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  1. Have you tried the gel ones you can buy in Lidl (if you have these shops near you Lewis)? They're only a couple of £, but quite comfortable in wellies.
  2. All the best Emma for your op later today, hope everything goes smoothly, and that you'll be home again soon on the road to full recovery. Good luck, Jx.
  3. So glad you've got your op date in just 10 days, not too long to wait now. Just hang on in there and hopefully your pain will be in the past soon! Take care, Jx.
  4. So glad you got good news last Friday from your hospital appointment, hope you get in soon for the op. Take care of yourself until then, and don't overdo things! All the best, Jx.
  5. Must admit when I saw this, I thought it must be something to do with lambing - poor ewe!! Jx
  6. Tbh if the co-op insurance quote only increased your mum's renewal by just £70 to have yourself included on her policy, I think that's pretty amazing considering you are only 18. Although I don't have any experience with "the box in car" for that price I'd say jump at it, but as you haven't driven since passing your car test last July I would strongly recommend that you do have a few lessons with your instructor as you mention, just for your own piece of mind/reassurance. Good luck, Jx.
  7. They look far too lovely to eat, never mind the cost!

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