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  1. Hi there, I have an Eglu Go and am very pleased with it for my pekin bantams. It is on a raised veg plot at present, so making it easier to clean out/collect eggs/give them a cuddle, as the large door opening is at the end. I wouldn't want to use it at ground level though as I feel that this would make it very difficult (getting less agile with old age!). The pekin bantams aren't keen on the slatted floor, so following advice from other omleteers, I just use the base floor with auboise on. I even bought the 'extreme weather liners' for it which fit inside the actual housing walls/roof, were very useful when it was much colder, and have only recently removed them for washing to be stored for next winter. Although I have no personal experience of a Classic, I have read that it is very heavy to remove the top off one. Anyway good luck in your search/purchase of the henhouse to suit your needs. Jx
  2. Sorry to hear you have experienced problems with your treatment/care in hospital after being sent by your GP last year. I also feel that you should complain to the hospital about this lack of care which may/may not have caused you long term health issues, but did give you an extended period of agonising pain which was both inconsiderate and inexcusable, followed by the emergency admission/surgery you ended up with! The least you should get is a written apology from the hospital concerned, with the assurance that this episode of 'care' will be looked into and reviewed, so that it hopefully won't happen again to any other person. Sadly too few of us are prepared to formally complain and instead put up with the results of someone's irresponsible behaviour. Good luck whatever you decide, Jx.
  3. Delighted to hear you are back home and sounding so positive after such a bad time of being unwell. Hope you get a lot of welcome rest and make a speedy recovery (no pun intended re mobility scooter!). Take care, enjoy the lovely weather and scenery, Jx.

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