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  1. I am sure that quite a few cars have been pranged in this icy/snowy weather ClaireG so try not to worry too much about it. I'm sure your neighbour will be understanding in the circumstances. Glad you have been able to talk to S, it will help I'm sure however things turn out for you all (especially if things are amicable). Take care, J x
  2. Hello Tutu, Just wanted to say that I think you are wise in not taking up the "good job" you had been offered but in sticking with your own business, as too many changes at the same time would make your experience of trying to rebuild your life even more difficult. I am sorry that you find yourself in this situation, but like ClaireG take things one day at a time, try not to dwell on the 'bad days', look after yourself and with the encouragement of your daughter (and friends) you will hopefully have more good days ahead. Sending you hugs, Julie.
  3. Hi again ClaireG, I know just what you mean about "snooping" and finding out some things you don't like! But to be honest being curious about what he's done/doing is just another 'hurt' to add to the growing list, and you really do not need to do this to yourself. Take courage, you are above this and worth so much more. Hopefully your son has friends he can talk to about things that are worrying him, so that he also has good days too. I know that my children confide in friends at times, and although it does upset me to think that they don't feel they can discuss some things with us, I am grateful that they have supportive friends. As you are diabetic, it is especially important that you really do take care of your health and eat properly. So no skipping meals, and being rather old-fashioned I like meal-times for the conversations we have together as a family (with three children aged 17, 15 and 12). It's very early days for you and your son, so just take things slowly, one day at a time, don't dwell too much on the 'bad days' as you will have good ones too. Try to arrange something nice for you and your son to do together, as it'll be something to look forward to. Thinking of you, sending a big hug, Julie.
  4. (maximum of only 2 letter changes allowed) Retrievers
  5. My heart goes out to you ClaireG, life can be so shocking at times. Unlike a bereavement where you have no choice in the matter, when your husband leaves you the sense of rejection is almost soul-destroying (from personal experience he chose someone else, and also had obviously been planning it for some time on looking back at events in our life!). It is something that you never do get over, but the passage of time does deaden the feelings, and now 25 years later I realise he did me a favour (you could almost say character-building, as I'm a much stronger person than I ever thought). The post from Mum gives some really good advice. I found it very cathartic to write my thoughts and feelings down, as there is a lot of stuff going around in your head that you aren't necessarily able to say out loud to someone, even to good friends. Relate also helped me get things into perspective, and I went to these meetings on my own. Your son is obviously hurt too, and probably lashing out at you because he knows how much you love him, so hopes you'll not condemn him for his behaviour. It is so much more difficult when a relationship breaks down where children are involved, but just take one day at a time, allow yourself time to think through this shocking situation you now find yourselves to be in, the grieving process can be long but just allow it to happen. Don't make any decisions yet, you need to just look after you and your son for now, until you feel able to tackle things in the future. My thoughts and prayers are with you ClaireG, sending lots of hugs. Take care, Julie xx.

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