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  1. Hi Memphisto, I've got pekin bantams, five in a 2x2m omlet WIR, four in eglu with 2m run, and they get to FR under supervision when possible. Planning to get a much bigger run for them all, but from what I've read medium-sized poultry require 1 square metre of run each (so bantams should be ok with slightly less than that being smaller). Obviously the largest run possible would be best for any hens kept in an enclosure, from reading your post I'm not sure if your "coup with run underneath and 10 ft metal run" are joined together, but if you are starting with two pekins I think that this would be a big enough space for them to live happily until your future plans happen. Pekins are just full of character and although I'm still new to chicken keeping, I've not once regretted getting my little flock. They take up quite a lot of time in caring for them, but give me so much joy and pleasure back! Sadly, I've already been afflicted with morehens disease and plan to expand my pekin flock asap. Good luck to you, Jx.
  2. Your little pekin flock is lovely, I'm hoping to get both a chocolate and a blue pekin bantams one day to add to my other various nine pekins. Keep posting your smashing pics, they're gorgeous! Jx
  3. Congratulations Emma, they do say that facing up to your fears is half the battle! So well done to you, just hope that the frog/toad isn't waiting on your doorstep tomorrow morning when you next open your door, but if it is having moved it once you know you're more than capable of doing it again. Good luck, Jx.
  4. Do you think that as Walmart own Asda may have something to do with lack of fr eggs in products, etc? Just a thought, Jx.
  5. Hi again Hazel, What about something like this Toshiba Satellite Pro C660-2DJ Laptop Intel Celeron Dual Core B800 1.5GHz 4GB RAM 500GB HDD 15.6" HD DVD Writer Intel HD 3000 Webcam Bluetooth Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit FROM Ebuyer.com £319.98 inc vat QuickFind code: 288866 Manufacturer ID: PSC1ME-01500KEN Quality and value. The Satellite Pro C660/C660D is an affordable, great-quality everyday laptop and features a 39.6cm (15.6”) TruBrite® display and textured matte black finish. The media card reader is ideal for quick and convenient transfers from other devices and the numeric keypad is ideal for working with business applications such as spreadsheets. The C660 features a streamlined design in a textured matt black finish and weighs from only 2.5kg. The textured finish helps to minimise fingerprint marks as well as giving it a smart look and feel. A 39.6cm (15.6”) display makes it an ideal desktop replacement and with LED backlighting, it delivers sharp and vivid images. Toshiba laptops come with a range of features that enhance your user experience. The spacious full size keyboard with numeric keypad is ideal for applications such as spreadsheets, and ensures typing is comfortable. The USB ports offer quick and convenient transfer methods of documents, photos and other files from your other devices. Toshiba’s multi-touch touchpad gives you more intuitive navigation that allows you to zoom, scroll and rotate providing an innovative alternative to conventional scrolling and buttons You’ll get everything you need to get moving straight away. Microsoft Office Starter 2010 is pre-installed whilst the McAfee Internet Security free trial instantly detects and blocks viruses, including stopping web threats before they are downloaded to your PC. Skype is also included for face to face video calls and phone calls to both other Skype users and ordinary phones. Toshiba LifeSpace software that helps you to organise your life. Just a thought that this laptop might be suitable and not too expensive. Jx.
  6. Wonderful photos, beautiful birds (especially the blue), two colours I haven't got - as yet! Feeling a little until 'morehens' takes over! Keep posting your pics please, Jx.
  7. Egluntyne - were you feeling a little down or was the nutella nearing it's 'best before' date? Jx

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