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  1. I have an eglu go with the two metre run, and use a 'cat litter' type tray which has reasonably high sides for a dustbath tray for four pekin bantams. They seem to like it and manage to dustbathe quite well in it. I've also put a branch in for them to perch on and a small platform, on which I found all four of them sharing today (huddled together for warmth no doubt).
  2. Just thought I should add my small pekin bantam flock to the running total, so 1291 + 9 = 1300 !!
  3. Hi there, Yes I agree with jasperaliceuk, as I tried to place an order on 20th Nov. with that particular code (thinking that it meant any order over £50 you placed) only to be told I couldn't use it as had already done so! So please alter the wording omlet so that it isn't misleading, as it implies you can use it more than once as it stands! Thanks.
  4. Hi there Redwing, Many thanks for the advice, I'll chop up a cabbage leaf for them and see if it'll take their minds off each other. It feels like we've had them for ages, you said life wouldn't be the same once we took them home!!! Regards, Julie new pekin mum
  5. Hello all, Today I am on pins, as since last night I've introduced my lovely young pekins to each other (2 to 3 pullets), and although we've only had them for 11 and 8 days respectively I am so attached to them already. It feels to have been for much longer! So as you can imagine, when I hear screeching coming from my eglu go, it's putting me on edge. I've already used the anti-pecking spray on the 2, to try to prevent feather pulling from the bigger of the 3 pullets, and have a hand sprayer with water in to intervene when she is not letting go. I realise it's early days, but I hope it doesn't last too long. They are between 8-11 weeks old, and I intend to get a WIR as soon as possible, so that I can get some more. Just smitten, even my 17 year old son is impressed with them! When I feel more confident using this, I'll be asking for advice as we are just such newbies, but can I ask if I can give them treats (such as grapes, corn on the cob, cabbage, broccoli, etc) yet as they are only young, and do I need to cook the veg first? Many thanks, Julie new pekin mum.

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