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  1. Hi Hazel, Instead of a laptop, why not go for a netbook, which is much more comfortable to move about (so better for someone of 70 I'd think) and there are some very good deals at the mo. Apart from the size, they don't have optical drive so you can't play cd or dvd unless you have a plug-in device. We've just bought youngest DS Acer aspire one off acerdirect with extended warranty to one year, case, and headset for him to use at sixth form college for under £245, which we are all delighted with. It has wifi, windows7 starter os, two months mcafee internet security suite protection, and microsoft office starter (word and excel). Hope you find something suitable, good luck, Jx.
  2. Well done you to have got the base already for your new WIR. Good luck tomorrow. Jx
  3. Snowy, they are beautiful pekins, and your other chickens in the pics are lovely too. Can I just ask what is 'kippensnoep' ? Jx
  4. Many thanks Margaret and Redwing for the advice. I'll have to do some more serious thinking about it all, as although I'd like to put all my nine pekin bantams together in a large metal run I'm planning (I'd also like to get some more pekins - choice of colours still to look for! = morehens disease) one of the five is a bully and pecks my black pekin at any chance. I've noticed on the Poultry Club that they say four hens per nestbox, so has the cube enough nestbox space for my nine pekins, and is the cube really big enough for 10 hens/bantams to live comfortably in (I close up each night, so they wouldn't be able to escape into the enclosed run if space/bullying became an issue). They still aren't laying yet, but I want to be prepared in advance, and I want to give them a nice home life as they are my pets, and repay me with much joy in their company! Jx

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