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  1. Ok, it's definitely winter now, it's so cold at night!! Have just got back from a nice calm break in Ibiza and it was even cold over there at night!!
  2. Sorry, should say, the website above is not based on donations, this was simply an example. ...the type of meditation i did was called Vipassana...it's all about the psycho-physical connection. This Vipassana retreat is based on donation http://www.dhamma.org/en/schedules/schdipa.htm I have not been but plan to soon as i have heard good things!! Good luck in whatever you decide to do anyway, just though i'd add my experience
  3. I have done CBT in the past and i have to say it seemed like a little bit of a waste of time.. I went privately after seeing a psychologist for depression...i was at wits end. I felt like the guy was just going through the process and lacked the empathy that i really needed at the time. This is obviously my particular experience and obviously there are many other types of CBTs out there. I was fortunate enough to see a private CBT and have it paid for through my company but the sessions cost 120... Anyway, i am now extremely happy with my life. I made a few decisions which empowered me...I saved up, went travelling and found meditation. I was so up the wall with the depression, having tried pills and CBT and nothingworked. I'd had a headache for 7 months which i had checked out and the doctor said was a chronic tension headache...chill out they said. Yeah, like it's that easy.!! Anyway, i meditated for 18 hours a day for 10 days. it was so difficult! But it gave me insight into my mind, and the mental tools that i now use to control my mind everytime i feel like i might be on the downwards slope. Now i was very lucky to be without responsibilities and i don;t know what your circumstances are but what i do know is that you can go on meditation retreats here in the UK. They are donation based so don;t cost much at all...40 quid for 10 days board, food and mind control isn't that bad i wouldn't say. Check out http://www.meditateinbrighton.com/ or just type in UK meditation retreat into google. I honestly don't know why everyone doesn't do it!!
  4. The Indian Summer was such a delight while it lasted but i have to say, slightly odd and it definitely it threw my head into dissaray somewhat. last i heard, it was only this warm around the same time of the year a whopping 60 years ago!! Crazy times!!
  5. learnergirl


    My friend's has an urban beehive in manchester..very honourable thing to d in my eyes given their delicate existance! Takes a fair bit of maintenance though!!
  6. Hi, just introducing myself. Would like to learn off you lovely people how to nurture some little chicks>there's tons of info on here already which i'm digesting so hopefully, come the time in a few weeks when i get some of the feathery friends, i'll know what i'm doing..

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