so that it can attach to my WIR and give me an area of garden for them to FR in, as I didn't want to put the netting around the WIR enclosing it in the FR area which would have given me a much smaller area. The cut ends of netting I did seal using a flame, so that it won't unravel, but be warned the ends stay hot a long time. The 'gate', which is where the two ends of netting meet, can be a bit difficult to clip together (particularly in this cold weather) but I am hoping that it will last a long time. The spikes on the uprights just push into the ground to secure them and, apart from the 'gatepost' which will need resiting as it does get wobbly with use, they are fine. I'm glad that I bought it, even at £99. Hope that helps, J.

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